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Simon Parkes Responds to the Community

Transcribed by Madame Pam

Alexandra: Hi everyone, this is Alexandra from GalacticConnection.com and today I’m going to be providing a pe-recorded interview with Simon Parkes for July 19th 2016. And for many of you who already know Simon Parkes you know that he’s just provided an immense amount of information regarding world politics, and many consider him to be a whistleblower. He came onto the scene in 2010 and has an amazing background that reads quite a bit like a conspiracy novel. His grandfather is a British diplomat and freemason who worked for MI6, and while his mother worked for MI5, he was trained in occult magic at a young age. He has many high-level contacts in the British government, and he eventually delved into the area of politics, which apparently he is no longer doing anymore.

But prior to this, he came clean with the public about his experience as a contactee with the Mantids, non-human extra-dimensional beings, greys, reptilians and others. He openly spoke about the alien and hybrid program, witnessing human scientists working alongside aliens during his abduction encounters. He shared experiences regarding the soul being removed from his physical body and transferred into a mantid body, to take part in abductions and related tasks of abductions. Despite his stories of a 9 foot mantid being, his handler, who he referred to as “Mum”, Simon managed to win the election for a British City Councillor on the Whitby Town Council. Although he’s experienced a ton of malicious attack from the media Simon remains true to his word and that is that he would like to make sure that this world becomes a better place, and assist us in bringing heaven on earth. So today we’re going to be discussing some very important information that’s come about regarding posting on the various forums regarding his background, and this has been primarily triggered because he did come out and admit that his father is gone. So stay tuned.

Alexandra: Good afternoon everyone, this is Alexandra Meadors of GalacticConnection.com and this is a pre-recorded interview for next week, July 19th 2016. We may be releasing this earlier than that but it will be appearing on BBS Radio. As many of you know, who is near and dear to our heart is Simon Parkes. He is held a space for this community for many years now. He has come clean on his experiences and his background with his mother and the illuminati and his dad, the reptilian draco king and so on and so forth. He has amazingly inspired us and educated us in areas that we never thought possible. Today, I have been asked to interview him, to give him the space and the time to address some of the concerns of those who have questioned some of his … actions, reactions and some of his history as what they refer to as a therapist. What we would like to do is be very fair. I think all of you know my ultimate goal here is not only to address the needs of the community but also to ultimately always assist us in raising in our vibration handling any conflict situation. It’s absolutely imperative that we be the example in a conflict and if our needs have not been met or if we have been hurt or if we have been insulted, we must seek some sort of resolution. It is not going to be resolved if we are on a witch hunt. It is not going to be resolved if we are constantly pointing fingers. Today, what I want to say is I am not accusing anyone. Please hear me. I understand that we all have our needs that must be met but at the same time I would also like to give Simon the opportunity to have a really open space to address some of the concerns that have been revealed, relayed through the project Avalon forum as well as on some personal experiences. So, please do me a favor, before you start listening to this, just call in our Source, our Divine Father and Mother and ask for the ultimate, most positive resolution for all of us because Simon and I can really relate in one particular way and that is that we both handle very convoluted strange things when it comes to the way that the Dark operates through the body, through people, through society, through events. We have no idea how incredibly, dastardly they will go to accomplish something, to create dissension, to create finger pointing, to create hatred, to create frustration and so it is up to us to take certain conflict like this and create them into a positive. I want to just, first of all, right off the bat, to say Thanks to Simon because it took a lot of courage for him to kind of own the fact that his father Anu, we’re finding out, has now left his vehicle. But we also want to take a look at how has that been a benefit to us. Let’s step back and remember that we called all of our experiences into our own reality, like it or not.

Hi Simon,

Simon: Hello Alexandra, lovely to see you.

Alexandra: You too. I know it has been not such an easy road the last couple of weeks or months. I would love to start out with, let’s just be really open and honest and available to all of those who had concerns and would like you to address them personally. Most importantly would be, there have been some complaints on your reliability to show up for meetings. I would like you to talk to people a little bit about maybe just your daily operation. I am saying this, folks, because I know my load and it is heavy. I have got a really high workload. Anybody that has worked with me knows that and Simon is no different. Let’s just try to understand where all of this has started.

