Part 13: Saddened To Leave Arkansas
July 30, 2013
We woke up knowing the time was winding down for us to remain in Arkansas. Pam had warned us several times that when it was time to leave, we would feel a sense of sorrow. It was true. This underrated, "backwards perceived" mid-America state had become a part of us.
We loved the people, the silence, the wildlife, the majestic trees, and the abundance of crystals. Who wouldn't?

But the realities of life forced the situation sooner than we would have liked, as we were running out of funds and we knew we had to return to pay the next month's bills. The morning began with my site going down and a chat session with Hostgator.
We tried our best to make the most of our day, making a nice breakfast in the hotel room, stopping by Dee and Gee's for one last perusal of crystals, and then driving around to look at more properties at the north side of the lake. We decided to finally check out Hot Springs, AR and the northern coast of the lake driving down route 270, south on the 7, and beyond. We ended up literally slamming on the brakes when we saw huge chunks of crystals up along the edge of the road. The humidity was high and the sun was brutally hot but the hunt was on! We couldn't stop ourselves from viewing all the different pieces scattered along this abandoned piece of property.
It was clear that there must have been a vein there, for they were scattered everywhere. We found a few that wanted to come home with us and pleased with our finds, we swiftly jumped into the car completely drenched. Thank God for air conditioning!

As were driving our way to Arkansas' capital, Keytak my Guide from The Sirian High Council had another profound message to relay. We noticed later that there was a common string of reminders. It is as follows:
"Pay attention to the whispering of wind in your ear. There will be other messages missed if you don't! This is a land of magic, a land of opportunity. The premise and concept of the Declaration of Independence was based truly on the vibration of this land - a land of the free and the brave. All of the elements are fully alive, fully committed, fully in balance, and this is part of where you are assisting other kingdoms. You are bringing much needed balance back because it has been so negatively effected by all the technologies of the dark.
Through mutual cooperation with the Energetic Force and other people that were called to the same sort of mission, we are all working as one to bring back the harmony of the wind and earth, the earth and the water, the earth and the fire.

It's the reason we feel like we are home again because we are storage units that house a vibrational memory of what it was like. We make note of it and compare it to that we which we have stored in our memory vibrationally. We are able to bring it in balance because we know what was in balance at one time, and we can do it powerfully since it is the two of us. We are meshing the masculine and feminine - the passive and the aggressive - the love and the hate - the dark and the light - the good and the bad - this is one of the purposes of this mission is to neutralize these clouds that sit above the planet. Envision this each time you do an activation, and see that the vortexes are actually piercing holes in these dark dense clouds. Eliminate them through the piecing of the clouds.
Your task is not just about extracting these hovering clouds of darkness but you are obliterating them. They are dissipating and any blackness and darkness is being drawn into the vortex. But the actual vortex you have initiated is immediately piercing those dark walls. You are immediately eliminating historical, stagnant years and years and years of darkness. All of the emotional upheaval has just been sitting there and stuck. So this is what you are doing. I thank you as do all galactic brothers and sisters immensely for all the work and commitment you are doing.
We honor you for what is perceived to be a sacrifice, however we would like you to review what you consider to be struggle and the stress you are feeling. The only reason you are feeling this stress is because you are questioning whether your back is watched.

It's very true isn't it? We want you to go within and truly ask, feel, and acknowledge once and for all that you are protected and all that is dear to you is protected. That that is part of the agreement - it is a given - a part of the equation - part of the success of this mission - one of the ingredients that is necessary for this mission to be successful. Whatever you are getting irritated and uptight about is an old story, an old paradigm, a lack of balance, and also expected since you are blowing off that which you are extracting. Look at the stressful situation you are feeling, such as the dogs maybe not being taken care of, or in danger, and truly look at this for what it is. Being in purity and staying in the light is crucial even though he understands we are not accustomed to this sort of schedule. But once we do accept all is well, that we do not expect something bad to happen to us, or we don't need to prepare for what is around the corner our lives will be simpler, quieter, much more tranquil, more peaceful. We need to remember that we are Guardians. He wishes this for us, that we can trust and allow ourselves to be loved because the love is the protection. The love infiltrates everything. The love is the Light and the Light is you. And if you are the Light, you already know all is well. It's a full cycle, one you must recognize within yourself. This is all I have to say."
That is all he had to say? I think it was more than enough for us to meditate on, recognizing the prompting of living in the now, trusting completely, and knowing we and our dogs are safe.

Hot Springs had some incredible buildings and historical landmarks, which of course included constant signs and billboards referencing Bill Clinton. There was unfortunately a very dark feeling about this turn of the 19th century city, with an enormous prison or rehabilitation center centrally located.
The main challenge was finding a place to park that was shady enough to cover our car and our dogs while we nervously grabbed a bite to eat for lunch. We chose a bar that was conveniently and directly located across from the parking lot, sitting in front of the big bay window. We caught each other eyeing the movement of the sun, and grateful that we had captured a spot with lots of shade provided by an ancient oak tree. We caught each other eyeing the movement of the sun, and grateful that we had captured a spot with lots of shade provided by an ancient oak tree. Steve immediately finished eating and returned to the car while I walked up the main drag to scope out their visitors information center to check on pricing of local land and homes. Oddly enough to me, much of what they promoted involved Clinton's childhood home, etc.
As I continued to walk up the one-way street, I noticed several people carrying huge water bottles over to publicly available springs. There were charming old 1920's spring houses up and down the main drag, so I knew there was some sort of spring in the general vicinity. But this spring had been fed into a steel platform with numerous on and off valves for drinking water. The sign promoted the healing waters so I decided to take advantage of it. It was actually available to everyone for free! Nice!
We drove through the entire city, north, south, east, and west to view the older Victorian structures. I am a lover of anything Victorian (just can't help it with a name like Alexandra), so we stopped and took pictures of cool buildings and beautiful parks often described in the old Victorian novels. I could imagine myself walking along boardwalk with a long bustled gown, fanning myself to discontent. I was not used to this heat!
After touring the city, we drove east again, knowing this was our last jaunt through Arkansas and its surrounding towns. We returned back to the Crystal Inn for our last night in the Crystal City. We repacked everything for a better use of the real estate in our little Honda SUV and hit the sack.
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