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Shane Fairweather: The Family of Light and a Message of Unity

January 24, 2017


Alexandra: Good morning everyone this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com, and today I have a prerecorded interview for January 24th, 2017, and I have pulled back in Shane Fairweather with us today. He feels that there’s some urgent information that he needs to relay to the Starseeds and the Ground Crew, and just kinda get a little bit familiarized with any new updates that are occurring.

He also would like to review some situations regarding the Archons and things like that. So this should be a very interesting interview.

For those of you who have not heard of Shane you can go ahead and review our last interview… excuse me, on November 15th, 2016, and you will find it very interesting but the audio was absolutely terrible, so once again we want to apologize for that.

Shane’s going to really try to speak up today, but we’re still having audio difficulties. And he is part of a Galactic Council and a Diplomat, and he’s a Stargate Repair Engineer, and so he has full recall. He goes to bed at night and in his dream state he actually fully remembers all that he’s doing and all the activity that’s going on when he wakes up in the morning. So ah, wouldn’t that be nice for most of us, ’cause a lot of us don’t have that gift.

So I’m going to go ahead and dive in because we’ve already some technical difficulties with the Internet this morning, and how you doing Shane? You having a good morning?

Shane: I’m doing fine Alexandra, how are you?

Alexandra: I’m doing well. I’m doing well, thank you. And so I know that one of the most important things that you’ve wanted to talk about is just, how people are perceiving the Archons and what’s going on with that. Most of us have been fairly confident that the majority of the Archontic activity, at least externally, outside of our own bodies and fields has been shut down. So what is your view on that?

Shane: Yeah, they have, considering, but outside the galaxy where we live they’re still rampant.

Alexandra: They’re still rampant, ok. So are you actually privy to kind of a galactic war situation between the Archons and various fleets?

Shane: No it’s not a war, it’s more of they control a planet right now and that planet is kind of key to our victory. So the problem is that we can’t, we can’t get ahold of that planet because a treaty somebody signed a long time ago or something like that. They used a really devious tricks and methods like they used down on Earth so….

Alexandra: ‘Cause we’ve made an incredible amount of progress, I think you would agree with that. So we’re getting really down to the wire is what you’re saying.

Shane: Yes, the Family of Light is very happy that we are getting the progress that we already made. I also, I’ve also been representing, I’ve also represent the Family of Light now. I’m the representative of them as well. And then their title I’ve added to my repertoire of titles, but titles mean nothing to me.

Alexandra: (laughs) Ok. So, now getting back to the Archontic situation, has it escalated to the point where they’ve figured out a solution? I know that there’s not a whole lot that you can say specifically, nor would I want you to, by the way folks, we really, sometimes having so many details such as that regarding the security of all of this Ascension process is not for the higher best good of everybody involved, so I hope everyone understands that. But as far as, ya know, how are they dealing with that at this time as far as putting out any fires preventing us from moving forward.

Shane: They’re being really hard to deal with right now. It’s not more of they’re a problem, it’s more of they, they’re just getting in the way of things, and with RV, and NESARA and the other one that’s supposed to go through, every time we think we’ve gotten them beat they always come back, so it’s a real problem. So maybe in the future we’ll have to totally have to take care of them.

Alexandra: Well, do you think that’s… I… from everything I’m being told, that’s is not stopping the move forward.

Shane: No, it’s not.

Alexandra: So I want to make that really clear with everyone today.

Shane: Yeah, no matter what you heard out there, negative or anything like that, it’s not like that at all in the Universe, and the Archons are just one small little problem. Just one little small little problem. And the problem is that right now we’ve got the quarantined to their planet, so if they move even an inch we will know.

Alexandra: I would imagine so. Now do you agree we ourselves are actually quarantined right now because we have kind of like a protective order to prevent any other intruders coming into this location. Have you heard anything about that?