Simon: Well, it is normally a five day week, Monday to Friday. I have a schedule from 10 in the morning until about 6 pm except on Thursdays when I will go to 10 o’clock at night because of an American audience or the Australian time, sometime it is first thing or last thing. The schedules can also be interrupted by emergencies that occur, both in a 3D world and in an ordinary scheduled world. The difficulties I have had and I have had for a good few months now, have been some very severe interruptions to the Facebook when I used to have that. Also to Skype, emails and texts. Three weeks ago, in fact it was after the last Jaypee show, Jaypee’s engineer said to me through Jaypee that we can’t go on another hour, we are going to phone you on the landline and so I had to do the last part of my radio show on landline because the interference was so bad. At the end of that, what the engineer said was you are being jammed because I guess he knows his stuff and he is monitoring it from his side and Jaypee said it looks like you are having energy waves beamed over the top. So I got someone independent to come in with a lot of equipment to do some tests. Now, on the ground floor of the house there was no problem at all. In my room where I do all my work, there was absolutely a terrible, huge amount of wi-fi, off the scale. The engineer said he had never seen anything like it in his life and called me over, he had one digital scale and the light was flashing red and on the analogue scale was a needle and the needle was actually bouncing against the edge of the box. He said this is a terrible health hazard and it is illegal. I have been recommended to spend only one hour a day in this room. It has given me the correct terminology to use with the provider who controls the wi-fi because a 120 feet away from me is a mast. Anyone who has been following me for a little while will know that within three months of me going public, the local authority got permission to put a telephone cell mast a 120 feet from my house. So within three months of going public I had a telephone mast there. Now, we know it is coming from there because the engineers checked it and it’s only irradiating the top floor which is my room and it’s dreadful. Now that explains why my internet and all other form of communication are just shot, all over the place. That is why, when I tried to make contact with people or people say “I was ringing you, I was ringing you”, and I say ‘I was trying to ring you” that explains it. After everything I changed the router, I changed the computer, somebody donated me a new computer but that is the answer for it. First of all, from the jamming side, that is it. From the other side, sometimes things occur which pull you off the track. For instance, I had a death in the family a year back. So that put me out and I had to take the cat to the vet at short notice but the vast majority of the interruptions have been electronic. I am very glad that I found that out and that is documented. They will have to do something about it because the amount of radiation is illegal. We will see where we go with that and I will keep you posted.

Alexandra: Well, that’s great. So, what about some of the areas that people have been showing some concern with. You leaving the therapeutic session, they are calling it therapeutic session which I really want you to address also but you leaving the session and you say ” Listen, I will get back to you shortly. Let’s have a second follow-up session and let’s make sure we cover this. They’re very frustrated because they texted, they called you, they’ve emailed you but they never heard from you. They even left messages with your volunteers who they know interact with you face to face and they still not hearing an answer back from you.

Simon: Right. I get lots and lots of emails and texts that never get to me. Often I’ll tell someone we could do a another session, might be a free session, it might not depending, and I can’t get a hold on them. I’ll send messages on Skype or if I got their email. They obviously send me messages, I am not getting that. So, if I am sending people messages and I don’t get a reply than I take it they are not interested. If they have spoken to volunteers, when a volunteer actually said X or Y is trying to get hold of you, then I will say to them ok. You obviously got an internet, an email connection with them, would you please email them and arrange for a time and then tell me. Because it’s impossible sometimes for me to actually speak directly. The best example is literally people listening to the last Jaypee Wolf Spirit Radio, the second hour I had to do by telephone because communications were just impossible. That’s what is happening. So it is not that I am not bothered or I am not interested because that isn’t what it’s about. It’s literally that I will send a follow-up and I am not getting a reply to that. These people are obviously messaging me or emailing me and I am not receiving that. My conclusion is well, they are not interested, they didn’t want to follow-up. But when someone has spoken to a volunteer, I would hope that that person, the volunteer, would let me know. I can’t guarantee that because they are volunteers. They are not in a paid job. They have their own lives and I can’t and I wouldn’t force them or make them do anything. I am very reliant on the volunteer actually passing on information to me and in most cases, I am sure that happens. Obviously, people come and go. I have had people do one week and say it is not for them or someone moved house or got a new job, and they’ll go and may take that information with them. So, that’s actually the case, I am not a corporation. I am not a big company. I don’t have teams of people sitting there doing lots of research for me or answering the phone. It is not like that. I would always hope that if a volunteer takes that information he or she would pass that on to me. I can’t be certain of change over of people.

Alexandra: So for those that still feel that frustration who actually have hooked up with you directly and really thought that they had a session available and didn’t see you show up at all. They didn’t feel there was any interference with technology. Some people are saying that they feel that the interference word is being used as a scapegoat. I know that with my own experience, Galactic Connection, oh my God! have we had our share of interference. Just so everybody knows, we had that before this interview today. I didn’t even know what was going to happen today.

Simon: The point I would make is why would they do that? What have I got to gain? Why would I meet somebody, talk to somebody, make that connection then why would I say I didn’t want to talk to them again? That’s just not logical. It’s easier once you’ve made that first connection to talk to people and to develop it. It is always difficult with a new client and you’re working with them. So, that doesn’t ring true. The person on their end probably isn’t getting any interference. They are sending messages and it says ‘message sent’. As far as they are concerned, it’s “I sent him a message” but if I don’t receive it then I don’t know you are trying to connect with me. Just because of that person not receiving jagged lines across the screen or pixelated images or their call is dropping, it doesn’t mean that on my end everything is fine. So, I know people get really annoyed. I had, this week, I thing there were one of my volunteers her wifi was cut completely. She’s an 190 miles away from me. So she couldn’t do any connections. Somebody was trying to connect with me, I was trying to connect with them, couldn’t. This person like you are saying, thought ‘why isn’t he there and getting very very uptight and angry. I am trying to do my best, I am sitting there, and fortunately, my volunteer was on the phone to me and I said ” I can’t get a hold of this guy, won’t say his name, can’t get a hold of this guy” and she said ” but he is trying to get a hold of you”. I said ” yeah, I’m here” and she said ” I know you’re here”, well tell him, text him, I am here. That is the situation. I would really like people to understand that if I am not getting back to them it’s not because I am not interested or I don’t care. It is because something is interfering, coming between me and that person. Usually, we resolve it in the end but occasionally, there have been some calls where three months, someone’s been…I’ll get messages from Skype that’d be three months old, suddenly I would switch the computer on and there is a whole raft of messages from people, oh my goodness. But that is the situation, so although it may not appear that there’s interference that side, all I would say is listen to Wolf Spirit Radio and that is how bad it has got, where I couldn’t even conduct myself on an interview, I had to use a landline.

