USCongressposted by M Caulfield September 20, 2013

It is no secret that multi-billion dollar corporations hire lobbying firms to rally on their behalf, in order to seek favor for particular legislation that is beneficial to their corporation or interest group. This is seen to be one of the major contributing factors to corruption within the American political system.

This practice has become so widespread, and so well known, that it has become a common joke and is a generally accepted notion of how politics is to be conducted today. Politicians arguably only care about getting re-elected and making a career out of it, for this reason many suggest that there should be term limits. But realistically, this would not be able to entirely curb the problem. In 1974, 3 percent of retiring members of Congress became lobbyists. Now 50 percent of senators and 42 percent of congressmen become lobbyists. Basically, once you get to Washington, it is the aim of many to never leave. But a declining Congressional approval rating signals a disconnect between reality and the political perspective.
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