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Definition: Biology comes from the Greek words “bios” (life) and “logos” (word).  This science of life addresses the structural characteristics, behavioral functions, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy of an organism. By studying the basic unit of life such as the cell, we can determine the core motivation behind our existence and see it as a microcosm of our bodies.

One of the most spectacular discoveries that has come to light is that we are not solely predetermined by our genetics, having little say in what our biological traits may deal us.  It has been found that the complexity and function of an organism is performed by the cell membrane, not the nucleus of the cell. In fact, it is the interaction between the cell membrane and its environment that determines how the membrane will communicate with its nucleus.  There is apparently evidence to suggest that the amount of cell receptors located on the cell membrane determines the intelligence and awareness of an organism.

Instead of the Darwinian natural selection theory explaining the mutation of cells as being somehow random or the survival of the fittest, it is now being presented that the cell mutates in response to a stressor as long as it lasts or until it adapts to its new environment so the stressor is no longer a trigger.  This reveals that rather than a random process of evolution, there is an innate intelligence process at hand.  Most outstandingly, all of this poses that man is designed to live in community with his environment instead of in competition with his surroundings.

Can dogs smell the passage of time?

Unexplained Mysteries Some dogs seem to have the uncanny ability to know exactly when their owner is returning home, but how ? Do you have a dog that always seems to be waiting excitedly at the door for you, as if it had precise knowledge of exactly...

Pig-Monkey Chimeras Have Been Brought to Term For The First Time

Science Alert Pigs engineered to have a small amount of monkey cells have been brought to full term and were even born alive, surviving for a few days after birth. Although the piglets died, it is claimed the experiment - performed in China - marks a...

Scientists Build Artificial Brain Cells

Futurism by Dan Robitzski December 3, 2019 Neoscope Scientists have finally decoded the bizarre behaviors of brain cells — and recreated them in tiny computer chips. The tiny neurons could change the way we build medical devices because they...

China’s Gene-Edited Baby Experiment Created Unintended Mutations

Natural Blaze By Dimitri Perrin and Gaetan Burio More than a year ago, the world was shocked by Chinese biophysicist He Jiankui’s attempt to use CRISPR technology to modify human embryos and make them resistant to HIV, which led to the birth of twins...

Bill Making Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony Is Signed Into Law In US

TruthTheory Bill Making Animal Cruelty A Federal Felony Is Signed Into Law In US Posted on 2019/11/28 By John Vibes / Truth Theory The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act, was signed into law this week by US President Donald Trump, after...

People Who Talk To Dogs Could Be More Intelligent Than People Who Don’t, Researcher Suggests

AwarenessAct People Who Talk To Dogs Could Be More Intelligent Than People Who Don’t, Researcher Suggests By Gerald Sinclair November 29, 2019 If you are an animal lover you know how great it is to have a friendly face by your side. Whether you’re a...


OmTimes 4 WAYS TO COMBAT COMPASSION FATIGUE November 09, 2019 Compassion Fatigue is huge in the animal welfare and veterinary communities. Signs can be depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, and more. Fight Compassion Fatigue by Michelle Alberigi...

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DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies

HumansAreFree DNA is Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies by Michael Forrester We now know that just as on the internet, our DNA can feed its proper data into a network of consciousness and can call up data from the network and also establish contact...

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The rise of microchipping

The rise of microchipping

The Guardian On 1 August 2017, workers at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based company specializing in vending machines, lined up in the office cafeteria to be implanted with microchips. One after the other, they held out a hand to a local tattoo...

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Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time

Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time

ScienceMag Pigs caught on video using tools for the first time By Eva Frederick Oct. 7, 2019 Dolphins, chimpanzees, and crows all use tools to help accomplish tasks. Now, pigs have joined the club, National Geographic reports. For the first time,...

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