Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – November 13, 2012

“Well that was real joyful!* That was a real upbeat kind of an opportunity for transition. And yes, we’re all about change. Today is momentous, and we are going to amplify it even more! Oh yes, we’re here to enjoy each other’s company, so to speak, and we do want it to be joyful, and sometimes even jolly. But you all know, as Ashtar said, we are approaching the zero point hour, and the changes, and the transformations, and transmutations are already happening so fast, like lightning, as he said.


“And so it is that we have an opportunity to come together. I’ve already got the red carpet out! You like red carpets you know, it makes you feel good, and that’s high vibe. I’ve got the red carpet all rolled out, so that you come and join me on my ship. Now most all of you have done this before, and so you are what you might call ‘experienced flyers,’ perhaps even ‘frequent flyers,’ because you know you’re invited any time, just like you are to The New JerusalemThe Star of Bethlehem – any in the fleet, including your own ships. Yes!


“You all have a ship of your own! You may be in communication with it, you may not. You can work on that outside of this Gathering. But for now we’re all headed to my ship, specifically to the Crystal Room on my ship. So, we gather in together, and we make a circle. Now, I have multi-locational capabilities. They’re rather advanced, if I do say so, and so I want each and every one of you to hold one of my paws, and with the other hand hold the hand of the traveler next to you.


“You see, I have a paw for every one of you. That’s an interesting picture, isn’t it? What I mean is that I can multi-locate my paws. Now don’t be afraid. I don’t have my claws out, I’m just a soft pussycat for this occasion, for this Group. Because, if you look at my Heart you can see it’s just so full of LoveBeams, and it’s beaming out to everybody, because I’m so happy that we’re here! It’s almost like I can hear Joy to the World right now. You know that’s my favorite song. I like to dance to it with Froggie – anyway that was the one done by the Doggie people,** by the way.


“So, we are now gathered together in a circle, and everybody’s got a big smile on their face! All right! This is the second, so as we hold hands and paws, let us just allow ourselves to lift off. Now we are totally secure. Each and every one of you will note that you have a very soft, very shiny kind of a cord, a string, a ribbon, whatever you want to call it. You are not going to drift up, up, and away in space, because you still have your connection with Planet Earth. You are still ground crew in human uniforms, and so it is that we travel together easily and effortlessly. We don’t even need Scotty!


“We’re just going up, up. Now if you want to look around, just enjoy. Here we are literally floating up, or seemingly floating! It’s a very gentle trip, even as fast as it is. Enjoy the Stars, and the Suns, and the Moons, and the Planets. It’s a different perspective, Beloved Ones. It’s the one that we all share from my ship. It’s the one you have when you’re on your own ship, that part of you which is there even now. But for this we’re coming together as ground crew members, and as I, Sekhmet, am with you. We are One Circle!!!


“Now if you will look up, you will see my ship shining and glowing, and you will see a door. It’s circular. Now my ship has expansion capabilities, and so the door opens as wide as it needs to be opened for all of us to comfortably, effortlessly – and with great Joy, I might add – come up into my ship. We are going to hover just above the landing deck, long enough for the door to close. And now let us just settle upon the deck. Go ahead, let your feet rest upon the deck. It is joyful to be here. It is so wondrous, because it is everything that speaks Love, or sings Love, or feels Love, to each and every one of you!!!


“It is a Crystalline ship, and it has received the programming to transmit and beam Love to you, each and every one of you! So one of you may be feeling an exquisite kind of a warmth, kind of like liquid gold flowing through you. And another one may be hearing – ahhh, what you call the sounds of the Angels singing. Whatever your experience is, it is your unique experience. You are welcome onto my Crystal Ship. So everybody take a couple of deep breaths, and now let us head for the elevator to the Crystal Room.


