Ok- so maybe this doesn’t sound like a big deal, HOWEVER this is the actual way that the hotly debated media stories are carried out.  So when you look at it from that perspective, it is quite a big deal!  If people keep seeing the regular routine of how our “government” operates behind the scenes to accomplish the “event” or goal that they want, then maybe just maybe this entire planet will STOP trusting them, or should I say believing what they have been taught from grade school on.

06 Feb 2013

bustedThe identities of 80 dead children were stolen by the police and used to create fake passports, it has been revealed.

The names and dates of birth were taken without the knowledge of the children’s parents and used by officers infiltrating protest groups.

For 30 years, detectives from Scotland Yard trawled through national birth and death records looking for suitable identities. They used the birth certificates to apply for a variety of identity documents to make their aliases appear genuine.

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