You have just got to read this letter from an MD to Dr. Schultz, a proponent for natural herbal healing!  It just shows how angry they must be getting when patients are actually questioning the SOP of popping a pharmaceutical for everything.  Schultz trained under the esteemed Dr. Christopher and by the way, his products rock!  Very interesting.

November 07, 2012, ANSWER by DR. RICHARD SCHULZE

Dear Dr. Schulze,

I first of all want to advise you that your an idiot! You disgust me, thinking that you can cure people with your little herbs and witchcraft crap! Stop giving people hope that cancer and other diseases are curable Because there not!

I have been a medical doctor for 50 years and I have plenty of healthy patients that rely on me and the medical field. You need to stop saying this crap that medication we prescribe is toxic, because we extract them from plants! they help people with there problems and it is as simple as that!

IM SICK OF YOU RUINING MY BUSINESS! I advised all of my patients to stay away from you because of your supposed “100% natural” crap. So why don’t you go make some rat-tail and pigs blood concoction and feed it to yourself. NOT MY PATIENTS!

You need to take some anger management classes!

— Merlin G. in Stockton, CA, USA


WOW, Merlin.

Calm down, you could blow a blood vessel here!

I will respond to your letter one topic at a time.

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