Alexandra: What do you feel is the ultimate agenda, if there is some oppositional force causing this literal wall between you and your clients. What is the ultimate agenda, do you feel, behind that whole scenario?

Simon: I think it has to do with the individual as much it has to do with me. If someone is going through a crucial period in their life, where they are waking up or they have discovered something or something is going on and they are seeking information, which will empower them, give them knowledge which will make them challenge the accepted rules. Then, me and other people, you yourself of course, Alexandra, many others not the sort of guys the elite want these people to talk to. Because half an hour talking to us will give these people enough confidence to start challenging, to start researching, to start looking at themselves and looking at what’s around them. It is not just about me, it’s not just about preventing me talking. It’s about the person I am talking to, receiving information that will allow them to break free from whatever situation they are in. It is not just about stopping me, it’s about stopping other people accessing that information.

Alexandra: I totally agree and I have experienced the exact same thing within my, organisation. I can really relate to it. Would you say that in your career, in your political career for example, do you have a reputation of being somebody who is reliable, dependable that gets back to people on time and follows through?

Simon: Well yeah. When I went public with my experiences, the first thing that the established media wanted to do was discredit me. The best way to do that is to go to the town hall. They went around and I learnt afterwards they went round to a lot of other law makers who are my colleagues from the same party or different party and nobody would say anything bad. It was a good report. Then they went to the offices, the paid civil servant who staff. They even attended meeting that I was at. What they found was somebody who attended meetings, didn’t fall asleep, debated, brought up his constituents’ questions, went on sightseeing, facts tours. There was nothing there for them. That is why, when I did the TV breakfast television show and a senior conservative government minister attacked me on a TV station and I got the right to reply a couple of weeks later. The guy’s name is Mr. Portillo and was a government minister and he came out and attacked me. I said why didn’t this man not attack me on my policies? Why did he say that, you know, I have talked about aliens and the illuminati and energies etc. Why not attack on my beliefs politically? The fact of the matter was there was nothing that could be attacked because I have consistently worked hard for my constituents. The press gave up because there was nothing there for them.

Alexandra: So you would say that, from a work environment, one of the most key ingredients for successful communications is reliability.

Simon: It is about building trust with people and being there. In my political work, it wasn’t done on Skype. My work is done on the telephone or face to face. Now, that can’t be interfered with really. It is very difficult. Also, you are talking about the trash wasn’t collected from number 52 or the street lights are not working outside here. That doesn’t bother the elite. That doesn’t challenge them in any way, so I didn’t get interfered with on that. The only time I did get interfered with, actually, was when I started talking about President Putin. The line from Great Britain and America was that President Putin was a bad guy. That wasn’t the line that I was giving and that is the only time politically and on an elite basis that I got under a huge amount of pressure because they didn’t want me to talk about Putin. It didn’t manifest itself by telephone calls being broken but it did manifest itself by getting called in to very senior officers within the political party saying we can’t have this because we want a line that is attacking President Putin. The American and British governments have decided that we are going to attack President Putin and you are a member of a political party who has signed up to this and you are not doing it. I said, well, I am not signed up to it. It wasn’t an electronic interruption of my work but an emotional attack of my work. I know how these people operate and they will do anything they can to prevent you doing what you know you need to do.

Alexandra: Let’s shift gears a little bit as far as the way that the oppositional forces and that’s what I call them because there are so many different types. You’ve got demonic, archontic, the actual extra-terrestrial, reptilians, not all of them are bad, of course. So on and so forth. Just for my line of work, I see to the extent that they will go, to destroy a relationship and to destroy the opinion one may have on someone who is influential. I know that to be true, absolutely. I experienced it in my own life. I see this a lot in this case, in this scenario, it does not go without saying that there are some legitimate concerns that people have and we are going to address that in a minute. I feel that it’s important for you to really clarify with people which of the darker forces do you feel you are typically dealing with? For example, if you have a client who comes to you, let’s say they just getting beat up on the astral plane. What then do you typically see is going to be their reaction of either their attachments, implants or negative extraterrestrial influences around them?

