CHS Center for Wellness Vision

Now Entering a Stress Free ZoneThis Center for Wellness will be designed for those of all ages who have experienced chronic illness, debilitating trauma or depleted spirits from the over-stressed nature of today’s pace.  Each client will be treated individually with a free needs-analysis of their whole spirit and body.  We intend to incorporate many healing modalities such as chiropractics, reiki, total body modification, herbology, naturopathics, essential oils, aromatherapy, cranial sacral, and many more.

We will also offer spa packages for those who seek rest and relaxation in a natural pristine environment.  The “healing waters” that flow freely from the springs will be incorporated as a part of the treatment to reduce pain and immobility.

The center will be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Relaxation/stress reduction spa packages, including a day of beauty
  2. Educational workshops on the healing capacities of natural elements such as the springs’ water, surrounding plants and animals (i.e. guided nature hikes), the human body, and alternative therapies
  3. Implementation of alternative therapies

We intend to rebuild this somewhat forgotten town as well as get the water bottling plant up and running again.  The following list depicts our first phase future plans of development:

  • First and foremost we need to erect some cabins by the springs or possibly up around the RV location since all power, water, sewer, and cable is available there immediately.  Our intention is to purchase 20 pre-constructed cabins that can be set down on skids and won’t require the lengthy permit process of breaking ground.   These cabins will be small and rustic and named after each of the settlers of the California Hot Springs property.
  • We need to get the Water Bottling Plant up and running.  This will require a purchase of a Nitrogen Injection System.  We will clean, test, and have the current equipment inspected.  There will be about $5000.00 of updated permit fees to take care of.    Our immediate goal is to pursue bulk water sales and private labeled water.
  • We intend to build offices within the plant, since there is so much available space.
  • We would like to build a natural spring fed spa area.  The existing pool and spa area has had no marketing, advertising or consistent hours of operation.   This will be addressed immediately on the web, by signing on with local lists for RVr’s,hot springs, hiking clubs, etc.
  • We intend to update the recreation center by adding a pool table, bingo, poker tournaments, etc.
  • We will be setting up a coffee/tea shop with an internet café including some comfortable couches and chairs.
  • We will be setting up nature hikes, bird watching clubs, and growing our own herbs and organic foods.
  • We want to build a bridge over Deer Creek that leads to the hot springs that feed it.  We will clear the brush and overgrowth, put up a railing and have tours and picnics where people can drink water right from the springs.
  • We would like to promote a local volunteer fire department and use our own fire truck in local parades.
  • We also intend to throw a series of events quarterly that cover a music event, a car show event, an art show, a pumpkin patch with hot apple cider and hay rides and a Christmas tour.
  • There is a perfect place off the main road that would support a small local farmers market.

The cost to purchase the property is 7.5 Million.  We are projecting a total cost of around 17 Million to take care of needed repairs (of a pre-existing spring fed swimming pool and 2 hot tubs), rebuild the historical hotel (with naturally fed spring water spas in some rooms), a “mercantile store” (grocery store), a deli and ice cream parlor, a higher end (health) restaurant, a museum, a gift shop with items that support varied charitable foundations, an art studio, and a “hall” to support large functions such as health fairs, local concerts, festivals, weddings, and art exhibits.

