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images-duckduckgo-comDefinition: Environment comprises the surroundings, conditions, or influences on a living or non-living object. Ecologically, the environment consists of the air, water, minerals, organisms, or any other external factor that surrounds and affects a given organism at any time. Socially, environment shapes the habits, the decisions, and the life of an individual or population. The bottom line is that environment is the force behind all of life, determining the exchange of energy, mass, or chemical interactions.   Therefore, it is a topic we should pay great attention to.

Each of us carries an electromagnetic field, since our flowing electrical current creates this field.  If our current is great, then our magnetic field is strong and our bodies function properly. However, none of our electromagnetic fields are impervious to the human-generated technologies such as the X-ray, radio, TV, microwave, mobile phone, etc.  The frequency (number of oscillations per second) and wavelength of these devices determine how much energy is carried. When the frequency of the energy waves is high in the case of X-rays and gamma rays, then chemical and molecular bonds break, literally ripping atoms apart and disrupting basic biochemical structures.  What many don’t realize is that the body is easily penetrated, so if you are around any of these devices, the electromagnetic radiation is inside of you, not just around you. These electromagnetic frequencies not only overwhelm and injure your own electrical field, but are stubbornly stored within the cells, causing havoc within your bioelectrical communication system.  This leads to chaos and thus, dis-ease in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

So not only is it important to address environmental factors such as our air, oceans, drinking water, soil, and of course, our social conditions, it is massively important to eradicate dissonant technologies from the human field and environment. These dissonant energies are not just created by technologies but by people.  Energetic vampires are everywhere, walking amongst us while projecting negativity, abuse, criticism, and blame.  Through our environmental conditioning, we just chalk this up to a typical societal encounter.  However, when you study energetic fields and auras and actually see the damage and tears created from such encounters, you may rethink spending time with these people.  If you feel like someone is “sucking the life out of you,” chances are they are draining your vital life force and predisposing you to all sorts of unfortunate events in your life.  

It has been stated that the number one biggest threat to humanity is our lack of protecting our own energetic fields.  If you have not looked into this, consider this a key ingredient to attaining well-being.  Look not only at the physical environment but the unseen environment, and take care to protect what is divinely yours…   


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