Simon: Well, each person is an individual. Each individual will make or manifest their own perception around what they’ve got. That is the first start. The second start is how that attachment got there, whether it’s through agreement, and that sounds crazy for most people but that can happen, whether it’s been sent by a human agency, whether it’s been sent by an off-planet agency, whether it is just an opportune attack. Then, the individual concerned may have a past history of working in those energies and therefore there’s an attachment there. A person can have a multi-layer attachment. It can be what I might call a possession, is what the church likes, I don’t like that word but I think people would understand that, where there is something sharing their space with them, with or without their knowledge. There may be implants, implants that are almost sentient and have a connection, a two-way feed. When working with somebody, it’s really important, I know you do it, not to make any conclusions. You have to ask a lot of questions about the background, understand what they think they’ve got and try to understand when it occurred and how it occurred. You tend or I tend to look at what is the most important to the individual in terms of its controlling network so when you work with the individual to remove it, to actually say if I take this piece down, what impact is that going to have on the rest of it? Is there going to be a vacuum created? Is there a trigger mechanism here? If I take this one down, is there a program that could really be negative to that individual which may activate. Everyone is individual. From the straight forward case of an Indian family where in an Indian culture the eldest son gets left everything when the father dies, he gets the land and the money. Unfortunately, egos and greed being what they are, a number of cases where other younger brothers have gone to a black magician, paid him to demonically attack the elder brother, to make him insane or incapable, so the court will then take away what the father gave him and give to the others. That is a very straight forward that is relatively easy to deal with. But where someone has been involved with black ops, when somebody comes from a satanic ritual background then those obvious black and white lines don’t exist. It’s a much deeper, more insidious connection and so, these people aren’t tins of baked beans, these aren’t cell phones, and these are living human creatures. There is a responsibility, I am not a doctor and I’ve never claimed to be a doctor. My session aren’t therapy sessions, my sessions are soul reading sessions, psychic readings. When I look at those energies, I can see the ones that are not meant to be there or they’re meant to be there but they’re meant to be removed. It is about saying, what is the emotional state of this individual, which ones do we need to take away first? I will always go with the speed of the individual, I don’t sit there and look at my watch and say “we have got ten minutes so we’ve got to do this now”. It doesn’t work like that, as you well know.

Alexandra: You brought up a really good point about the contracts because so many of our clients cannot believe that they would have a contract with this sort of thing. But they are very ancient and the more ancient they are, in many cases, the more difficult and there’s a lot of red tape you need to go through on the inner planes with some of the more powerful negative extraterrestrial races who don’t want to let go of that soul fragment or what have you. They’ve been using that soul, the essence of the soul to gain whatever they need which unfortunately causes the individual that they’re using to receive the karmic backlash from that. This is an element you need to be very skilled with. We do it differently, obviously, you do it one way, I do it another way. We work a lot more on a remote basis and we’re working with the higher self not face to face. Basically, I have told people before, we were divinely directed in the way that we were supposed to do it. We were told over and over and over and OVER again to not share too many details because the dark are just readily waiting for any moment that they can to try and prevent, especially, the kind of work that you and I do which really is trying to get down to the point of providing your birth right sovereignty back. But it is a very convoluted, very complex, it can be very complex with each and every individual. Some of your most enlightened people. And there are all different kind of implants.

Simon: Some of the agreements, I call some of them hitchhikers, these energies, because they are there for the ride but they’re there to evolve. And that’s what is very hard for people to grasp. That both sides can evolve from that experience, if it is positive and if it’s understood, and if the both individuals are at a level where they can understand what’s going on and get something from it. The concept of something evil attached to me full stop is a very naive, that may be the case in some ways, but it is very naive to blanket everything like that. It is very wrong for, say, someone who’s learning the trade (if i can call it that) just to immediately treat everything the same. It is not. I think that you, obviously, clearly understand that, as do others. I just wish that a wider range of people practising understood that sometimes this is a journey. A journey for those people.

Alexandra: It is not going to be the same resolution from one person to the next. Each session that we do in very unique. Each person is very unique. We might approach it with a certain set of guidelines but each person is going to be unique. On the inner plane, there are times where I have had it made known to me that on the subconscious level, the astral level, some people will come and they are in such severe dire straits that from the moment they decide they are going to work with you or me, we are already working with them. It’s already begun.

Simon: The contract has already been made.

Alexandra: Absolutely. And so, the reason I want everyone to know that Fran that worked with Simon, for how long?

Simon: Over a year.

Alexandra: She contacted me and asked me to do this interview with Simon because there was so much mutual understandings between what he does and I do. Obviously, I have interviewed Simon a couple of times. I do want everyone to understand that just the mere fact that there has been some hurt feelings, some feelings of people, feeling they’ve been mistreated. It also kind of comes with the whole “industry”, “the market” of djinns, and demons and implants and reptilians and attachments. Negative entities of any sort, it just is part of the whole process. Please, I am reminding everyone as we move through these higher energies we will continue to be challenged in the way that we see things black and white. For the therapists out there, I have read some of the, I read quite a few of the threads on the forum. They are saying that Simon, you are not following proper therapeutic protocol that a therapist wouldn’t be caught dead making appointment with somebody, dropping a bomb on them and then, not even talking to them ever again. What is your response to that?

Simon: We have talked about why I am able to speak to them again, simply because of all interruptions. I am not a therapist. That is not what I am. I do psychic readings and I remove implants. I do deprogramming of mind control. The way I deal with it is totally different from the way that someone would do it from that perspective. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it means it is not something that they are used to. I guess if I didn’t have the interruptions and the breakages in the communications then that person wouldn’t be dropped. They would have carried on working with me. And in a number of cases, where people are on welfare or they are old people on retirement plan, I don’t charge them. I will do session after session for no charge. And also, there’s are a number of people who come to me who have been absolutely desperate. I have actually given the money, not as a loan but as a gift. One particular woman was being physically abused by her man who I thought was a black magician. And Fran knew that. I sent this woman 130 pounds so that she could get the heck out of there. A number of people, I have done that. What I would say to people is look at the overall picture. There are a number of individuals, you mentioned Avalon. There are a number of individuals who’ve got an axe to grind, have a personal vendetta. You know what, that is not spiritual. That is not evolved. And they can run around and bite their own tail, it is of no consequence. What is of consequence to me, is genuine people who I have worked with, who I haven’t been able to connected back with and you haven’t been able to connect with me and then think they have done something wrong or I’m dropping them. That is not the case. It is purely and simply because my communications has been interfered with and now we know what it is. We know what’s caused it. It’s been like that since that mast got up about 5 or 6 years but it’s got progressively worse. All I am going to do is move my operations downstairs until this mast is turned off. Because it’s only the top layer of the house that’s being bombarded with microwaves.

