Hello Sandi & Jerry:
     The Soul Alignment frequent is very interesting!! Thank you for this amazing healing/’clearance’!
      I had a dream that I was smoking a cigar last night & forgot about it until I saw a man standing on a street corner enjoying puffing on a cigar today.
      I had acupuncture session today.  Whenever I have bleeding at certain points, the doctor takes this as a good sign for some reason.  That was the case today.
     Generally speaking, in my whole life, people have always given me a lot of space.  I have not sought to be friends with hardly anyone. Kinda stand-offish!
     I am noticing that when I ask someone about something, they are dropping what they are doing to satisfy my request.  For example, I ordered a 25 lb. bag of salt for my bath 2 weeks ago and I had not heard that it came in at the supermkt.  I asked a different employee about this special order that I had made & he literally started running after the guy in charge to find out about it.
     I was sitting under a tree in the afternoon sun at a intersection, enjoying eating some french fries.  People in their cars and on bicycles were waving at me or otherwise acknowledging me for no apparent reason!
     I am feeling more at peace within myself and not reacting as much to the old programming that has always run my life!  And, when I invoke the violet flame as I have been doing since 1988; it seems that it is pouring down on me in a torrent–with my slightest attention on it!  This, I really like!!
     I was initially surprised when I read Jerry’s report, that I had read in my aura!  But then again, on reflection, I realize how root of most of my thoughts are based on a sub-conscious desire for revenge or a inner rage for all I have been subjected to in this matrix for thousands of life times.  I frequently ask my inner child to let go of all this stuff but the inner child is very persistent to hold on to this serpentine mind-set.  I have been working with the inner child a lot through what I have learned
through Ho’oponopono.
     I have learned through Ho’oponopono that 90% of a peron’s thoughts are coming from our ancestors.  Personally, it seems mine are particularly judgemental/angry/vengeful etc.  It bothers me!  And, I wish they would leave me alone!!  I have asked the Ashtar Command to somehow put up a shield to block my ancestors from access to my mind!!
     I notice, in the last few days talking to myself to just be kind as I go about my day.  And to trust in PC Adonai that some how everything that I have ever wanted/desired will be provided–eventually!!  This is a hard lesson, because the mind is constantly reminding me of all that I don’t have & that which I need.  Such as a healing of my bi-lateral hernias and other afflictions in the body–especially dental issues–which I am dealing with all the time!
     Anyway, I consider it a considerable stroke of luck that I have found the Galactic Connection in this life and have access to the 3 phases of the IRP!
Much love to everyone at the Galactic Connection,

After I began to smear the oils and essences, the great fatigue came back. I often felt completely energyless again and had no interest in doing anything. My head was still empty and dead.
Soul Alignment Process:
Point 8.59 h it went! Wow! I just felt energy around me. I could neither think much nor locate anything. Everything has only been buzzed with energy! This feeling of buzz hasn’t stopped even long after Jerry had finished.
Somehow I felt as if 3 people, later in the process then often only 2 or even 1 person, stood in front of my bed. They looked like spectators. They were the “helpers”. Once it looked as if   something like a dark blanket of energy was taken from me. In between, I felt as if a great number of beings were present.
This was a really gigantic trip! I had trouble getting up after all that. If I had not been so hungry, I would have stayed in bed. Wow! How amazing!
I can not see any major changes in my life, but I seem to have raised my energies/vibes. I came in resonance with Agnihotra, which I have practiced 99% daily. This also helps my liver to detoxify or whatever.

Step 3, DNA Set up:
I have not felt anything for a long time (during the process). Not at all like in step 2. I had very, very many pictures, which I sometimes more, sometimes less sharply perceived. Many of them had something to do with gene manipulation, cloning. As if I had seen people experimenting on us! Manipulating people, DNA and whatever else. Creating bodies.
A kind of violet flash was once to be seen, and once everything was bathed in bright, warm yellow light. Very special, although everything is much more subtle than in step 2.

I am very glad about these 3 steps I made with you. One of my goals for 2017 was actually looking for a new job. But as long as I’m “dead” in my head  and tired so easily, I can’t do it. But who knows what will happen to all of us in this exciting year 2017?!

Thank you again and l’m looking forward to the next steps to come.

Wish all of you a nice time!

Kind regards



When I asked in contemplation what I needed to know, be, do for this healing session. My Source self said, relax, rest, let go. Be fully present with love and light and accept the perfection of this healing for all lifetimes.

