By Greg Hunter On February 19, 2014 In Economy, News, Politics 19 Comments

Karl Denninger: Market Meltdown, Fed Tapering, Retail Sales and MoreBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer and stock trader Karl Denninger says the most recent Obama Care delay is all about politics.  Denninger thinks, “It’s just simply an attempt to push the issue past the 2014 election . . . I suspect that if you really get down to it, it’s just simply about 50 to 60 million people were going to get cancelled, and it was going to happen about the end of September. . . . The idea that you were going to throw all these people in hospitals out in the street, I think it was a little bit too much for the administration to stomach.  Since huge percentages of people work for small business in some form or fashion, this is a way to unload the pressure. . . . This just puts this out beyond the 2014 election and tries to prevent the Democrats from losing the Senate, which is what it looks like is going to happen. . . .The people are saying we got sold a bill of goods here. It was a lie, we’re pissed and we’re not going to vote for you.”

The Democrats lied to get Obama Care passed, but Denninger contends, “The Republicans lied too, and this is the problem the Republicans have with this particular issue. . . . The problem here is both the Republicans and Democrats both have kowtowed to the medical industry for 30, 40 years and the crazy sorts of monopoly things they have done. . . . On Top of that, then turned around and given them enforcement mechanisms through the government, so if you try to break those monopolies, you go to prison.  This is a really serious issue, and people don’t want to talk about it on either side of the aisle.  The Republicans could have stopped this by telling the truth and could stop it now by telling the truth.  They don’t want to do that because that would expose their culpability, and they are not willing to do that.”

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