Alexandra: You already have a disclaimer making it very clear that you experience a lot of interference. I would highly recommend you put that on your…so that people that are new to this sort of environment really understand that. We have that all over the place with us.

Simon: I haven’t done that because I only was made aware of this as an ongoing attack just over a week ago. That’s how new. It became obvious through the technicians, the engineers showing me. I couldn’t argue with it, all the meters showing me that. What I have been saying to people now is, look, we are getting this, if we get cut-off I’ll get you back but you have to understand something is really interfering and if I can’t get a hold of you for a bit, it’s not that I’m not bothered with you or I am bored. It’s because we are being prevented. I actually say to people if we are being prevented from talking, there must be a reason for that. Why would somebody not want us to talk? That actually is a positive, in that sense of the word because if you can meet somebody and there is no interference ever, if I did radio shows or you did radio shows, and you did things that were never interfered with, you’ve got to ask yourself well either it’s not doing anything that is challenging the system, or maybe, basically, you are doing the agenda for these people. The very fact that you, Alexandra and I and others get terrible interference and problems and blockages, it’s precisely because we’re the sort of people who are not lying down and playing dead. We’re actually getting up and doing something about it. There is not much more I can say on that. There is technically demonstrable evidence now. I have got the engineer, he’s done his report, and that report has been sent to British Telecom who actually own the phone mast. That’s documentable. What’s gonna happen is they’re either gonna send an engineer and do readings or magically, they’ll just turn it off or turn that frequency off. As I said, I will keep you posted, and that’ll be very interesting to see what happens to my communications once that happens. I expect a huge change.

Alexandra: It’s almost as if this was supposed to finally be exposed so you can get down to the bottom of it. I’m just thinking in terms of the frustration. Even I have been frustrated when I have tried to set up interviews with you cause I had such a difficult time getting through to you. For those who are still kind of feeling they are dangling with you, are you willing to meet with them again? Clear the air with each one of them?

Simon: Of Course. I never deliberately withdrew from them. So there is no reason why I wouldn’t. I am quite happy to do that. Because I want to show people that it’s not me becoming bored with them. It’s because I couldn’t get hold of them and they couldn’t get hold of me. Why wouldn’t I? I wouldn’t be having a very private interview with you if I was then gonna turn around and say “Well actually I’d rather not talk to people”. That’s not what we are about. Of course, I am happy to do that.

Alexandra: Right on. So everybody knows now, those that have been very frustrated and they haven’t been able to kind of finish things up and go through in the follow up with the other sessions, there is the open door with Simon. Now, apparently, there is one particular post that was very vehement about the way she was handled and she felt that the information that was relayed to her was so intense, so overwhelming and felt that that information should not have been shared by you if there was not a definite, for sure, follow up session to review it, explain it, work with her etc. Apparently, you said that she was one part grey, one part robotic and one part ancient earth human. It really kinda spun her out. Do you want to respond to that.

Simon: Yes. No problem at all. This is the person on Avalon. I immediately recognized that this was an attack against me. I know the individual concerned. What would have been nice to share with the audience is that she had a follow up. She actually had a follow up, I gave her a follow up.

Alexandra: Yeah. She did say that. She did say that. But I think it ended up on a bad note.

Simon: No. It ended on a very positive note. What happened is that she had said to me, I don’t know if she swore, but I won’t use any bad language on your show, Alexandra. But what she said was, when you saw me, I am quoting her now, you said, I don’t think she used the F word but it was along those lines and now goodbye. I said “are you saying to me that that’s exactly what I said?” And she wouldn’t answer that. And five times, maybe four times, I said to her I wouldn’t swear. I don’t swear to clients like that. Are you saying that I said those words. And then she said \’no\\’. At which point I said Thank you, now goodbye. And I turned it off. Because if a client is alleging that I’m using the F word, bad language and then actually when questioned three times on it, or four times, five times on it then actually says no, you didn’t. Well that’s not a proper consultation. That’s somebody trying to entrap me. And I don’t play games like that. I was very professional and I just thanked her for finally being truthful and then said goodbye. And I closed it. This individual is working with several other individuals on Avalon. And I absolutely stand by what I say. There are people who have archontic energy, there are people that have a very different soul to a soul that is created by divine consciousness. That doesn’t mean these people are bad. I did a talk recently, I said take a guy who has done 25 years in a state penitentiary for murder, and he comes out. He might be one of the best people on the planet. You take someone who comes out of the Vatican, the establishment tell us that he will be the best person on the planet but he might not be. So we don’t judge or we shouldn’t judge on the make-up of a person but what we should judge is whether they are being genuine with us and in this particular individuals case, this person was working with a group of other people who really decided that they didn’t like me and then began to have a go at me. I used to be on Avalon, about three years ago, four years ago. I had a regular slot. And then I noticed the number of attacks were building and growing. The moderators weren’t doing what they were supposed to be doing. I realized that there was something very untoward. What is quite interesting is that Bill Ryan who runs Avalon, and I’ve always had the highest regard for Bill.

