Thanks to Catherine for this one…good message!

Date: 2/14/2013


notes-pinkgreenpin1281. Do not put our money in their banks

2. Do not use or let your children use their credit cards.

3. Strive to Live within our means and borrow no further false money from these ABUSIVE institutions

4. Demand that our local and national politicians support the interests of the people
……NOT THE financial elites interests!

5. Keep track of which politicians and lawmakers take payoffs from financial elite lobbyists

6. Create and participate in building strong local communities; whenever possible give our hard earned dollars to local community business not to corporate business.

7. “Get Up, Stand Up, gather together and meet in our local communities and create a “new battlefield for democracy” in which all American fight to regain our individual self-respect and collective self confidence:
• Question Corporate Controlled Media/ especially Television
• Question Bureaucratization
• Question and avoid consumerism and advertising/propaganda
• Question and avoid student loan debt and all other indentured servitude
• Question teaching methods that teach knee-jerk obedience to authority
• Restore our Constitutional by the people government and electoral system.

We Americans hold in reserve the power of our stubborn American desire for freedom, our relentless determination, our courage and solidarity. Only when we finally get mad enough…. can we reach out to each other to wisely select from – and implement – time-honored strategies and tactics that oppressed peoples have long used…. And institute a grassroots movement for reformation.

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