Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – November 26, 2013

ashtarwithufos“Greetings, Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda, and My Heart overflows with Love for all of you! For that which you have accomplished, together with those of us who join you from the Light, has been most empowering, and indeed joyful, for the entirety of Planet Earth. For it is in the Spirit of the Holy Days Season, and this season is unlike any other which has come, for I am here! Indeed all of those who have ascended from Earth, and other places, are here, and we are in awe of you!

“For here you are Beloved Ones, in the human bodies, having been here many times, having sacrificed so many times. And here you are, rising above what seemed to be the impossibilities but a short while ago upon the timeline of Planet Earth. And here you are coming to join with us to do as I did in ascending -that is taking your bodies, of course in a transformed form – but nevertheless you are accomplishing it.

“I and my family of Kumaras welcome you to the Higher Dimensions! For we have been among the Keepers of the Light -the Flame of Love – specifically for you, so that when you had reached a time when you were complete with your experiences, we would greet you as our Brothers and Sisters from the Universe, and we would welcome you Home! And we hold out our Lights to you, and we join you with our Hearts, for truly we are One in our Divinity, and in our Love.

“And it is that there has never been a time such as this, where seemingly there is still so much in the way of fear upon Planet Earth, and yet that is not so, that is not real! We understand that there does seem to be a lot left to do to clear the way, but understand, Beloved Ones, how close you are to being totally free from all the oppressions that you have indeed co-created throughout the millennia of time.

“The World was not quite ready for this – it was hoped, but it was soon seen that it was not ready for this transformation – when I came in the identity of Yeshua. It was not ready when the Buddha walked the Earth. And there have been other great teachers, and there have been hopes, but understand that their teachings have lived! They are immortal. They are Divine. They go back to the very creation of all life. And the teachings are very much alive, and the wisdoms are within each and every being! It is simply that they need to be empowered, and amplified, and that is what we have engaged in in this very Gathering, and we are so grateful!!!

“We give thanks unto you, Beloved Ones, for your very beingness, for this life that you’re living now, and all lives that you have lived – or shall we say identities that you have lived . For you have always been a life, and you always will be. You are as immortal as I, and we shall have the Joy of welcoming you Home, and that time is very close as you measure it! But meanwhile we thank you, and we bless you for all of your loving expressions -your thoughts, your words, and your deeds.

“And we only ask that you stay true to your paths, whatever they may be, and that you join with us in great celebration! For as we have said, this Holy Days season is unlike any other, for it is a grand step along your paths to Home. So it is we who thank you, Beloved Ones! We see the Grace and the Gratitude in your own Hearts. We join ours with you, and we say unto you from all of us here gathered, thank you, and we Love you beyond words!!!

“And now as my two Beloved Marys come forward, they carry in their arms the Roses of Kumara. They extend them to you, so please take as many of them as you wish. They are fragrant beyond all imaginings. Smell their fragrance, feel their velvety softness – they have no thorns. Take them into your Hearts, and remember always that you were here, that you stood with us in this Company, and that you gave the great gifts of your loving selves and your energies to further the transformation, the upliftment of all upon Planet Earth, below, on, and above!!!

“The Universe shall know you by the Roses you carry in your Hearts – these Roses which signify your presence here! And it is with the greatest of Joy that we honor you, that we kneel at your feet, for you are Divine Masters. You carry within you the Love from which you are made, the Love of Mother/Father God, and all of the wisdom of the Universe!

“As you accept these Roses and receive them into your Hearts, we invite you to feel, and to know, just how Divine You Are! We see you only as Radiant Beings, and it is for you to know that Truth, that reality. For that, Beloved Ones, is Who You Really Are, and in that we are One, together in service, in Joy, in Gratitude, and in Love! Peace be unto you, and Joy unto the World! And so it is! Namaste!”
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, November 26, 2013.
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