Alexandra: Yeah, he’s a good guy. I like him.

Simon: I won’t say anything bad about him. Bill had a private one on one on Skype. We talked a lot about the issues he was facing. And very oddly, two days later, Christine, who is associated with Bill up until that point also then decided that she wanted to have a talk to me and tell me what was going on on Avalon. Now, I didn’t solicit those. Those two individuals were key members of Avalon and both of them Skyped me to have a private and confidential conversation and their private conversation. I won’t say but what I will say is that not everything was rosy and happy in the Avalon family. I’m not part of Avalon now because it’s vicious energy. It was the most wonderful site but isn’t so good now. There are lots of good people just keeping their head down and not posting. They just read the posts. It’s lost a lot of people. And all I would say is that this happens, you know. Things change and develop but in this case, I recognize it was an attack. This individual got short shrift from me in a very polite, professional way. I hope she recorded it, the second one because she should show that recording. I bet she doesn’t show the second recording.

Alexandra: No. She does have a great deal of details as to what was expressed between the two of you and the only reason, I really want to make it clear to the audience, the only reason I would even ask you, is I just want to remind everyone that if there is an upset or upheaval between two parties, there is always two sides to every story. Personally, I am going to tell you right now, Simon. I don’t want to hear about it. I don’t really care what happened between you and another party. I am not a real big forum advocate because I do feel that once something is posted, even despite the fact that it had good intentions to share it or maybe possibly give people direction away from something that might be nefarious, it tends to grow into a feeding frenzy. It kind of snowballs into a negative thing. There are some very top-notch people in there, I mean, I have really enjoyed my interaction with Callista and Will of Cosmic Awareness. She speaks very eloquently talking about how it is just very interesting how we all need to master our own soul’s development. She kind of comes in and say, let’s step back here, for a minute and focus clearly on our own will, our own choices. My whole thing is at what point are we, as the enlightened ones, going to step out of this, for the need to have other people agree with us. We don’t need people to agree with us for standing in our truth. We don’t need people to sit around in a forum and get agitated over a particular person, place or thing. Yes, it’s important that if something really terrible happens to a client that it needs to be addressed. But we don’t have all the facts. That’s my whole thing and if it happened to me, I would go straight to the source and again because they were not able to reach you it created and festered in such a manner. Next thing you know, oh God, he is this, and this and that and the other. I am asking everybody is this fair? Is this fair? Is this something that you would want to happen to you? Can you really honestly put at yourself in Simon’s shoes. It is very difficult to be you. It’s hard to be me. If you’re in a high profile position, trust me, there’s all kind of cunning ways that the dark will try to infiltrate. If they can’t get to you, they’ll work through all of those around you, through their weakness. It could be the love of their child, that could be their trigger. It could be their house payment that causes them to go into depression. The moment that they find that light switch, they are gonna come in through that avenue, that’s what I have found. I would ask everyone, yes, we need to address some of the pertinent, let me put it this way…there are pertinent pieces of information that I do want you to speak about and that is getting into the whole Anu, you called him Dad, your reptilian Draco father and the ramifications of what that has caused in some of the particularly female clients. I think everybody really wants to hear, were you not really aware of this that he was working through you? Are you not aware that he was affecting women in that way sexually?

Simon: Well, absolutely not. If I was I would have put a stop to it a lot sooner. For me, ( joking about his cat disturbing the interview) I think, first inkling of anything was just over a year ago when a member of my family sent me a text or an email saying that, and this person lives a good 250 miles away from me, saying that they had seen a shadow in the room. Their initial reaction was it was me because it felt like me. But when this member of the family, I don’t want to say exactly who it is, looked closely they found that it was just a shadow and it wasn’t me. So then the person sent me an email saying someone is pretending to be you. So I had that as a piece of evidence from a member of my family who I obviously would believe and trust which lead me to believe someone was masquerading as me. And that is how it’s been. At a recent conference, Fran and a number of lightworkers who were working on a separate case to do with the White Draco, came across another piece of evidence. When Fran then said to me, basically, she thought the I had gone to her room. When she looked it wasn’t me. She said, I know it’s not you. Cause you’re not there but it feels like you. And then I realized that the only way this could happen is if somebody was mimicking me. To do that, they would have to have the DNA or they would have to have some sort of energy connection. So, I asked my higher self, had a good scan and detected what I can best describe as an energy hook. That’s the best way I can describe it. So, what I did was remove it, which wasn’t easy and took time. Wasn’t just oh, you know let’s get rid of it. It was a hard job. I repudiated the creature that I call Dad, cut all connections with him, removed his photograph from my website, wrote a statement explaining that, and authorized Fran to place that on other websites. Because I had been betrayed.

