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matthew booksWith loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is
Matthew. Previously we have stated that Earth is within the
energy level that brings forth positive and negative extremes in
individuals’ behavior. Along the way to this point in the
ascension journey, global restlessness has been increasing as
people were responding to a growing sense of urgency to act upon
their thoughts and feelings.

That was the motivation behind what you call Arab spring, and it
is what has put Syria’s civil war on the world center
stage. That our brothers and sisters in that country are
annihilating each other is profoundly sad to us, as it is to
you—no one is unmoved by the carnage and the plight of the
refugee millions. This humanitarian situation of dire proportions
has created the great dilemma: Do other nations have a moral
obligation to intervene? Would doing so escalate the fighting
into an international war?

Governments with the power to step in militarily are viewing
involvement from those perspectives as well as awareness that
their own internal situations need tending and their citizens are
war-weary. Those leaders don’t know that their restraint
in taking action goes beyond those considerations or that the
fighting in Syria goes beyond what is apparent—everyone in
your world is being influenced by the flow of energy.

As dispassionate as this may sound, this war is a result of
energy set in motion long ago and breaking into that flow was
essential—however unconscionable, the use of chemical
weapons did that. We are NOT condoning that madness! We are
telling you that the intense energy invested by both sides in
this war had to be interrupted, its forward momentum broken, so
that battling could start to subside and run out its energetic

If it can be said that even in a situation as grievous as this,
there can be a silver lining, it is this: Your world is so
appalled by chemical weaponry killing innocent people, never
again will that happen on Earth.

Because energy moves in the direction it is “fed,”
it is counterproductive to expend energy analyzing Syria’s
situation day by day or speculating on what was done to whom by
this group or that. What will far better serve the Syrian people
and your world is the energy of prayers for the healing of
sorrowing souls, for peace to come through negotiations, and for
reconciliation of the disparate groups that have played their

Our unconditional love is with each and every one of our dear
Earth family.



Suzanne Ward