Shane: Yes, unless you have like a special permit from the Galaxy or the Galaxy Head Council, then you are clear to go to the Planet, but it’s under quarantine from negative forces, so they can’t step foot on the planet, so that means Reptil – evil Reptilians that people are talking about, they’re gone. They’re long gone. They’ve been gone forever. There’s nothing to worry about that. The Cabal and Illuminati are still prevalent, but pretty soon at the end of this year, they won’t be for sure, I’ve been told. And then the Archons are part of that faction as well, so…

Alexandra: Yeah I would imagine they’re working hand in hand with the Cabal. Definitely.

Shane: Yeah, they are.

Alexandra: Ok, and any word on the Orion faction?

Shane: The Orions are working with us I think. I’m not 100% sure about the Orions.

Alexandra: ‘Cause I’ve heard that like half of their Star System is very… let’s just put it this way… not really working… (laughs) in our favor. So I was curious if you’ve heard anything on that. Well with that said, I know that you have heard a lot of changes going on since we last spoke which was in November…

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: As far as the progress that’s been made and where we stand right now. Can you share a little bit about what’s been going on the last couple of months?

Shane: Oh sure, the New Earth is 100% complete. The ships are complete. I know I’m really not supposed to share this, but I want to anyway because it’s an improvement on what’s going on…

Alexandra: Well speak up because people can’t hear you.

Shane: Ok, what’s going on right now is last weekend, Donald Trump disappeared. The Secret Service didn’t know where he was. His security didn’t know where he was. Well where he was, was he was in space talking to the rest of the Representatives of the Galactic Council. And I was there with the Galactic Council talking to him and the rest of the leaders of the World about what they’re supposed to be doing right now.

Alexandra: Wow. Well, was this before the inauguration or after?

Shane: After.

Alexandra: After… ok.

Shane: It was this weekend.

Alexandra: Interesting.

Shane: I think it was Saturday or Sunday night. You have to excuse me Alexandra, but time up there is kind of iffy… so it could be, what I’ve been told is we’re two months ahead of schedule which means the Earth is two months behind us, right now.

Alexandra: Ok. Interesting. I know time – space is a completely different thing There vs. Here, so…

Shane: Right. You could be gone for hours or even years and then when you come it’s like no time at all which is really screwy (laughs).

Alexandra: I bet, and ya know, you’ve talked to me a little bit about that. Maybe share with us, I know that your responsibility on the ship is to go and repair Stargates and every time I talk to you, you’re kind of like I don’t know When I am.

Shane: Right….

Alexandra: Where am I… When am I…. how do you cope with that? If you’re going in and out of that every single night.

Shane: I just roll with it. That’s all you can do. I mean, there’s so many places that I’ve been and so many places that I’ve seen that it’s amazing. Just amazing.

Alexandra: What do you feeling as far as the shift in all the other different types of extraterrestrials and hybrids that you interact with. Are you feeling that there’s kind of an excitement in the air because I’ve definitely seen them having parties up there.

Shane: Yeah, there’s big excitement, they’re all ready to go, when is it going to be, what time is it going to be, where is it going to be, just big big excitement. So, ya know, it’s been more people have been working together on issues instead of apart right now.

Alexandra: Good. So there’s more unification.

Shane: Yeah.

Alexandra: And I want to stress this again. A couple of things. First of all, it is really important for everyone to remember that no date will ever be released if it’s coming from a Divine Higher Source. It does not serve the entire planet if we were actually supposed to know the date and time of something like this because it’s part of the whole process and the excitement and the unfoldment and the experience, and if we all knew the date, do [[not forget that we are Creators, so we could literally cabash the whole entire thing. And on a higher level, we’ve all accepted this and agreed to it. And Shane, did you want to say anything about that?

Shane: Yeah, I want to say something about this as well. My experience is they don’t give a time or date, and what I’ve heard is. Oh there’s no backup plan, there’s never a backup plan, there isn’t going to be a backup plan there is only one plan. If you knew the Divine Creators and everybody else, there’s always a backup plan! There’s 3 or 4 or 5 backup plans, ya know?