This creature had never physically harmed me, never once. I referred to it as Dad because when I was about three years old and it presented itself, it said I’m your dad. I knew it’s not my biological father but that’s the name that I gave it, because that’s what it called. To find that I’d been used like that is the greatest betrayal that you can have but it was also the energy I needed to remove him from my life. I could have done the politician role and said no, no this isn’t true. I could have done that. Or I could have said, you know, I far too spiritual for that to happen. I am far too evolved, that couldn’t possibly happen. But I didn’t. I looked into myself, asked my higher self and found that actually probably between the age of three years old and six years old this was done to me without my permission. That’s important because I didn’t give permission. That’s why it was ok to get rid of it because it was easier to remove that without having, like you said earlier, all the red tape. This was done to a 3 to 6 year old kid who didn’t really understand anything. So, when I understood that, I realized I’d been manipulated and used so there was no question. I was going to get rid of it. Repudiate him from my life and then apologize. I am not apologizing because I have gone and done this to people, I’m apologizing that something used me to go and upset people and disturbed them and whatever else. I need people to know that that’s not me. That’s not with my agreement. That was not with my knowledge, my understanding. It had to be Fran who would tell me that because I’d worked with Fran for a year. So I trusted Fran. So when Fran came to me and said, this is what has happened to me, then what I said was “you wouldn’t lie to me.” When I compared that to what the member of my family said over a year ago, the two matched very closely. I could either go into denial or I could be a real man about it and be a real light worker and say, ok I need to be honest. Why would I hide this. I’d only hide it if I was working with him. If I was working with him and I was doing it deliberately then of course I would go into denial and hide it. But the reason why I was honest and open is because I was horrified. Absolutely horrified that everything I stand for, everything I believe in was being usurped or tricked or used for his own evil purposes. I wasn’t having it. I didn’t even need to say let me think about it. Once I scanned myself and knew that this is what that evil creature had done, then there was no other course of action but to totally remove him from my life. It was easier to do than I thought it would be because when you trick somebody like that, you lose all connection with them, you lose all love or connection. That was it. That’s what happened. That’s why we are here today.

Alexandra: I would imagine too, you know. It’s not an easy thing to do to deal with the repercussions of that. I know it took some courage on your part. Although you are saying I had to do what I had to do, it also was something that I immediately respected you for the fact that you went out into the opened forum and said ok, I just want everyone to know that I have immediately cut myself off from this entity etc. I think one of the questions people would have is, why wouldn’t you have known this if people were contacting you? For example, there was a couple of indications that people had been so-called ‘astrally raped’ on the inner plane after having a session with you, and then tried to communicate that to you. Can you address that?

Simon: I can’t remember anyone communicating it as clearly as you just have. If someone had communicated it as clearly as that, then this process that’s occurred recently would have happened a lot earlier. I have had people say that they got visited or they had astral this or astral that. At that stage, what I believed was it was someone mimicking me. It was somebody, I don’t know, a hundred miles away, a thousand miles away and projecting themselves, pretending to be me. That was my mindset. That’s what I believed because of what my member of the family had told me. But if someone had put it in the stark terms that you just have, then the process to get rid of him would have started a lot earlier but no one as actually laid it on the line like that. It’s all been, this happened and that happened and I might have been dreaming or it was an energy attack but I don’t know where it was. There was a couple of people who actually spoke to me face to face but unfortunately, in that case those individuals had already, as we say in England, blotted their copybook with me. In one particular instance, three members of Connecting Consciousness and this is actually at Fran’s house. We had a meeting at Fran’s house, they had come to me and said, this particular individual was plotting to steal, his words not mine, the clients away because he wanted to make money out of them. Now when that person then came to me and said a member of my family has been attacked and looked like it was you, well no, that’s not gonna have any credence with me because I have had three separate individual people tell me that this particular guy was gonna try and make money on the back of my organisation. But when Fran came to me, Fran didn’t have an axe to grind. She had nothing but love. When I looked at that, I saw the purity of it and realized it was truth. That’s what happened then.

Alexandra: Well, thank you Fran!

Simon: Well, yeah! Absolutely because if it hadn’t been her determination, because Fran knew that I am a good person. That’s why she came to me because if she knew I wasn’t, she worked with me for over a year. So she knew what I was and if she’d known that I was a bad guy she wouldn’t be associated at all. Clearly, she wanted to bring me the information and God bless her. She didn’t tell me what I needed to do. She said this is what I need to tell you but you need to decide what you wanna do. And I think she thought I was going to say, give me a few days to think about it. But I didn’t because, people who watch me know that I think quite quickly and I am not being eager headed. I just react and think quickly – I’m quite decisive like that. I didn’t need time. When you are faced with the truth, why do you need time. If you see the truth, you do it. That’s what happened.

Alexandra:That’s a great quality you have and I think everybody around the world already sees that within you, Simon. Where are we today, you know? When we think about why has this even happened? Why did this information come out the way it did. And I know it’s ultimately because Divinity wants us to help heal the way in which we react to information like this. When we expect one thing and we perhaps get another and we have expectation of how that other should be responded to. For me, when I was taking the look of all of this and I was approached by Fran, one of the biggest things that I wanted to do was just get people to think outside the box, of even the spiritual box. The fact that no matter how much work we have done on ourselves, there is always more to do, number one. None of us are perfect. We came here to screw up, essentially.

Simon: (laughing) We came here to learn.