“Again, the doors to this elevator open in front of us, welcoming us all in, with ease and grace – there’s plenty of room for all of us in this wondrous, magical elevator. The feelings of Love, perhaps the scents of your favorite flowers, or the music of the heavenly choirs is what you are experiencing now. It’s all wondrous indeed, because it’s all High Dimensional. You’ve left 3D way behind! And so come into the elevator, and let’s have the doors closed. Breathe again, and just enjoy the ride, and the beautiful Lights of the Crystals are beaming at all of us!


“And now the elevator gently stops, and the doors open. Welcome, Beloved Ones to the Crystal Room of my ship. It is the very highest room on the ship, and its purpose is to welcome with great Joy, all of you!!! So let us come out. We can just kind of flow out of the elevator, still holding hands and paws. And as we form our circle in the Crystal Room, the elevator doors close, and indeed become part of the walls. Notice the ceiling, and the walls, and the floor, are all crystalline, all beautiful, all radiating such glorious colors, even some you’ve never seen before!


“Allow the radiance to come into your fields. Welcome the Lights. They’re Love Lights. They are beaming Love to each and every one of us. Go ahead, just enjoy it! Breathe it all in. And as you do so, notice that our circle is filled with Light Body Beings, and yet you can recognize them. Sananda and his Marys – the two, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, St. Germain, Kuan Yin, Ma’at, Merlin, and an entire host of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Angels, and yes, Representatives – the Divas, and Spirits of Planet Earth, and the wondrous Fairies, and all the Representatives of the Elemental Kingdom. They’re all here in our circle!!!


“And now if you will, feel a loving hand, or perhaps a breath, or a light touch upon your shoulders, and know that your Guides are here! Pay special attention to the Love that they shower upon you, and yes, even some those you call your ancestors are here greeting you with such Love, such Joy! Feel yourselves light up, and as you look around the circle, Beloved Ones, see everybody else lighting up, too! Oh, you’re still recognizable, even as you recognize all of those in the middle of the circle, and behind you, forming an outer circle.


“Everyone recognizes everyone else. Everyone knows everyone else, and as this happens just like a beautiful, precious liquid flowing, we all become one with each other!!! Yes, we have our own identities, but we are all one joined in this Grand Circle of Love, beaming the LoveBeams everywhere. Now notice if you will, in the very center of the circle, the altar appears, and upon it are sacred Crystals, not entirely familiar, but nevertheless you know that they are to beam you Love, spiraling and waving around the circle to all.


“And at the same time, allow your beams to go into these Crystals. You will find it very easy, if you use the infinity sign to do your beaming. You can even guide from your mind’s eye. Guide it out from you, and at the point where these Crystals are, is the point where the eights or the infinity signs cross the center, the zero point. And what you’re doing is filling that zero point with Love, and you’re embedding it in these special Crystals. These are High Dimensional Crystals in many beautiful colors, and they sit upon the altar receiving our LoveBeams, all of us together!!!


“Even as we receive each others’, even as we each send them out – focus! Feel the LoveBeams literally bouncing off of the walls of the Crystal Room, amplifying as they do, and joining in this mid point, in this center of our Circle of Love. We are in high Joy! We are in High Dimensional Love, and we are transmitting this Love to these wondrous Crystals, and even though it seems as though they might be full, we keep sending these waves of Love to these Crystals. And yes, there is a purpose for it, a wondrous purpose!


“And now notice that around the altar the floor opens up. No one is going to fall through it. The Ascended Ones, the Spirits, the Divas, the Angels, they’re all still in the circle with us, only in the very center is the altar with the Crystals, and then an opening. Now watch – all the Crystals know what to do, and even as we continue to program and empower the Crystals with our Love – our unconditional, compassionate, grateful, and forgiving Love; Oh yes, Forgiveness, that’s a grand part of unconditional Love you know, and Peace and Joy to the World – see how the Crystals are directing their beams down!


“Go ahead, look down. You will notice that the floor has become clear, Crystal clear, and you can look right down through the floor where you are standing, and see these beams moving very rapidly, all these wondrous colors, all these wondrous LoveBeams, these waves of Love, moving to Planet Earth! Now Planet Earth is not entirely in as high a Dimension as we are, and so that is seen by the -we don’t want to say darkness, it’s not really that dark – but it’s just not as light and bright as where we are.