The first couple of days after receiving this alignment I experienced low energy and unhappiness. I realized that these thoughts might not be mine. They could be stuck implants or hitchhikers.  Knowing that I am the only one who has right and dominion over my being and my thoughts, I asked Source I Am and my guardians, guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Soul Family to assist me to clear and banish all intrusions from all my fields, thoughts, and beingness. Then I sent these intrusions to the Central Sun where they dissolved in Light and Love.

Next I was guided to step into this fifth dimension and all expanded dimensions into the heart of Source, to take my full dominion and sovereignty, and to awaken to my fullness of being and consciousness of Light and Being.

DNA Activation

I love the oils/essences Alexandra prepares for these Healing sessions. I follow the timing and directions and take as instructed. During this DNA Activation I noticed a couple of times that I would get wobbly and unfocused.

When this occurred I took a few more drops of the essences and immediately returned to my normal focused self. This amazed me and proved how potent the essences are.

Again this third session was powerful and potent. Over the past couple of months I feel “right” in every area of my life. I am centered and comfortable with and in my life. I have gained much clarity about who I am, why I chose to be here now, and what my purpose is.

With all the chaos and craziness “out there” I am centered in the Light, being Love. On the one hand the world is unpredictable and yet people are very kind and loving.

Instead of getting concerned about the future I look forward to 5D Earth. I know that “all is well”.


This was such an amazing session. I actually felt Jerry align my Soul back into my body! Soon after the session started I felt a huge surge of love enter directly into the center of my body. Soon after the awe and daze of the amazing feeling I embraced and welcomed it with wide open energy. The feeling was so amazing and the sensation gradually expand out through the rest of my body. I am a mother and the feeling of love reminded me of the wave of love I felt the first time I got to hold each one of my babies for the first time after giving birth. So much Love and Joy! I was honored to be able to meet, greet and enjoy the reunion with my Soul.
After the Session I have noticed an increased awareness, more connected and getting a renewal in life in so many ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jerry, Alexandra and Galactic Connection Team! Namasté

I am still in a void these days in/out withdrawing detaching. Really felt a shift after the last sea salt bath. Felt free of much then. More focusing on priorities and letting go of my directorship!… Seeing thru the  “game” and allowing others their own reality… Choosing what to engage in….I am very happy with my shifting and a new wisdom . I wish to convey my gratitude and appreciation to Staff involved with Galactic connection and in all of these evolving processes of liberation towards authentic wholeness and the return into our Divine selves.  Merci a tous qui ont partagez mon bout de chemin en cet etape! {Thanx to all once again who shared your gifts on this part of my path.} Will be continuing once I have been able to integrate more…



Feedback regarding my experience/observations after my IRP, SA
like a spinning coin
I have been living
wondering at the speed
of my descent
while giving my
intent to the betterment
of the world’s
my origins –
beating thru the jungle’s
growth in the
ancient’s unfolding of
my level’s meant
the sounds echoed
a note sent with its
letters spelling out
paths of light
that went with the tongues
of the unknown as my
knees bent
to ask for healing
and this
magic cent magnetically
deposits into my life’s
budget accounts
right when
my mode
was spent and now
my soul is magnifying
beautifully –
creation at a
gentle persistent percent
Thank you,

Hi Alexandra,

How is everyone at Galactic Connection doing?
I hope all is well. I watched your recent video with Bibi and didn’t realized how much interruptions you guys are going through daily. Keep up the good work!
As you’re probably aware, I had my DNA activation on 11/23rd and just now I started to see a pulsating flashing light in the corner of my right eye. It’s in the peripheral field and it started out as an orb with the border pulsating and flashing streak of light while alternating different colors. I could see it with my eyes opened and closed. I have never experience this before so I googled and found that most people have the same effects when going through ascension?!
I just want to share that with you and see what your thoughts are.


Hello Alexandra & Jerry,
The day before my appointment for phase 11 – a large white envelope was delivered to my home address marked “The Alexandra”, apparently selling elegant real estate. So I took the beautiful pale cardboard sheets and marked them Alexandra&Jerry and put them on my bedside table to write on after Phase 11 session, quite extraordinary.

