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People today are afraid of the sun. We fear naked exposure to its rays because of the advent of terrible skin cancers, burns and dried, aging skin. We fear looking directly into the light because we believe it’ll burn our eyes and destroy our vision.

All of this has validity but Hira Ratam Manek (also affectionately named HRM) and other proponents claim that most of our woes are due to:

  • harmful sunscreens with toxic ingredients. When you are painted or coated with lotions and creams — they get degenerated and the chemicals enter your body.  It is our malpractice -our wrong use- why we blame the sun for skin cancers.” – HRM
  • sunbathing during dangerous hours, when UV is high
  • starring at the sun during the wrong times, when UV is above 0
  • wearing glasses or contact lenses, which can deliver an unnatural glare into the eyes’ receptors

Many experts say that sun gazing is not only safe but also may be a powerful tool to:

  • Improve sleep
  • reestablish circadian rhythm
  • balance energy and psychology
  • absorb nourishing yang energy from the sun
  • readjust our eyes to natural sources and heal from exposure to artificial light

HRM has a website where he explains in detail his own story, the tenets of sun gazing and provides further resources. Herein is a summary of the method he devised. For more information check out the Solar Healing Center.[1]


HRM refers to this solar healing practice as “safe sun” for a reason. It’s no different than safe sex. Even good things become dangerous when done unwisely. We can eat too many avocados, drink lethal amounts of water and interact with the mighty sun at unwise times.

Safe Sun Guidelines:

  • Gaze only during the first hour of sunrise and/or sunset while UV rating is 0.
  • Sunbathe only during the first two hours of sunrise and/or sunset while UV rating is 0-2
  • DO NOT wear lenses or glasses while gazing.
  • If you’re unable to comfortably sun gaze for 10 seconds: warm up to the practice by soaking up sun through your skin (sunbathing) for the first few sessions. Eventually, says HRM, you’ll be able to graduate into receiving the rays through your eyes.
  • HRM says to sun gaze “with a positive attitude” for quickest and best results.

The solar healing practice is divvied into 3 main segments, briefly explained as follows.

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