Alexandra: I agree.

Shane: And every time ya know, something goes wrong, or ya know, most likely nothing goes wrong mostly, all the time. Ya know, there’s a contingency plan for that.

Alexandra: That’s a really good point, thank you for that. I’ve heard even Ashtar says that all the time, that if this plan doesn’t work, they’ve got this so strategically laid out. There’s too many resources and too many souls that have participated in this to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Right, right.

Shane: And there’s another thing that really irritates me about the internet. And I’m not trying to take sides. I’m not trying to do anything, we need to start getting over our differences and work together because it doesn’t matter if it’s Reptilian. It doesn’t matter if it’s Illuminati. It doesn’t matter if it’s Archon or flat or round.

We need to get altogether and we need to work together because we’re Beings of Light. Any negative thing that is put out there about any Being whatsoever. Yes, there’s bad Reptilians out there. Yes, there’s bad Archons out there. Yes, there’s good Archons out there.

But the whole thing is, is if we do not work together it’s just going to create more negativity out there and that’s what we don’t want because when you create positive life out there, it moves the schedule on, but when you create negative out there and give dates and stuff like that, it causes a whole bunch of trouble and problems and then we have to go and clean it up. So, I’m not trying to cause any trouble, but I just want everybody to work together. That’s how I am.

Alexandra: No, I agree. And that’s why I’ve stressed it a couple of times that there are no dates. That’s been said over and over and over again through multiple people on the internet, but there are no dates and we need to stop obsessing on the date. Ya know, I’ve been told it could happen literally at this time, it could happen in the blink of an eye, but we need to live in the here and the now.

So no matter how much you may be struggling, if you go within, have faith in your Higher Self because your Higher Self knows exactly what’s going on. We’re on the ships every single night, folks. We’re being prepped, and trained, and ya know from what I hear kind of like deprogrammed to understand what is really going on behind the veil, so that we’re even that much more prepared when this whole thing goes down. So…

Shane: And we’re getting really close. I mean…

Alexandra: I agree.

Shane: What I explained, explained last time, well I didn’t explain this, this time or last time is, our dimension is really close to being a huge breakthrough. We have the 3rd dimension and then we have the 4th dimension and then we have the 5th dimension, and they’re all on Earth right now. If you notice them. If you don’t notice them you’re like aaaah, what’s going on. But I notice things going on all the time, so it’s the reality of dreams and everything else is starting to fuse together as well, so you have to be very careful what you think now because it could manifest itself.

Alexandra: That’s exactly what I’m saying so remember, we are Creators and we’re getting down to the wire, and so if we were to know all of the events that are supposed to unfold, guess what, we would literally because of our, because of the fact that we have been in an corrupted environment which has actually corrupted our own cells, our own DNA, our own thoughts, the way that we react and because of that we could completely screw up the entire operation and I know there’s not anyone out there that wants that.

So be patient, and he also made another good point and that is, if (sigh), if you’re reading things on the internet that are I guess I should say depressing you, than stop doing it because we need your vibration at a higher level to fulfill this. It’s very important for the Ground Crew at this time to hold the space of the allowance and the acceptance and maybe Shane puts out a message because he receives it from his guidance about x, y, and z.

And maybe I get a message from my guidance and it’s a little bit different than Shane’s. That doesn’t mean I need to go on a witch hunt about Shane. It doesn’t mean I have to go and attack Shane. We must start growing up and stepping into more of a galactic way of interacting with one another, and we’re being observed right now. As well as we’re observing ourselves, ya know? Our higher state, our Higher Self, is observing how we’re handling this whole entire situation because it’s a new experience for everyone.

Shane: Why would we want to know the date anyway. It’s like going to a birthday party early and having your cake and ice cream together, at one time and it’s not your birthday. It ruins everything.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Shane: People need to be patient, they need to be, to do their higher vibrations and this isn’t just coming from me. This is coming from Ashtar. This is coming from the Beings of Light. Time and Space does not evolve the way we think it does. It might go hours and seconds behind here, but they’ve been alive for thousands of millions of years and they can wait for a couple months or a couple years for this to (inaudible)…

Alexandra: Yeah

Shane: Now, I’ve been told that by the end of this year, all this will be done, but don’t quote me on that because stuff could happen. Timelines could shift. Timelines could change. They are always changing and always constantly shifting.

