Aug 2, 2018

Please SIGN THE PETITION requesting President Trump to Pardon Julian Assange, who’s health and life is in danger at this pivotal moment. We must act now before the Ecuadorian embassy kicks Assange out and he is exposed to the wrath of MI6 and the CIA. The world owes so much to this man, who had the courage to expose one the most criminal and rogue governments in American history. We are ALL in his debt, WWG1WGA! FREE ASSANGE! SIGN HERE: This video was made last night but YT would not allow me to upload. This has been the norm lately. The censorship is definitely in full operation mode and it is getting harder to beat the algorithm– thanks to Google Gestapo. But YAFTV will keep on keeping on! Have a little look at jury nullification and why the corrupt court system tries to keep the power of the jury secret (which is absolutely unconstitutional!)… To follow the claims of actor Isaac Kappy, who alleges that actor and producer Seth Green is an active pedophile connected to an elite Hollywood pedo-ring: To learn more about the upcoming “Unite American First” rallies in Portland OR and Berkeley, CA this weekend: To learn about the date and location of the upcoming rally to support medical marijuana in Orlando, FL: To support the work of YAFTV’s art sponsor for the monthly patreon raffle, the talented MUD: instagram: @mynameismud_1984 Redbubble @mud-pilled (for awesome MUD MAGA merch!) RAFFLE WINNERS: Your prints will go out ASAP! Look for the email requesting your mailing address! Thanks to everyone who supported the channel by joining the YAFTV’s end of the month Patreon 1% campaign. You Are Free TV is so blessed to have such an incredible support base! The three raffle winners are announced at the end of today’s video! If you would like to support the channel: PayPal: (for donations only, not personal email) WE ARE FREE, Let’s take action, together, to MAGA!