“And so it is, that as these wondrous beams of Love reach Planet Earth, they form waves, continuous waves around the Planet. And as they touch down, the entire Planet is absolutely engulfed in this cover, if you will, of Light, bright LoveBeams. And so it shines everywhere. Keep those LoveBeams shining. Now look closer to the wall of Light, and see that the Planet itself is brighter!!! This is change of the upwardly mobile kind! This is what we’re here to do and this is what we are doing – all of these wondrous incoming energies of Love, you have accepted, and you have shared!!!


“And we’re all together as One, sharing Love, beaming Love. Because that, Beloved Ones, is what the World needs right now to continue the momentum that this wondrous day has given to all of the changes which are ordained, and which are taking place! And so it is that we have much to celebrate. Put the Beams on perpetual motion. In other words, keep the beams flowing! You can do that. You are divinely empowered to do that, so just let them flow!!!


“Keep on shining. You don’t ever have to stop! Oh you can take a break, but just keep the beams flowing. And so it is that we are lightening up and brightening up Planet Earth, as we shower the whole World with the Love which the whole World deserves, and which will of course empower all of the wondrous changes and progress upon the joyful path of Ascension. And so it is that we are indeed making it happen, because we have come together, and co-created this event!!!


“This Exercise is one that you can repeat. You can stay in the energy of as long as you choose. It is in grand service to the World that we come together and do this! And so we do say, thank you so much! Thank you for your participation here. Thank you for the Love that you have so generously given, and joyfully received. And thank you for being in fulfillment of the main mission of the Ashtar Command, which is to facilitate and support, in every way, the Ascension of the Planet!!!!


“Beloved Ones, we have moved the Planet farther along its path. See, and rejoice at how much more lit up the Planet is! This is High Dimensional Love, this is unconditional Love, this is the Love of Mother/Father God, and so it is most joyful! And now we welcome Sananda, Himself, to come and offer you the very special Roses for this occasion, the Roses of Love – Kumara Family – Kumara Family Roses, which are Love. They are not of Planet Earth, but rather they are of the Highest energies in the Universe, which are those of Love!!!


“And so as He holds out the Roses to you, take as many as you wish. He will pass around the entire circle in front of each one of you. Feel His Grace, and feel His Love, as you accept your Roses from Him! This is to honor you, Beloved Ones, and to thank you for your participation here. And for you to have in your Hearts these Roses, as reminders always to you that you were here, that you came, and you joined in, and you contributed to the success of showering Planet Earth with so much Love, so as to move even further along the joyful path, the path of Peace, the path of unconditional Love, the path to Home, from whence you all originated!!!


“So accept the Roses as a token to become a part of you, and your ever-expanding fields of Love and Joy. Just breathe in the fragrance. Feel the velvety softness -no thorns, just Love. And as Sananda comes to you, feel the warmth. Feel the warmth of the Love He brings, because He is the Commander, or the Admiral, in charge of the Spiritual Homecoming. And what is that, anyway, except a return to the Love You Are, We Are, and the Oneness, as we move together into even Higher Dimensions of Light, of Love, and of Joy!


“So we thank you, Beloved Ones, for coming to be with us. We’re still here on my ship. You may stay as long as you wish. We have an offering*** for you which we shall begin momentarily. It is particularly appropriate, because it is not only most uplifting, but it is an expression of Love as Joy! And so it is that I, Sekhmet, thank and bless all of you for your participation here. We Are All One in service and in Love. And so it is! Namaste!”

* Referring to Ashtar’s message, given previously.
** Joy to the World, performed by Three Dog Night
*** Beethoven’s Ode To Joy Flashmob – Sabadell, Spain
Transcription by Arnold Neal Troeh
Given through Susan Leland, November 13, 2012. 
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