Alexandra: Well, and not only that from what I’ve been told too, even because we look at cycles, we look at time cycles and we look at worlds and Galactic Cycles and we see all these things intermeshing, ya know. I’ve been told that doesn’t even matter anymore. If, if this can occur at this moment without considering all of the cycles and having everything ya know, work within that cyclical fashion, it will, because the higher agreements from a large majority of us are we just want this done.

Shane: RIght.

Alexandra: Ya know, we’ve finally gotten that place and we’ve cleared, we’ve done so much clearing. I was just talking to someone the other day, and I said how great is it going to be where we’re not cleaning and clearing, and purifying, and extracting, and dissipating, and removing (laughs) ya know. And actually moving to a state of creating and think-tanking, and ya know, what’s the word…

Shane: Cleansing.

Alexandra: Designing, and collaborating, and co-creating. Ya know where that’s more of our focus all the time. It’s just going to be awesome, so we’re really close. Anyway Shane, get back to Ashtar. Can you give us a little bit about what you’ve heard from Ashtar as of late?

Shane: Ashtar, me and Ashtar don’t really talk very much. I’m more of a, he’s kind of (inaudible).. and he helps the Family of Light.

Alexandra: We’re having really bad internet interference again folks, sorry about that.

Shane: Right, sorry, yeah. I represent and work for the Family of Light now, so I think Ashtar planned it out that way which is kind of a little bit sneaky, but I think he knew what was going on when he picked me up in the first place, so…

Alexandra: Yep. Definitely. And what about anything you can share regarding the situation on planet Earth and the Stargates. You did mention to me that everything is ready.

Shane: Everything is ready, yes.

Alexandra: Now talk to everybody about the new fleet of ships. I think that’s hilarious.

Shane: The new space fleet of ships was going to be named the Arks, but unfortunately that name has no good connotation to it. So what they decided to call it was Enterprise Fleet off of Star Trek.

Alexandra: That’s so funny.

Shane:: And they had a press conference with it too, and these are state of them all, state of the art, brand new ships right out of the factory and they have every, like everything you could possibly need or possibly want from a ship.

Alexandra: Tell them what you saw, tell them what you saw in these ships. What’s inside these ships that people are going to be seeing.

Shane: Oh, the hybrids. The hybrids are going to be there, so…

Alexandra: And, ya know, you said there’s going to be shopping malls….

Shane: Oh yeah, shopping malls, markets, they’re going to be manned by the hybrids as well, or some of the aliens as well, the non – the human type because I don’t think humanity is ready for meeting a big ant or big spider or big bug…

Alexandra: (laughing) An insectoid race… well the other thing is I checked that out and anybody who wants to write in and give me their feedback, but I checked it out as well and what I got was that this was a much more smooth transition into a higher dimensional plane of existence for us because we’ve been in this infinity loop for so long and we’ve grown accustomed for so long being here that this was decided upon to make it a little bit more of an easy transition for all of us.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: I thought that was really cool. Now tell us a little about you had talked last time about the environment and how you kind of go out on these team missions and you go and you clean up Stargates. I thought you also said something about that there’s a lot of space debris?

Shane: Yes, sometimes there is…

Alexandra: Do you guys have to clean that up too?

Shane: Once in awhile yes, but it’s more of, it’s more of the ET’s job to do that. We’re more diplomats and repairing the Stargates and everything else. Right now there’s divine lock on every single Stargate so the Archons can’t get through it, or the Cabal. We do not want those people escaping from Earth.

