“Greetings, Beloved Family!  I stand here with My two Marys, and I thank you beyond all words.  I say unto you how loved you are, and I can feel that Love, because We Are One!  And I can feel the Love You Are, because We Are One Together in Family, in Mission, and yes, in the Peace, that Peace Which Passeth All Understanding, which we have together magnified, and shared, and indeed showered upon all of the Earth, and this is exactly what all of Planet Earth has been asking for!*

“Do you not think that the ones who have been wearing the dark hats are weary?  Oh, it’s true that they are still wanting to create the expressions under which you have lived and been enslaved through all these eons of time, but they, too, are weary, and they, too, are at least looking up – most all of them now.


“While it’s true that some of them have left their bodies – many of them have – they are still sentient – almost all of them – and no matter where they are, they are beginning to understand the release that Peace and Love can give to them.  And, so let us welcome them to the Light as much as we welcome all who are among you, the lightest and brightest of the ones on Planet Earth, and those who, like you, are engaged in these Missions of Peace and Love.  And let us be in Joy together, as we thank you, as we kneel at your feet to show you that you are as Divine as we, that we love you, and that we honor you for your being here with us in this Divine Mission!!!


“Blessings to all of you, and Love Infinite and Everlasting, and may the Peace which we have expanded together be always in your Hearts, and may the Love from which this Peace comes enfold you always in the Comfort, and the Safety, and the Joy, which only this Love can bring!


“And so now please to accept from my Beloved Marys – My Mother and My Wife in My lifetime as the one you know as Yeshua – the Roses of Kumara, which are themselves Love – only Love – which are Peace, which are Joy, which are Freedom, Abundance, and Sharing and Caring.  Take these Roses!  They tell the Universe that you are here, that you came, that you joined with us. Let the Roses rest in your Hearts, that you may always feel their velvety softness, and the Great Love that we have for you, and that we share with you.


“Lift up your faces, and feel the radiant warmth of the Great Central Sun and Mother/Father God, shining upon you and upon all of us, as together we stand in our circle!  And we raise our voices together once more to declare that now is the time for Peace, that which comes from Love, and Truth, and Freedom, upon all of Planet Earth for all dwellers of Planet Earth now and forever!!!  Beloved Ones, our moment is now, our time is now, so let us once more raise our voices in our Oneness of Love.


“And so it is!  Namaste!”**


* Sananda is referring to the Crystal Exercise for Peace, led by Sekhmet, which preceded His Blessing on this call (audio link at bottom of page). 


**Sananda’s Blessing was followed by I’m Declaring Peace, composed and sung by William Florian.  We joined in singing along, and the song is available for free downloading on his website, www.williamflorian.com .

Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, September 10, 2013. www.AshtarontheRoad.com
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