Posted By on August 19, 2013

State Department Funnels Millions to Anti-Morsi Activists

The Obama administration has come under fire for violating Section 508 of the 1999 Foreign Assistance Act by continuing $1.5 billion in military aid to the Egyptian generals who led the coup against Egypt’s democratically elected president and recently slaughtered more than 1,000 peaceful civilian protestors. The millions of dollars of secret aid the State Department funneled to anti-Morsi activists responsible for the mass protests preceding the coup is also illegal. However the corporate media is silent on this issue. It’s a non-event in the US mainstream media, despite the July 10 Al Jazeera expose by Emad Mekay from University of California-Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program.

Mekay’s article is mainly based on Internal Revenue and State Department documents he received via a Freedom of Information Act request, interviews with former Egyptian police intelligence officer Colonel Omar Afifi Soliman and Stephen McInerney, Executive Director of the Washington-based non-profit Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), Egyptian court documents from Soliman’s 2011 trial in absentia for inciting violence against the US and Saudi embassies, and Soliman’s social media posts.

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