Alexandra: And what’s your take on the obsession and the war in the Mid East on Syria. What do you feel is the ultimate purpose of the Cabal, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Khazarian Mafia, whatever you want to call it, ok? What do you feel is the reason that they have been creating a war in that zone for quite some time?

Shane: Syria, Iraq, and Egypt are the main three power zones for Stargates. Those Stargates let you get off planet and if you can get off planet you can go anywhere, but unfortunately they can’t use the gates because they’re divinely sealed which means you have to have divine blood to in order to use it and the Cabal does not have Divine blood in their systems.

Alexandra: So they have to have a specific signature to use the gates now.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: Right. And have you heard anything on CERN?

Shane: CERN… last I heard about CERN it was either working or functionally working, or was shutdown. I haven’t heard much about that.

Alexandra: Ok, I’ve heard similar stuff too. So tell us a little bit about any of the other races that we didn’t really cover last time. I know we talked about quite a few, but were there any others that you’ve had some experiences with as of late?

Shane: There is Builders and there is the Orions.

Alexandra: So talk to us a little bit about the Builder race.

Shane: The Builder race was originally here on Earth a long time ago, before the Great War. And what they did was they were builders which means they built the Pyramids. They helped build the pyramids, they helped build every single structure that has been standing ’til nowadays. And they also had blueprints, or how can you say it, cubes of basically Divine Aura, so when somebody comes into the Divine Aura they have a flash and go ah-ha, and they’ll make something from the builders.

Alexandra: Huh, very interesting. That’s a first I’ve heard.

Shane: Right. I think Di Vinci, Leonardo, some of the greatest works of mankind were built, are built for, by and were either prodigies or working through the Builders themselves and they didn’t know about that.

Alexandra: So, what you’re saying is a Builder race soul will create an auric field around an individual and kind of feed them that information.

Shane: Right, right.

Alexandra: Ok.

Shane: I think their inspiration to begin with.

Alexandra: Got it.

Shane: They’re not being manipulated or anything like that. And people will understand why, don’t understand why the Builders aren’t around anymore because is they left. They didn’t want the Illuminati…

Alexandra: Ok Shane, I can’t hear you again. You’re really low and speak up and also, try to be careful with your wire because it’s crackling. I’m hoping that’s what it is.

Shane: Yes…

Alexandra: Better.

Shane: The Builders didn’t want the Archons and the Dark Cabal or anybody else to get a hold of their blueprints. So what they did, is before the War they took off, and they took everybody who knew anything about their blueprints, they took them with them and went to another planet.

Alexandra: They went to another what?

Shane: Planet.

Alexandra: Planet… planet.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: Ok, and you were talking to me about they’re really tall. I think we were talking about this one day on the phone.

Shane: Right, they’re really tall. About maybe 15’ – 16’ tall.

Alexandra: And what do they look like?

Shane: They’re like dark grayish color, kind of like the color of dark clay sort of.

Alexandra: Interesting. And did they have faces or are they just kind of like an energetic form.

Shane: Um, it matters what dimension you’re in.

Alexandra: Oh as to what you see?

Shane: Yes.

Alexandra: Interesting. Ok. Huh…

Shane: Some of them are Beings of Light that already ascended and some of them are physical beings. Their plan is to make (inaudible) of the Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Egyptian, and I think it’s called Aztec, basically. And there’s a little bit of Renaissance and a little bit of Greek.

Alexandra: (laughs)

Shane: But it’s a pure planet of basic Divine Intervention where you can create anything there, as long as you have inspiration to create it.

Alexandra: Wow. Have you gone there?

Shane: Yes, I have.

Alexandra: And what is like?

Shane: Was like the Renaissance basically where…

Alexandra: Wow…

Shane: Pyramids were being built, and skyscrapers were being built, and all sorts of whatever you want to make you can make it there.

Alexandra: So there really wasn’t like an old time or a cutting edge new 21st century, it was just all a hodge podge of a bunch of different things.

Shane: Right, right. People lived in them ya know, they did art and sculptures and all sorts of stuff, but this was beautiful, beautiful pieces of art that you’ve never ever seen before in your life. And they’re made out of precious materials, and precious gems, and there’s a lot of gold, I’ll tell you that.