Skipping through the meadows, hills & flowers – letting the veils lift one by one – feeling the sunshine. Lying in a large pool of water with steam rising all around me – as all is loosened. Feel my wings and fly over the beautiful meadows, hills & lakes with the birds & butterflies. My crown opens and I feel a great whirling coming into my body as my “Faith” (what I have always called my Higher Self/Soul) comes home to me whirling through into my whole body – stretching out my arms to fully embrace Faith’s coming home into my Being – full of rejoice. Feeling my body being knitted together as in whole, then l lay in a large bowl of honey Being glued together with love. Then walking within the Earth’s deep Cavern’s as many coats of conditioning fall to the ground – letting go – embracing my life with great oneness – Allowing, Loving, Being & peace.

A great stillness within – I am Home


Now, i had my dna activation done about 12 hours ago. once again, for the 3rd and final time, i have felt the effects of the appointment even before it started in linear time. which speaks a lot about non-linearity of time. yeah, yesterday, i definitely felt some openings….. and i did feel some in a different way during the appointment today. when i got up, i was spaced out…. i felt like my circuitry had been opened.

i am sooo looking forward to *be* the new me. i’ve already changed *so* much in *so* little time. i would never have expected it was possible. i’ve been wondering if i’ve been living *the* most drastic, rapid evolution of all times. and i know this is only the beginning.

And i am humbled, absolutely humbled, by all this boundless potential that is opening up in me and around me.

And humbled to know that i’ll be working *so* hard, to accomplish such grand things to share with so many people.

i’ll try to sleep a bit now. i’ve been sleeping so little in the last 3 months. i’ve been feeling there was something huge coming for me. but i would never have expected it to be *this* big!

Keep u updated.

with love and eternal gratitude,


Alexandra…… thank you thank you thank you *so much* !!!

Oh god where to start? Thanks to you and your team of dedicated souls full of love, you have changed my life forever. You have helped me tremendously to break the chains that were keeping me a burning lamb in hell. Soooo many things have happened since the soul alignment. especially last night, when i developed a certainty that my life was changed profoundly and would never be the same again. Before i go into that, i’ll briefly tell you what happened around the date of the soul alignment. i’ll just be honest with you, for i’m sure i can tell you anything and that you’ll see the magic that’s been happening. Once again, like for the implant removal process, i felt what might be described as a presence and changes even before the appointment took place. I smoked marijuana the 2 nights before the appointment, and i experienced some unusual, very very deep new perceptions and revelations. marijuana helps me to open up doors in my mind, and i felt like i was connecting to some very deep parts of me in a new way…. among others, i listened to my song “mother’s day” a couple of times and i realized that the song wasn’t meant just for my mother. it is universal. i thought of many many people and felt how *they* were singing the words to me and then i switched roles and *i* was the one who was singing them the words. and it touched me very deeply and i was imbued with love.

Then, i think it was 2 days after the soul alignment (that took place on may 13th), i had my first camping/campfire experience of this year, and friends said that we would do psylocybin mushrooms on monday the 18th, but nobody had any way of getting some.
The number 18 has been very present in my life. it’s been following me everywhere. and a lot of magical things happened, synchronized with this number, and i’ve also been in a group of friends that was trying to do special things on the 18th of every month.
Well, on the 18th, my friend the bear, whom i hadn’t seen in a very long time, invited me to go to a cottage around a beautiful lake and jam with some musicians that he praised very much. i knew nobody there except him and i went for it. turned out that the cottage’s door number was…. 18 😉 and when i got there, the bear told me that…. everyone had done mushrooms and that there were some left ! so a guy gave me some, and when he weighted it…. it weighted 0.9 g. half of 18. so ya, i wanted to share this story with you because it is an example of something that has been recurrent since the appointment – things that are introduced to me, have been coming back very soon to me without me even looking for it. i’ve been in the flow. life has been providing. everything feels less like a struggle. and i like veeeery much where everything is going….
i love you and respect you so much, alexandra. i know very little about the others of your team, but i love them too. i send my greatest blessings and gratitude and love to you all !
be all well =)

p.s. i woke up in a good mood, seeing life as beautiful.


Hello I have successfully completed my dna activation phase 3. Here is some information regarding what I feel since the completion. After both phase 2 and 3, I felt a numbness and tingling in my body and my head felt spacey. Now its been a few days. I must say I honestly have never felt more complete and owning my space as I do now. I’m much more confident, express more with little anger. The feeling of fear and no worry is at a minimum. I am looking forward to how I evolve now with all cylinders firing now. I want to thank your team on this great service that all should experience as we head for the finish line.