History and Details of CHS

Transportation to CHSOne of our many goals is to purchase a 268 acre property nestled at the edge of the Sequoia National Forest in central California. It is only 15 miles southwest of The Trail of 100 Giants, part of the Giant Sequoia National Monument. In fact, three of the surrounding sides of the property are national forest designation and are leased out to the local cattlemen since the 1920’s by the U.S. Forest Service. With 12+ natural springs delivering over 350,000 gallons of water per day, an array of abundant wild life, and little commercial development, we intend to rebuild what was once a booming turn-of-the-century hot springs retreat. Back in the early to mid 1800’s, cattlemen often stopped here to avoid the heat from the lower valley. The local Yokut Indians use to come here often to heal their rheumatism and eye problems, due to sleeping on the cold ground and The Natural Springssitting inside the smoky teepees. The cattle ranchers repeatedly saw the Indians bathing in these waters and once they discovered the miraculous water of these springs, the white man ousted the Indians from the area. Legend still portrays story after story of the miraculous healing affects of the natural mineral springs on the body. An article out of a 1915 newspaper advertisement purported that the water would cure a host of illnesses from malaria to liver problems. The water can actually be seen pouring out of the rocks at 125 degrees. You can literally drink the water right from the source, experiencing a pure sweet taste with no sulfur smell. Through extensive analysis and testing, these waters were proven to contain 188 minerals. The water rights are owned by the California Hot Springs property.

California Hot Springs at the turn of the CenturyAlthough the California Hot Springs Resort was constructed back in 1882, an actual city developed  because of it throughout the 1920’s, housing up to 500 people a day. A dance hall and skating rink were built in 1925, which has been renovated and still stands today. Many stayed for the entire summer since the trip from the main town was quite lengthy considering stagecoaches, horse and buggy and the slower automobiles were the standard mode of transportation at that time. Many report that people traveled from as far away as San Francisco to reach the hot springs.

Original CHS HotelBy the 1960’s, this boom town maintained two hotels where one was designated strictly for the staff members. Eighty-four cabins lined the north side of Deer Creek, a creek directly fed by the springs which runs right through the property. Natural healing doctors and massage therapists offered their services. Due to a kitchen fire in the early 60’s, both hotels burned down, leaving the town abandoned. Aside from a 5000 square foot recreation hall, an old block building that was used to repair antique automobiles still stands as well.

Old Ice HouseDisney actually filmed “The Yearling” up there. Both Del Webb and Disney considered purchasing the property but many environmental issues prevented them from doing so. The current owner is a retired engineer out of Orange County who purchased the property in 1982. He was so passionate about saving the few buildings that remained, that he rebuilt them and zealously tackled removing any environmental issues that would hold up future developments. All of the paperwork is documented and added up to over $500,000 worth of surveys, permits, and releases. Being the historian that he is gave him the initiative to accomplish this timely feat.

Thirty acres are already commercially zoned but most of the property to the north of the highway is PDO zoned. Electricity lines cross the center part of the property which makes it easier for development. Power, water, and sewer are totally accessible.

The following is a list of the income-producing assets for California Hot Springs.

CHSThe California Hot Springs Water Company: This company services about 30 cabins, 42 RV spaces and the pool and hydro-spas at the hot springs. Customers are billed monthly by the company.

The California Hot Springs Sewage Company: The owner also rebuilt a sewage plant that is now currently operating and will accommodate 200 residences. The sewage system is expandable for future growth as well. Right now the property owns this system which provides sewage service to 30 residences.

The Water Bottling Plant: There is a 12,000 square foot warehouse with water bottling equipment, a semi-truck, a 48’ trailer, a 28’ trailer, a water delivery truck, a flatbed truck, a forklift, two pallet jacks, and various inventories. The plant has not been fully operational for a couple of years.

Naturally Spring Fed PoolThe Pool and Spas: This pool is an Olympic size swimming pool spring fed and then cooled down to 90 degrees. The two hydro-spas cycle the spring fed water through continuously, thus never needing any chemicals. They maintain their temperatures at 102 and 105 degrees. There is a massage room off of the pool area.

HallThe Dance Hall: The owner updated this historical property which was used strictly as a dance hall and skating rink. It now houses a small grocery store, deli, ice cream counter, gift shop, and business office. There is also a current beer and wine license.

The Post Office: A trailer is located on the property that houses the U.S. Postal Service. It pays monthly rent to California Hot Springs.

The RV Park: There are currently 42 spaces where the hotel and annex use to be. These are currently fully powered with electricity, sewer, cable, and water.

Rentals: The property collects rents from a nice double wide modular home, a house on track 205, and a single wide trailer.