Alexandra: Well speaking of gold, ya know, what is your take on as you know there’s apparently a very long history of the Lulu race and the Adam’s Kadmon race, being used for mining gold. And there’s always this big mystery as to where is all the gold? What do you think, what have you run into?

Shane: I’ve been told there is a race of beings that actually collect gold on their ships, and they go around trying to, they’re more bankers than anything else, but they’re more of, we encounter them but they were like, they’re part of the Galactic Federation, but……..

Alexandra: Wow, we have a really bad connection hold on one second. Sorry folks, it’s been raining nonstop here in Southern California off and on, but really just deluging us. We had a tree fall almost hit the car and the house. That was fun and leaking roof and everything else, and he has snow in his location. Lots and lots of snow.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: So apologize for the audio of problems. Ok, can you say that again, Shane?

Shane: What were you asking me, oh yeah gold, right. There are a race of beings that collect it. And they wanted to give me a ship of gold for my dowry, but I told them no because I don’t need gold. I’m not a person who goes after riches or anything like that. It’s more a friendship I want. So I said I will cherish your friendship, but I will not take your gold.

Alexandra: And you talked a little bit about, there’s a lot of bartering up on the ship, and there is really no need for gold up there, correct?

Shane: Right, right. There’s no need for gold, but there is money … (inaudible)… whatever you can do costs a certain amount of money, so…

Alexandra: Well don’t they also use, I mean, isn’t there kinda like, I hate to use the word credit, but it’s sort of like a system where… isn’t there? Where if you need something you can go in on a credit basis and, ya know whatever you contribute or work off…

Shane: It’s more of what you can do for the greater good.

Alexandra: What you can do for the greater good.

Shane: Yeah, the more for the greater good you do, the more credits, Galactical Credits, or Galactical Credits of Light. And you should buy stuff there as well or trade, or barter, or they just give you stuff.

Alexandra: So, I’m sure you’ve also run into some of the ships that are on mission to shut down the pedophile rings on planet Earth, right? We talked a little bit about that on the phone. And, so can you talk to us little, just kind of tell us what you’re hearing or what you perceive is going on underground within the planet as far as, in particular, how much they’ve shut that down?

Shane: I think they’re on top of it right now. I’m not 100% sure because…

Alexandra: Well it’s high security.

Shane: Yeah high security.

Alexandra: Very high security. They’re very careful.

Shane: Yeah, I’m not high security, I’m a diplomat. But then it doesn’t really require what I have to do, but I feel sorry for the children who are involved with that. And it’s going to take an awful long time for their souls to be cleaned after that.

Alexandra: Yeah. I know.

Shane: It happens all over the Universe and if they’re caught, they’re caught, and if they’re not, well, there’s really nothing we can do.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Shane: I’ve seen horrible things, and it just saddens me. I mean…

Alexandra: I know, as have I. It is, in my opinion, just the single most important thing to snuff out. Seriously

Shane: Right, right, right…

Alexandra: And it all gets down to the DNA. The DNA, the blood. It just, it never ceases to amaze me. So, now you said the Orions was the other one. You said the Builder race and the Orions were the ones you had kind of run into in the last couple months. So what’s going on with the Orions?

Shane: The Orions are the original, were the original Archons at one time or another. And what happened was the Archons came to the planet…

Alexandra: I didn’t hear you Shane, speak up.

Shane: Ok, the Archons fully turned the planet evil. So we were able to save several of them, but they don’t have no planet to go home to anymore. So they live on the ships now. So…

Alexandra: And tell everybody how you describe what they look like.

Shane: Kind of like Unicorn People.

Alexandra: Unicorn?

Shane: Yeah Unicorn People.

Alexandra: (laughs) That’s what I thought you said!

Shane: Yeah, right here, a horn right here on the forehead.

Alexandra: Ok, huh. Wow.

