by Mitch Battros – Earth Changes Media
Solar activity was high over the last 30 hours, with the most active region being sunspot region 1548. The largest events from this region were an M5.5 at 18/0102, followed by M1.9 at 0323 UT – M2.1 at 1607 UT – M1.1 at 2254 UT – M1.4 at 2322 UT. The same region also produced several C-class events. Included in this series of 7 M-flares were two events on August 17th – an M2.4 at 13.19 UT and M1.0 at 17:20 UT.



Several CMEs Video – CLICK HERE


CMEs (coronal mass ejections) were associated with these flares but no geomagnetic repercussions are expected. Additional M-class flares are expected along with a risk for an isolated major flare (X class).



A filament eruption occurred near region 1543
around 23:30 UT on Aug. 17th, triggering a CME which is not expected to be geoffective. Geomagnetic activity is expected to be active due to a coronal hole becoming hitting Earth’s magnetic field.