Your warrior in Texas,


Good Morning Alexandra!
So far sooo great! I have been really feeling whole since I started the returning home essences and oils the day after the SA. I did feel irritable and had headaches the next day but all that stopped after the essences and oils started..=) So as I was saying I have been feeling whole and the biggest thing I noticed so far I don’t feel I need to do the proclamation that I had been doing every single day in the morning its like I feel protected and a shield around me that doesn’t let any negative intent in and/or physic attack happen.. I feel a thump sometimes and I laugh at it because that’s all it can be, cause it can’t penetrate and that is amazing! I am more confident really standing in my truth and not afraid to share it with others..and that brings me to asking you.
I firmly believe the only reason I was able to visualize Pam in my dreamscape is because I saw a picture of her on the site, I don’t know if everyone will get to experience seeing her but I think if they had a picture of her that alone would be enough for them to resonate with her and if they are conscious enough during the prescan/removal takes place as she told me clear as day as she laid next to me in my bed and told me it was okay that Jerry “her son” was in my colon because it took me by surprise and I was very tensed up and she calmed me down. Now if I didn’t know that was Pam from her picture I had encoded from the site, I may have not been as calm or trusting. Pam was my first experience and she really made be feel safe like she was my grandmother she even told me she would stay around till I left for work and I really honor her and have much love and respect for her for giving me that feeling of love and safety because I must say I was fearful as I live alone with my 2 beautiful shih tzus her presence was everything for me =) and one more question I was wondering would I be receiving another surge like I did the night on the Jan 29th removal that you and I discussed over the phone. I felt like I was downloading information “updated” and I guess Im asking is there another update I will be receiving 😉 Thank You for all that you are and all that you do for us all.

Love you and the team!


Dear Marie, Jerry, Alexandra, and Steven,

Thank you so much for all the work you are all doing, and what a gift to receive the report from Jerry, right on the day of my birthday.
For now I can tell you that as with the Implant Removal Process I approached the Phase II with an open mind, without trying to preempt this event. I noticed though that as soon as I decided to go through with the Phase II process, and not without serious thought, as I have experienced more than one dark night of the soul throughout the development of my Shamanic Practice, communication devices like the telephone, computer etc have been playing up a lot. Misunderstandings and annoying situations with people abounded. I have had incredibly weird dreams and one attack of clearly sexual nature during sleep that I have fortunately learnt to recognize and deflect to the best of my abilities. At the same time I have landed a lot of Shamanic work and a piece of great feedback from a client I had a healing session with a couple of months ago and had the impression that she was not particularly happy with the result of the session.

As soon as I laid down at the scheduled time I became aware of an energy shift in the room. The intensification of energy was definitely very noticeable and very positive, and this awareness lasted for about half hour after which I drifted into a lucid dream that I cannot at all recall. All I remember is that a thought crossed my mind while I was falling asleep, that it is difficult to free a soul part that is lost or kept in bondage, let alone to reunite the whole soul with the person. It is the best way I can put it as Verbal expression is not enough to describe the feeling.
I woke up approx 45 mins later experiencing a very intense sense of irritation and frustration which lessened gradually by taking the essence. I slept a great deal after that and today I feel a lot better although a bit drowsy but I know that is normal.
I can only say for now that I feel different, this is the best way I can put it. I have had several deep, fleeting insights during the day that I have not been able to recall and an overall optimistic outlook. I felt a bit on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows but I guess it is all part of this process.

So for now I Thank you all again and I send a lot of Love



Hi Marie
Please send my gratitude to Jerry. After Jerry’s last session it took a few days but then I felt like some sticky ‘stuff’ was lifted off me and I feel so much more in my body. I have been wanting to do a deeper colon cleanse for a long time but have it now and was waiting until after these both healings. Now I feel I can follow through with it and I feel much more confident. Today I feel already much more ‘switched on’ and it feels nice.

My first implant removal with Pam was in January. I knew she was working on me as I could sense being on some kind of operational table which in a bit scared me a bit as I have had dreams in the past about being had surgery on a ‘space ship’. So was a bit worried but have noticed a slow and gradual change. Just very sad Pam is now no longer with us and her email even got hijacked which again made me a bit uneasy.

Thank you for assisting in this process and for doing this for us. It is much appreciated so thank you.

Send my gratitude and love to the team


When I got the essences out off the mail and open it I feel a very strong energy and I get goosebumps all over my body’s! Thank you again Alexandra, Jerry, Steven and the teams for being part of my life and helping me awakening!