Shane: They look humanoid besides the horn…

Alexandra: I think, I think that the word Archon is used, it’s almost like saying get me a box of Kleenex, instead of tissue. I think it’s used and it’s misinterpreted and misunderstood because it’s a catch-all term.

Shane: Right. There are full-bred Archons, and then there are Symbio Archons which are created by the Archons themselves. And the Symbiots are the only ones that are actually alive. The other Archons have either turned to light, or they have been exterminated besides on the home planet.

Alexandra: So the Symbiot Archons, where are they, where are they being created?

Shane: Yes, like, it’s like a tube big system (?) and what it does is it latches onto your soul and slowly corrupts you in an instant.

Alexandra: And this is the problem we have with the Cabal?

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: Well I mean, you talked to me a little bit about that, where, ya know, they will approach the, they’ll approach like the cabinet members and government officials, and some of them have gotten so deep into all of this. It’s kind of like what we term, selling your soul to the devil. Right? But from your standpoint, you were talking the other day, they literally overlay the Symbiot upon the human soul, is that what you’re saying?

Shane: Yes, they do. And the higher up you go in darkness, the more you become an Archon. So there’s no way out of it. Your either your soul has to be totally expelled and then re-made and redone. There’s no saving someone from the Archons. That’s the problem, is once you’re in the darkness, there’s no turning back.

Alexandra: That’s very interesting. So what do you feel like the state of the world is at this point in preparation for the Ascension.

Shane: I think it’s good considering. I think that too many people are considering negative right now instead of positive, and the whole thing is everybody’s working with everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are. You’re being watched or your being monitored. So the whole thing is that if you’re being monitored, that means that most people know what you’re doing.

Alexandra: I don’t know if you can hear that Shane? Can you hear that?

Shane: Yeah, I could.

Alexandra: It’s literally just pouring rain (laughing). I’m even having a hard time hearing you. Well, there was another topic that you really wanted to get out to the public and I forgot what it was.

Shane: The Family of Light Tree…

Alexandra: The Family of Light Tree?

Shane: Yes.

Alexandra: Ok, so what about that?

Shane: Just basically I want to tell, basically the lineage of it, and what’s going on with it.

Alexandra: Ok. Go for it.

Shane: So basically you have a King and Queen of Light, and then you have their children below them, and then below them you have like, St. Germain, Jesus, Buddha, all the Masters of Light, the Ascended Masters. And then below that you have like historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, basically the main four holidays. And then underneath them you’ve got the angels and you’ve got the ET’s, but the ET’S can go on the higher races, Ascended Masters as well. And then under that you have the Awakened Humans and underneath that is the Asleep Humans.

Alexandra: Interesting.

Shane: Yes.

Alexandra: Ok, and again I don’t agree with everything that Shane is saying, but I’m very interested in hearing what he has to say, and this is the way it should be.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: So Shane, tell me a little it about what you feel is going on Inner Earth. Have you heard any reports on that?

Shane: No, not really.

Alexandra: Ok.

Shane: My sources have been quiet lately.

Alexandra: Ok.

Shane: He was at the meeting to represent the Inner Earth with Donald Trump, but the whole thing is we didn’t talk very much.

Alexandra: We have really bad interference and I’m sure it’s from my end with this rain. This rain is really bad.

Shane: Right.

Alexandra: Let’s try one more thing, and if not I’m going to just go ahead and close down this interview for right now because it’s just not very clear.

Shane: Ok, that’s fine.

Alexandra: Can you tell us a little bit about your perception of the Donald Trump inauguration and election, how you see that fitting in with, ya know the Galactic Races and how is everybody seeing that unfolding?

Shane: I really think that Donald Trump’s on our side. I mean there’s no link for him for being an Archon or a Dark Cabal member. The reason why I know this is, is he’s been to two of the meetings and General Dunford has been with him, and one of the meetings was during the New Earth, when we showed him the New Earth. And the second meeting was telling him what he needed to do to get the Ascension ready so everyone’s ready to leave, ready to go.

