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spiritualityDefinition: Spirituality refers to an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being; the deepest values and meanings by which a person lives; or the connectedness with a larger reality yielding a more comprehensive self.  Spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, and contemplation, are intended to   develop an individual’s inner life with humanity, nature, the cosmos, or the divine realm. 

Each and every one of us have an aspect of ourselves that is invisible but still very real.  It is the Spirit or Soul within us that incessantly yearns for a connection, wanting to become the dominant force in our daily lives.  As we walk through life and yield to our deepest feelings, hunches, and memories, we often begin to experience conflict with what we have been taught since birth.  The confusion and possible turmoil from this experience is one of the biggest activators for us to rediscover ourselves. It motivates us to unplug from any belief systems that have been passed down or imprinted upon us, so we can redevelop our own truths and live in harmony with our Higher Selves.

Typically traumatic events can bring this about such as the loss of a loved one, a car accident, or serious illness.  When we can experience these challenging events in our life through a more spiritual lens, our pain is lessened and our life becomes far more fulfilling.  Life begins to make sense and w received answers that solidly provide us direction and solace.


Kp Message 11-12-18… “Planetary Surface items will continue to resolve”

Kaulapele's Blog Posted on 2018/11/12by Kauilapele As there are many “things” playing out on the planet right now, like a grand “play”, I’m finding it most helpful to not become a character (actor) in that “play”, or in the “playing out”. I’m not...

‘Microdosers’ of LSD and magic mushrooms are wiser and more creative

The Conversation We just ran the first ever pre-registered scientific study on the microdosing of psychedelics and found some very promising results. We compared people who microdose — that is, who take a psychedelic substance such as LSD (lysergic...

The Oracle Report – Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Oracle Report Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Ducks. Doves. Eagles. Butterflies. What do these have in common? These are the primary images in the Sabian symbols today. Let’s look at what Ted Andrews says in Animal Speak (Pocket Guide). Duck -...

5 Easy And Natural Ways To Beat Stress During The Holidays

Natural Blaze The joyous time of the holiday season brings with it several factors that can cause stress to become out of control.  But there a few simple and all natural ways that work wonders for combating that extra pressure this season! 5 Ways To...

The Rebirth of LOVE & Pleasure! Venus Brings a Lovely NEW BEGINNING for All over Next 18 Months! [VIDEO]

  Lada Duncheva Streamed live on Nov 10, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 174K The Rebirth of Love & Pleasure! Venus Brings a Lovely New Beginning for All over Next 18 Months! For the 2019 Calendar 30% discount: 2019 Video...

How A Pause Can Save The Day

Heart Math How A Pause Can Save The Day From time to time, we all need to take pause, a brief stillness, a moment to review "our initial reaction so we can move to the place where a calm, thoughtful response is born." – L.R. Knost Through hindsight,...

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11 11 11 [VIDEO]

Higher Self Published on Nov 11, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 451K 11 11 11 November 12, 2018 by Alyssa Malehorn Alyssa's Original Podcast is here: Alyssa Malehorn and Zack Fuentes are spiritual...

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