Ashtar – Message from the Bridge:
“Greetings, Beloved Family! We have said many times that the entirety of Planet Earth is to be cleansed. This is a part of your preparations for Ascension, Beloved Ones. Mother Gaia is in assistance of this, as is only appropriate. In some areas, the cleansings need to be more severe, but be assured that our ships are everywhere, and that we will – and we have – and we aremitigating, so as to keep the destruction of all members of Her Kingdoms to the smallest numbers possible! Also, please bear in mind and Heart that those who do leave their bodies during these events are serving in the missions they came to do, and that they are welcomed and honored for their gifts which they have given.
“Now, we thank and honor you for your loving services in sharing your Lights with humanity and indeed with all Kingdom members who live where the storm ‘Sandy’ has touched down. Please continue to do so, for you are most powerfully enabled to mitigate the destructions as well! Indeed, we are empowered to make an exponentially huge difference when we work together in our sacred Oneness!!!
“Lastly, we urge you not to buy into the stories which are circulating that Sandy was created by the ‘naughties.’* They have been disempowered, and they can no longer do this kind of monstrous act. What is significant here, is that they are wanting to take credit for the storm! Yes, they are in such disarray that they are not even concerned about being found out. It is rather that they want you, Beloved Ones, to believe that they can still create a storm of this magnitude, so that you will not believe in your own divine empowerments – instead, you will allow them to resume the control which they have lost over you! To support their incredible fantasies, they are sending out disinformation and false evidence which appears real (f.e.a.r.)
“And so it is that we have here a wondrous opportunity to send them our Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. It is to tell them that they no longer need to try to create, or to lie about creating, such events. We thank them for presenting this opportunity to discern Truth for ourselves, and we forgive them for their delusions of empowerment, and all that they have done to achieve their goals. We offer them our Compassionate Love, and we invite them to join with us in the magnificent Ascension of Planet Earth!!! Salut!”
*Ashtar says that the name “illuminati” is a part of their 3D deception, so he has shortened the name to “naughties,” which he says is a more truthful portrayal of their program agenda and actions.
Given through Susan Leland, 10-30-12. © Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2012. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.