Abolish Climate Changing Subsidies

  • author: Michael McTernan
  • target: United Nations Climate Change Conference
  • signatures: 29,196
  • http://www.thepetitionsite.com/768/616/752/?z00m=20665583


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Typhoon Haiyan killed thousands of people as it ripped through the Philippines. One of the strongest storms on record, Haiyan turned homes to rubble, and its floodwaters swept children from their mothers. We need to stop fueling climate change by giving handouts to the world’s top polluters.

World leaders are at the UN Climate Change conference, watching as climate change devastates the Philippines. While lives are lost in storms like Haiyan, world governments are still giving tax breaks and subsidies to fossil fuel companies. According to the International Energy Agency, governments subsidized fossil fuels to the tune of $563 billion in 2011! It’s time to demand serious action on climate change.

The clean energy industry gets subsidies that amount to less than 20% of those given to fossil fuels. This terrible disparity means we are investing in climate changing energy sources instead of renewable energy every day.

It has been over twenty years since the world committed to take action on climate change. That’s one of the reasons the climate envoy from the Philippines is doing a hunger strike until the conference takes meaningful action. Please ask the United Nations to take meaningful action at the UN Climate Conference and commit to ending dirty energy subsidies.