The SHAKA Movement is an advocacy, communications and educational outreach program and hub, where people and organizations come together to work in unison to affect a positive change for the environment and for the people of the Hawaiian Islands. We are committed to bringing forth informed scientific facts through peaceful communications and actions so as to protect, preserve and improve the Public Trust Resources for current and future generations. We are a self-organizing grassroots movement, which means that each of us who participates, is the movement. To read more please click HERE.

These videos will get you started… and there’s lots more in the Video Section

Hemo Wai Bros. ” ‘Aina Warriors”

A Conversation with Walter Ritte – A MUST SEE

Moloka’i MOM – Standing Up to GMO

How Monsanto Silences Scientific Dissent

Launching the Maui GMO Citizen’s Initiative & Petition Drive & Presentation by world renowned GMO expert Dr Don Huber.
Tell everyone you know about this free event! Show up, stand up and be the change you want to see in the world!


This Monday, February 24th, from 7:00 to 9:00 PM at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the SHAKA Movement (which stands for Sustainable Hawaiian Agriculture for the Keiki and the Aina) invites you to a FREE event launching the Maui GMO Citizen’s Initiative.
Learn about the hottest topic on Maui, GMOs, from world renowned gmo expert Dr Don Huber and hear from the 5 citizens, who are bringing forth a Temporary Moratorium to suspend GMO crop operations in Maui County until they are proven safe.

This year your voice and vote can help create a healthy future for our land, our children and future generations. How?
Come out to the McCoy Studio Theater to pack the house and bring everyone you know and send a strong message to the world that we are here to protect the keiki (the children) and the aina (the land). World press will be covering the event as well as one of the foremost authorities on the dangers of GMO will be presenting, Dr Don Huber.

On Monday, you can sign the petition if you are a registered voter; if not, register and then sign the petition. And then get your own petition package and collect signatures wherever you go, from old and new friends.

This is how we can create world history together: One signature at a time. We need 8500 by March 31 to put the Initiative on the ballot, and while the County is checking the validity of the signatures, we want to collect an extra 5,000 signatures by May 15th to be on the safe side.

For example: If 100 people collect an average of 3 signatures for 33 days (between 2/26 and March 31st), we have accomplished our first goal of 8500! Besides people privately collecting signatures within their Ohana, soon public places around Maui and Molokai will be staffed with volunteers ready to gather signatures and register people to vote, which will speed up the process.
Together we are creating the first successful Citizen’s Initiative in Maui County, and simultaneously it will be the first to interrupt the GMO seed factory, which supplies the world with this poison.

Did you know that the Genetically Engineered (GE) operations and testing occurring in Maui County (also known as GMO) is unlike GE farming elsewhere in the world? Maui County land is being used for GE seed crops, experimental GE test crops, soil sterilization, and extensive pesticide use including the testing of experimental pesticides in what is effectively an outdoor laboratory.
5 citizens of Maui County who have serious concerns as to whether the GE operations, chemical pesticide and herbicide testing, and outdoor laboratory practices occurring in Maui County are causing irreparable harm to the people, environment, and Public Trust Resources, are stepping up and presenting a Citizen’s Initiative.

They are calling for a suspension of all GE operations within the County through a Temporary Moratorium Initiative, until those wishing to participate in GE operations provide a detailed environmental impact analysis and the citizens are satisfied that the benefits to the Maui County environment and Public Trust Resources far outweigh the risk of harm for current and future generations.
Members of the Shaka Movement together with lawyers from the Center for Food Safety have been working for months to create the Temporary Moratorium ordinance. Now it is finally complete and has been handed in to the County by the 5 citizens on the 21st.
These are the five steps you can take to help:

*    Join the SHAKA movement at, learn more at the website and tell everyone you know about the campaign.
*     Register to vote a.s.a.p. if you aren’t already registered.
*     Then sign the petition in person at one of our locations or with a petition carrier by March 31st.
*     Become an active member and help collect signatures and educate yourself and others.
​*     Remember to vote for the moratorium on November 4th!

There will be a place on the website where we can check the progress with the signature taking!
For more information and future updates, please become a friend on the website
On the website you can see and share the first 18 minute video on the home page …”Aina Warriors”. It shows what is going on in Hawaii, specifically on Kauai and Molokai. It is heart breaking and the health issues are not going away unless we address the cause. And there are many educational videos on the movie page, at this time especially on the GMO issue.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support.
Team work makes the dream work!  It’s truly up to us!
More soon! Blessings!
​The Shaka Movement Movie Team