When you read this, read between the line…one has to wonder why another Super Power feels compelled to move into Afghanistan when another one leaves.  These countries are constantly taking turns to police this country, and I believe it is motivated by activity of a galactic realm?-A.M.


Nearly 25 years after Soviet troops left Afghanistan in defeat, Russia may return – in order to service the Russian equipment that makes up the backbone of the Afghan military.

Afghanistan's_29_Provinces,_2005-11-22By Fred Weir | Christian Science Monitor – 4 hrs agoAlmost a quarter century after Soviet troops left Afghanistan in defeat, Russia may return to the country by establishing “maintenance bases” for Russian-made military equipment afterNATO winds down its operations there next year, defense ministry officials have confirmed.

“It is important to maintain the weapon systems and military equipment of the Afghan armed forces in a serviceable state,” Sergei Koshelev, head of the Russian defense ministry’s international cooperation department, told journalists late last week.

Moscow is extremely worried “that any escalation of the situation in Afghanistan after NATO troops pull out in 2014 could have a negative impact on the security of both Russia and other European nations,” he added.

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Russian experts insist that it’s not an attempt to overcome Russia’s own version of the “Vietnamsyndrome” – an agonized folk memory of the decade-long war in Afghanistan that arguably brought down the Soviet Union. Rather, they say the new engagement will be limited to commercial obligations, negotiated with NATO before it pulls most of its forces out, and will absolutely not involve any active military role.

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