How It All Came About

Royal Alliance with The JenkinsI have always known I was here to assist humanity since I was very young.  In fact, I had a memorable experience at the age of 12 where I was “told” I would be doing great things for the planet when I was an adult.  It left a lasting impression and became the catalyst for dreaming big!

In 2001, I was incapacitated after an horrendous car accident, spending over 3 years in bed.  Because I was unable to focus, see clearly, or remember much, I spent a great deal of time praying, thinking, and dreaming.  I had always been drawn to medicine and the healing arts, but once I was so severely injured, I became obsessed with holistic healing and the idea to develop an alternative healing clinic for others with debilitating injuries or illness.  My husband and I began discussing  a healing center in earnest and the purchase of land. That was in 2005.

In May of 2006, Steve had received an information packet in the mail on a property that was over 268 acres.  He had decided to surprise me with a birthday present by moving his 1918 player piano across country from Michigan to California so I could play again.  While investigating this idea, he began speaking with one particular woman representing a piano moving company who knew of a property for sale with naturally healing spring-fed pools and jacuzzis.  She lived in California Hot Springs and mentioned it would be a perfect place for a healing center, since it had historically gained a reputation back in the late 1880’s for its healing waters.  After reviewing an information packet from the owner, we fell in love with this property and its history, planning to visit the healing waters soon so I could gain more healing from my injuries.

Alexandra, Robin and BellaAround May of 2006, we brought this package and presented it to our friend Bella.  We wanted to know what she thought of this, as she was looking into creating a business for herself at that time.  It was her birthday and we reviewed our concept of a unique and cutting edge wellness center.  Shortly thereafter, she herself experienced a terrible car accident as well, and went through a major period of recuperation.  Since the two of us were both seeking any way possible to heal our pain and injuries, we became very intrigued by the idea of creating our own healing center. We signed an agreement as business partners in September of 2006 and made RA official in February of 2007.  By April 1, 2007, Royal Alliance, LLC made its first offer to purchase this town and surrounding property.  The idea was for our “healing center” to incorporate educational facilities, alternative “think tanks” and healing modalities/therapies available on the spot for the sick, injured, and elderly.

The owners of this huge parcel of land really wanted to work with us specifically, due to our environmental stance and passionate intention to provide healing to the masses. They had turned down several offers from large developers who only saw clearing the trees and modernizing it like any other city.

The purchase of land offered water rights to multiple natural springs, where the water is pure, sweet, and with no sulfur smell. Amazingly, its location is only two hours away from a major industrial city. The land had not experienced pesticides or contamination. Hundreds of years ago, several Indian tribes coined the water from these springs as “healing waters” to soothe and heal their various maladies. There is a very small town associated with it of historical value that we planned to rebuild. We also intended to build this town around old historic photos that we had been shown by the owners of the property. We projected to get the small watering plant back up and running, build cabins by the waterway, a hotel (which would be based on the original that burned down decades ago), a healing center, shops, etc. We wanted to create hiking tours not only to educate people on the history of the area, but also on the significance of the surrounding wildlife, plant life, and tree life.

There is an Olympic size swimming pool and two hot tubs that currently run and are directly fed by the natural springs. We wanted to expand this area with a large clinic of alternative healing offerings, where we could analyze each individual and develop a personal plan to decrease pain, increase wellness, attitude, spirit, and of course health. Education was key in understanding disease and trauma. Most areas don’t address this very significant first step. We wanted to set up workshops for increasing mobility, empowerment, and consciousness.

Michael JenkinsAfter countless hours of research and preparation, we put together a feasibility study on the property. We hired Michael Jenkins of LARC to assist us with this venture, who found several investors for our vision.  He designed story boards, feasibility studies, and architectural drawings to depict our vision and projections for such an undertaking. Our concerns were to maintain the pristine purity and beauty of the area. We had been alerted that this is one of the few remaining springs left in the US that is untainted. We wanted investors to have the same intention and focus as ourselves.  Right before we were to fly out to meet the investors, the owners of the hot springs property backed out of the deal.

Our intention was not only to protect the springs, animal life and land, but we wanted to rebuild a small city that is of historical value from the turn of the century. The synchronistic events that wrapped around this project were so constant that despite the owners’ withdrawal from the sale of this property, we learned an immense amount and found a long term friend and partner in Michael for our next project.  We continue to keep our eyes and ears open for another perfect opportunity.  It was a great initiation!