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Definition: Biology comes from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “logos” (word).  This science of life addresses the structural characteristics, behavioral functions, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy of an organism. By studying the basic unit of life such as the cell, we can determine the core motivation behind our existence and see it as a microcosm of our bodies.

One of the most spectacular discoveries that has come to light is that we are not solely predetermined by our genetics, having little say in what our biological traits may deal us.  It has been found that the complexity and function of an organism is performed by the cell membrane, not the nucleus of the cell. In fact, it is the interaction between the cell membrane and its environment that determines how the membrane will communicate with its nucleus.  There is apparently evidence to suggest that the amount of cell receptors located on the cell membrane determines the intelligence and awareness of an organism.

Instead of the Darwinian natural selection theory explaining the mutation of cells as being somehow random or the survival of the fittest, it is now being presented that the cell mutates in response to a stressor as long as it lasts or until it adapts to its new environment so the stressor is no longer a trigger.  This reveals that rather than a random process of evolution, there is an innate intelligence process at hand.  Most outstandingly, all of this poses that man is designed to live in community with his environment instead of in competition with his surroundings.

Solutions on How to Stop Biodiversity Loss

Prepare for Change By Guest Writer Kenny Gill, Before delving into the threats and solutions to biodiversity, we first need to understand what biodiversity is. So, what is biodiversity? This is the pillar, which permits or sanctions the functioning...

Human Mini-Brains Growing Inside Rat Bodies Are Starting to Integrate

Inverse tem cell technology has advanced so much that scientists can grow miniature versions of human brains — called organoids, or mini-brains if you want to be cute about it — in the lab, but medical ethicists are concerned about recent...

Your dog needs some face time with the pack: Study on canine health reveals playtime helps reduce long-term stress levels

Natural News (Natural News) Positive interactions with dogs help reduce stress levels, study finds. Using fur samples, researchers from Linkoping University from Sweden found that playing with dogs and rewarding them with treats/toys contributed to...

Your DNA Profile is Private? A Florida Judge Just Said Otherwise

The NY Times For police officers around the country, the genetic profiles that 20 million people have uploaded to consumer DNA sites represent a tantalizing resource that could be used to solve cases both new and cold. But for years, the vast...

Cat Locked Up in Solitary Confinement for “Repeatedly” Letting Other Cats Out of Shelter

TheMindUnleashed Cat Locked Up in Solitary Confinement for “Repeatedly” Letting Other Cats Out of Shelter Quilty the cat continuously freed other cats from their enclosures “repeatedly, several times a day." NOV 12, 2019 ELIAS MARAT (TMU) — Ahh, cats....

This Man Turned Bears Into Honey Tasters After They Kept Taking Honey From Bee Hives

TruthTheory This Man Turned Bears Into Honey Tasters After They Kept Taking Honey From Bee Hives Posted on 2019/11/11 By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory We know about bears and their love for honey. Just Google Winnie the Pooh and you can see how obsessed...


OmTimes 4 WAYS TO COMBAT COMPASSION FATIGUE November 09, 2019 Compassion Fatigue is huge in the animal welfare and veterinary communities. Signs can be depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, and more. Fight Compassion Fatigue by Michelle Alberigi...

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DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

HumansAreFree DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies by Michael Forrester We now know that just as on the internet, our DNA can feed its proper data into a network of consciousness and can call up data from the network and also establish contact...

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The rise of microchipping

The rise of microchipping

The Guardian On 1 August 2017, workers at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based company specializing in vending machines, lined up in the office cafeteria to be implanted with microchips. One after the other, they held out a hand to a local tattoo...

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Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time

Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time

ScienceMag Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time By Eva Frederick Oct. 7, 2019 Dolphins, chimpanzees, and crows all use tools to help accomplish tasks. Now, pigs have joined the club, National Geographic reports. For the first time,...

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