Thank you. Feel better and more energetic than I have in a longggg time.



I want to thank Galactic Connection for the wonderful Implant Removal and Soul and DNA Activation. I feel it did the job of connecting me to myself. I feel much more centered and in touch with who I AM. I have more of a direct connection with my higher self and more peace. So thank you for your service.


Hi Marie and Jerry,

Thank you for the work you did Jerry. After my session I was playing cards with friends and I made a big  mistake but I had no negative emotional attachment at all !! Which, usually I would be very upset. I was amazed how I just calmly observed the situation apologized to my partner and let it go. That was great. I feel calmer and very centered like I am all here, not split into different directions. It is very soothing and peaceful.
I am looking forward to the next step.

My best to all of you,


Dear Marie,

I hope you are all well and thank you all for all this work.

I can now definitely offer  some feedback  about  the soul alignment.

A couple of days after the soul alignment session I was preparing to go to sleep rather late that night and took the essence,  when I started shaking uncontrollably. The shivers were  so strong  that I could not keep my jaws still. I thought I was coming down with a flu perhaps due to the rather abrupt  changes in temperatures here in the UK, we have been going from warm weather to cold and then warm again in the span of 24 hours. I did not panic though,  I knew this was not a flu and in spite of this strange phenomena I was feeling well.  It lasted for a couple of hours  during which I drank a lot of fluids and was gradually able to relax, make the shaking subside   and finally sleep.
The following day I truly felt that something had slot into place. From then on it has been a tough ride in any sense during which I have had short periods of such clarity I have never experienced before. I have been sad, irritable, depressed , hostile and resentful. The though of “What’s  the use” has been going around my head like a mantra. If I have been angry at the treatment of animals on this planet before, then the anger has intensified tenfold. The same goes for my disgust of institutions in general. I have felt the need to sleep more than usual, primarily to evade 3D reality.  I have been telling myself that people are dumb and blind and on and on….  But in the midst of all this  I have also had   outbursts of optimism and  renewed motivation in my shamanic work as well as the desire to get more involved in the liberation of this planet.

I am by nature very compassionate but I can also be the crucifier if  I am provoked or hurt. I have always been a fighter when I needed to be  and boy! this trait of the personality has shown itself big time during the last three weeks.

Today, a couple of days after the DNA activation, I feel a lot more settled, more positive. I have  always known I have the protection of my Spirit Helpers but now I can feel more profoundly. It is like  to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Also I sensed clearly when Jerry started the healing as the energy in the room intensified considerably I went into a deep state of complete relaxation almost as if I was asleep and I woke up exactly when the hour was up
Also the knowledge of having the support and protection of archangels and other Beings is very reassuring. I have been the recipient of severe  psychic attack by a human in the past  which has left a deep scar so I am even more grateful to Jerry for this healing.
Ultimately this is an unfolding process, it can also be a lonely path to tread because there is a lot in the human world that does not make sense to me anymore. I am not being arrogant by saying this but I wish people would wake up and open their eyes a bit more instead of  desperately try to maintain the status quo. But then who am I to judge.

I will certainly keep the communication channels open as even now , as I am writing I feel that something has changed at a very deep level so I will be glad to share the unfolding of this process.

In the meantime,

Lots of Love to all of you at Galactic Connection,


I am responding to my progress
Well first of all I have a story to tell you. I have suffered 60 Years with debilitating scoliosis I have reiki certification and have helped others for 18 years I have spent oodles of money with alternative care nothing worked! During the last session everything in your summary report I observed in my third eye swirling violet colors. Then 10 minutes into the session BABOOM my spiritual body came home to my physical body and the spine SNAPPED into place there was total peace and the aches and pains left!

Back tracking to the implant removal process by the late Pam (still stunned)
I observed all the implants being extracted one by one. That process was painful for about 2 months. This current session I observed as was reported though not as dramatic as the other sessions.

Now I feel completely different than before and I now am beginning to see a portal inside my third eye
With DATA COMING IN. This is the most profound event after my REIKI initiation in 1997

If you wish to speak to me more about this I would be glad to speak

Love and Regards


Hello Alexandra

Thanks for the Golden Pyramid. I have been under heavy attack for the past week, even more so than usual.
I created the pyramid, and after awhile it cleared out so much negative energy. My guidance said the number was -156.
I see your current status at 144,000 Strands of DNA Activated with 90% Sacred Light, very nice!
With past lifetimes in 37 star systems, no wonder you are such a Benevolent person,
Many thanks and much Love,


Hi Alexandra,

It’s now been 9 months since my IR and I am feeling like a different person … so much old ‘baggage’ has been left behind and most days I find I am happy for no particular reason!

