I found this from my Italian friend Matteo………check it out!  Although it was discovered in 2011, look at how he found it!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011 19:14

(Before It’s News)


July 28, 2011Exclusive CONFRONTO4 250x182 / COPY ON MARS DISCOVERY HOLY SHROUD (Click on video, watch)



My name is Matthew IAN Neo, 46, live in Apulia in Cerignola (Fg) is a passionate researcher of Mars and its mysteries. With Google Earth I was able to make several discoveries of which we speak around the mondo.di just me but -I was in Italy in the drawer that this latest discovery of a face that resembles Jesus Christ, (pictured), I know … but it would seem so strange. I registered coopyright as other discoveries on the red planet. Facebook groups that are interested in the red are all pieneta anziosi to see my discovery that I’m quite sure he’ll do ‘sooner or later, around the world. I regret that in Italy there has been talk of me though I just made ​​some startling discoveries, and I still have other
preserved for some time. Typing google earth coordinates MARS will find it.
.26 38 ° 20’49 “N 13 ° 2’5 .56” W, Latitude 38 ° 20’49 .26 “N Longitude 13 ° 2’5 .56” W
Matthew Jannaeus, a UFO enthusiast and recently using Gooogle Mars coordinates: 43 ° 19’19 .30 “N 22 ° 53’5 .29” would have noticed the face of a woman, he said it would be the Goddess Isis. The area of discovery is the Deuteronilus Mensae is located along the border between the highlands and the lowlands of the ‘northern hemisphere of Mars, this region contains many flat plateaus (“mesa”) that are surrounded by debris, believed to rich ice, collected in “aprons” lobed. These formations have been interpreted in many different ways, from the “glaciers” in the movement of ice-rich soil, covered with glacial debris-flow. Alan Gould, NASA, and his team examined the photos and said: It is a landform That has resemblance to a beautiful face.