bustedArticle translated from Dutch so excuse some of the broken English:

The wife of a Russian diplomat in the Netherlands was very drunk, while driving

and crashed into four  cars at high speed.  while  the dutch police was talking to her in  front of her house,

several people from the neighbourhood came to ask the police for help.

why? because the man of this wife was beating and hitting his children, this evening again

and they screamed (descriptions in other newspapers) if the police please  could do

something about it?  it happened often. the police went, saw the abused and beaten children

and took the parents  to the police station. the man was very drunk.

later on he told the police they had diplomatic passports. so they should leave and did.

a life threatening situation for the two old year and four year old children

the diplomat was so drunk he couldn’t walk by himself anymore

the police made the decision , because the 4 year old girl was beaten on the head  severely

and it was still going on, while being there. the children where crying and screaming.

it was a mess in the house. the smell of urine was terrible. the man was screaming and shouting half naked

to the police;they had to leave,while hitting his children  and screamed motherfuckers  you cannot do anything.


“Police came to Russian diplomat Dmitry Borodin on last weekend to protect his children. The man was under strong influence of alcohol and beat his children. This is confirmed by the sources of the NOS. The police did not want to comment on the incident.


In Russia, president Putin calls for an apology from the Netherlands because of Borodin’s diplomatic immunity.

Car accident

The police visit was linked to the fact that the diplomat’s wife was involved in a car accident in Scheveningen. On Saturday, she lost control of her car and crashed into a parked vehicle near her home. In total she damaged 4 cars.

Emergency doctors found that she needed to be hospitalized because of possible neck and back injuries. The woman resisted. She was very drunk.

Borodin was also under the influence of alcohol

Police officers investigating the accident talked to neighbors of the woman. They said that children were tortured in her apartment. When police looked into it, they found that the diplomat beat his children under the influence of alcohol. It was a dangerous situation for the children, so the man was arrested.

After his arrest, Borodin told police officers that he was a diplomat and therefore he had diplomatic immunity. However, the police decided to take him to the station, because there was a dangerous situation for children aged 4 and almost 2 years.