Alexandra: Ok. And so is everybody feeling a bit of relief that he got into the Presidential seat versus Hilary?

Shane: Yeah, I’m very certain that Donald Trump got elected was the last protocol. I mean, they can still fight, but that’s about it. So…

Alexandra: So you said that the election of Donald Trump was the last what for the Cabal?

Shane: Nail in the coffin.

Alexandra: Nail in the coffin, ok, got it. Well, is there anything else that you wanted to cover? Ya know, I want to apologize to the public again for such a crappy (laughs) audio and it seems to happen the last time and this time interviewing Shane, which maybe that means there’s some important stuff in here. But Shane, did you want to say any last, ya know message because I know you called and you were very adamant that you wanted to share some messages with the world.

Shane: Just keep doing what you’re doing Alexandra and everybody else just keep on keeping in positive. The Family of Light is very happy and the ET’s are very happy on what we’re doing right now, and if we can make the final push it will be all worth it, trust me.

Alexandra: Ok cool. Ok, well thanks Shane, for keeping us posted on what you’re hearing from your ship and thanks folks again for tuning in to Galactic Connection’s radio show. This will be airing on BBS radio Channel 2 on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:55 PM Pacific Standard Time.

And as always, check out our new services. We have the Intrusion Removal service, which is just incredible. We also have the Co-Creating Reality. We have Preparing for the New Divine Blueprint, tyhere’s another service, the Guardian Protection Initiation. We of course are very well known for Implant Removal which is very unique, especially incorporating my alchemy and codes with it. And we also of course have the Spiritual Past Life Clearing.

And those are just to name a few, so keep tuning in we have a bunch of other stuff that’s going to be released here shortly. And please be patient with us. Our customer service, I’m going to call her Manager, who oversees all the customer service, she’s going to take a very, very well-needed week off vacation because she’s working her little tush off.

So, as always just sending you lots and lots of love, and please listen to Shane and myself. Keep your spirits high. Know that we are at the gate. We literally are at the gate, and the most important thing to do is focus, completely, on where you want to go, and what you want to do.

All this stuff about what’s going on with the Cabal and everything else, it’s kind of going to become really old news. We do need to stay afloat of what’s happening, just because we want to be wise and knowledgeable Galactarians, I love that word, but at the same time don’t obsess too much on, ya know, the negativity that’s going around and the protests and this and that the other. So much of it we don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors. We can only intuitively use our senses and understand that this is literally the final kind of ‘battle’. The final Armageddon in a way, getting Trump into office.

And no matter what that represents to any of us, including the Women’s protesters etc., the bottom line is, we’ve got to look at it macrocosmically, not get super hung up on he as an individual per se, look on at the agenda and the purpose behind getting him into office.

So I think we’re one step closer to actually having some change. And this is such a historical time. I just heard this morning, Shane, that something like 31 million people watched the Presidential Inauguration and it broke all records.

Shane: Wow.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Shane: Just try to keep it positive. Try to keep it upbeat. If it doesn’t feel like it’s from Source or it doesn’t feel like it serves you, turn it off, change it. You don’t have to listen to it.

Alexandra: Yeah.

Shane: If it does not serve you, don’t listen to it. And if it doesn’t serve you, what I’m saying, you don’t have to listen to me. You don’t have to listen to Alexandra.

Alexandra: Exactly.

Shane: It’s just what we believe. Your reality is totally different from our reality and it’s always going to be like that.

Alexandra: That’s right.

Shane: You are your own Creator. You are your own person.

Alexandra: Exactly.

Shane: Do what you think is positive.

Alexandra: Thank you for that, perfect. Ok well we’ll end it on that. Have a wonderful rest of your week and we will talk to you next week, and we will be having Lavender of the Starseed Hotline. I’m sure many of you have followed her work. She’s incredible. So I’m excited about that. And take care, have a wonderful rest of the week, and we’ll talk to you soon. Lots of love, bye.

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