Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

My annual Gatekeeper focus time has arrived, when I step away from online activities to focus on Higher-level service and transformation. This year feels especially potent, and I AM excited to experience the amplification of embodiment and bifurcation.

Last week’s review of the emphasis on Solar consciousness and its reflection within the heart center, spoke of a strong and unique activation of embodiment as the Sacred Seven weeks unfolds. Embodiment changes everything, from the Solar level to the Gaia level to the Divine HUman level.

Our cosmic trigger of Solstice and December 23 approaches; let us call forth this Divine Activation in the highest interests of all concerned with Ascension. Remember to infuse the grids and collective consciousness with peace, activation, and stability for the path ahead.

New Services, New Creations

Most of my services will change next year to accommodate the New experience and Primary Timelines. Some beautiful new creations are manifesting, and old ones are dropping away. Many Live Events are already listed; connecting with Tribe will be big next year.

Kindwhile, We Connect as One

In Divine Service to all concerned, join us during the SUNday Unity Meditations and during the dates listed. We call forth the Divinity and Empowerment of Unity consciousness, right Now!

Read the full article from last week about what is about to unfold  HERE

In Love, Light and Service,