Thank you for talking about Pam and your connection with her and Jerry. The Magdalene link made so much sense to me immediately. I have felt that connection myself for many years now, and finally got to go to the Languedoc in Southern France last June. I fell in love with the land and cried profusely on leaving, feeling that my heart belonged there. One day I went to a little town on the Mediterranean and was walking along the beach. It was a grey pebble beach. When I stopped to sit on a rock, I looked down at my feet and saw the most beautiful scallop shell ‘beaming’ at me. The odd thing was, there were no shells on that beach, just pebbles! I felt like it was communicating with me … and only later it dawned on me that the scallop shell is the traditional symbol of Mary Magdalene. Needless to say, that shell is now the most precious object on my altar!

After hearing your words, I was once again moved to take the next step in the IR process. I have not had any confirmation from your end yet about payment and what happens next, so I just want to make sure it went through. I did get a confirmation from Paypal, so am assuming it did and that you guys are just super busy. Hope the wait isn’t too long … but then again, I know the timing will be perfect.

Much love and gratitude for the work you do,


Hello team,

It is my birthday today and I am turning 44. This morning I just realized the coincidence, what it meant and how beautiful that is. 44…. Isn’t it a great number?

It has now been 1 year since my IRP. It has been a huge awakening and I will never regret to have taken a chance to get the treatment done. I thought that I was completely crazy to believe in such a thing. I was completely dormant, on dial up! I thought that I was going to waste my money.

I am married, a mom of 2 beautiful children. And it was tough! What have I done, being a mom! What was I thinking! I didn’t really appreciate my family, they were a burden. I was questioning my capacity to take care of everyone, I was depressed, tired and couldn’t kick that out for years. I had so much energy before. Deep down, I am just a crazy French Canadian you know! Laughing, Cooking, jogging, canning, gardening, knitting, sewing, having party dinners, cleaning, play dough and painting mess didn’t bother me.

But it was all gone and I didn’t think that it would come back. So, when I listened to the segment about the implant removal on YOUTUBE my heart knew that it was true.

On December 29th 2013 was my implant removal. I woke up on December 30th feeling that I had fed myself dynamite all night long! My lower back where I had an implant hurt me but who cares! There was energy. I have since then a different appreciation for my children. I now feel so blessed to be chosen to be their mom.

It was a great battle though, the dark energies manipulating me and my husband. The fights and all. It was hard for me to understand but Alexandra was there to explain to me and provided me with the help that I needed.

The most remarkable event for me was maybe 1 week or so after the removal, I was playing with my son. Tickling him making him laugh and thinking of Alexandra words and the light of God and Source. All of sudden I heard a growl from my right hear where I had an implant. And I had a glimpse/a vision of who it was. The not awakened part of me couldn’t believe it, what I had just heard. It wasn’t the dog, she was far away and it wasn’t her growl. I knew then everything was real.

Through the year I grew, met someone that helps me to grow, learned to read the Akashic records, learned about myself and learned that my daughter is an earth Angel. And it is wonderful. Getting the IRP done was the best thing I ever done for myself. It has been a challenge for sure. I still don’t know what my mission is and I might be only a grain of sand, but I am sure looking forward to make a storm!

I had the second phase of the treatment done. The soul alignment. Once again the attacks! But I am smarter, I don’t let the drama manipulate me. I feel like detached to the drama. I have finally found my voice and I am using the drama to straighten things out in my relationship with my husband. Because for this poor guy, I have turned weird. His awakening will come later 😉

Last year during a life regression, I had a vision that I was an alien and I was manipulating colored lines of energy and that I was healing people. At the time I didn’t know what it meant. The healer told me to meditate on that for 21 days. So I did. After 21 days I heard a voice saying…. “Ask the Creator to show you how to scan the body.” I am still working on that but I will succeed.

So for the year to come, I want to fully awaken, remember where I come from, who I am, what my mission is, helping the guardians, helping others, and my gifted daughter.

Next week it is my DNA activation and I have a year of work ahead of me. It will be filled with learnings, love, challenges and happiness.

Love Light and Blessing to everyone working at the Galactic Connection and I am looking forward to helping you someday.

Caroline aka Joie de vivre