Thu, 31 Jan 2013 03:53:00 PST


By Foster Gamble

pharmaceuticals12With the holidays and all the travel of I have been doing with THRIVE, I find myself missing being more in touch with this amazing network. I will be starting to share some reflections and my interpretation of the news on a few of the prominent issues of these times.

First I want to address the truly sad tragedy of the Sandy Hook massacre of children and teachers… Tears had barely begun to flow before the panderers started trying to use it to obscure critical thinking and take away more rights. With the utmost compassion for all the victims and their families, I invite us to – in their honor – look more deeply into underlying mental health, security and human rights issues.

The stakes are obviously high given the unprecedented government response to undermine the right to bear arms as highlighted in the Second Amendment. There are two key areas where facts and understanding are vital.

First, Adam Lanza was reportedly on an anti-psychotic medication called Fanapt.

Here is a completely mind-boggling, but still only partial list of recent incidents correlating the use of mind altering SSRI, “anti-depressant” type drugs with mass violence.

Here are two videos conveying the same message:

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