Alexandra: Yeah! We are here to learn. Which means we are going to screw up. We came here to play around in, what I call the enemy camp. We are here to really become resilient and masterful. I mean we are getting kicked in the butt to really grow up and become more of authority-driven in our own mastery, and with that comes situations like what is occurring right now where we’re really being pushed. Do I have a trigger? What is that trigger? Let’s for example say that somebody is a therapist. They read this, they are like, oh my God, this is like their code of ethics. You just don’t do that. But you’re not a therapist.

Simon: No.

Alexandra: You step back and say, wow, that’s really true. It’s really a good code of ethics. It’s an excellent code of ethics. I have been to therapists myself, but we are comparing apples to oranges here. Because we are dealing with very nefarious, very cunning, very persevering (laughed out loud) entities that never stop.

Simon: We have been dealing in particular with things that a – and this isn’t meant disrespectfully at all – a standard therapist, and I know you’re not, a standard therapist who’s been through which ever training academy when faced with a person who was satanically, ritually abused to create, not just alternate personalities but to create suicide programs. That person can’t deal with that because they have no knowledge of it, they are not taught about that in their therapy school. Those of us for whatever divine method have come to it know that that’s something that we can deal with. I would say that the worst case I ever had took me six months of working on Skype. Now this was in the early days of 2012 before Connecting Consciousness. This was before I ran it through as a 4 days a week, 5 days a week sessions. This is when I had just had two or three people. There was no interruption, there was no telephone mast opposite me. There was no interruptions. And that person had six alternate personalities which I managed to get her to reabsorb back into her core. She had, I won’t mention it, but she had a suicide program, won’t mention what type it was. That was incredibly difficult because this person was young and when someone is young, I noticed the oldest person I have ever worked with was 60. And the youngest was 16. And when I look at suicide programs placed in people on mind control program, the sixty years old would have yellow brick road, Dorothy, Alice in Wonderland but the 16 years old would have them cutting edge. Also the young people who have these programs have booby traps in there for people like me. So when I’m working with someone who’s 40 years old they never expected people like you, Alexandra or others to be able to get into their mind and help them heal them. But then I suppose about 15 years ago, they realized that that was becoming possible so they put booby traps in people. And when you are dealing with that, and I haven’t lost anybody, not one person has ever committed suicide that I have worked with. I have actually healed all of them. Actually, they heal themselves, I just help them to heal themselves. A therapist, in a traditional sense of the word, can’t begin to comprehend because in therapy school, they are not taught that there are evil men and unfortunately it is mostly men, not solely but mostly, evil men who will kill a child just to do something to another child. That’s just, the concept is horrible, and you wouldn’t even teach it. I have a client, and I have them, who sit and tell me exactly what I have just told you and the audience. I know that’s not made up. That’s not fantasy. You don’t make things like that up. That’s a real memory these people have. And general therapy isn’t going to help this person because this person may be 36 hours from finishing their life. I don’t operate in the same way a a therapist, and I have never claimed to be a therapist. I never claimed to be a doctor, I am not. I do psychic healings, I do deprogrammings and I do soul readings. That’s what I do. If people have a trauma from abuse in a family and it’s abuse just to abuse’s sake, they need a therapist, because that is what a therapist is trained for. If they come from a military family, a political family, a very high end family and there’s been very very strong satanic abuse it’s unlikely that the therapist working on his or her own would be able to help that person. It is a challenge.

Alexandra: And you’re right. It is a journey, it’s not going to be one service, one session BAM, typically. I mean it can be, but it’s typically not going to be because the actually programming itself was designed to be very layered, depending on what your talking about. You have your handlers, even if you disconnect them you got a couple more that show back up and the booby trapping, I can totally relate to all of this. It’s very very complex. I saw one post that said, it takes an immense amount of mastery to be able to remove a djinn especially in exorcism. There’s not that many healers out there, they will admit that they don’t even want to touch it with a ten foot pole. You really need to know what you are doing. The same with Implant Removal. It’s a very serious thing.

Simon: It is. One funny thing I remember, 20-25 years ago a priest, the Catholic Church in London used to do exorcisms to remove djinns and other demons. You would very hard-press now to find anyone in the church who’d do it. In this case, he did it and then the damned thing followed him home. And then he had to get three of his fellow priests to come and do the work on his house. He never did it again. What you find is that the number of people doing it is getting less and less because the vibrational anger, the frequency of these creatures is becoming more intense because the door is closing. Human consciousness is rising and it’s becoming harder and harder for these creatures to exist here because their energy is just not compatible with the majority. So they are getting more desperate, which means that they’re becoming more unpredictable. So your general “I’ll stand here with a crucifix or a cross and throw some holy water around” – those days are gone. That doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to work on, as you’ve intimated but the audience won’t fully perhaps understand you, you have within a dimension, within a color, within a shape there are different avenues that one has to go down in sequence to remove things. They will try and reboot it. It is like that. It takes a lot of energy.

Alexandra: Everyone is different.

Simon: As you know, you need to rest after you’ve spoken to a client. You need to rest because you are giving them strength and you are actually sometimes having to combat on the energy astral some of these entities, who are damn not going to give up this person. They have been with them for fifty years. Why should they go back? (Laughing) You can’t reason with them, and sometimes you have to push them out the door. That’s the way it is but generally you can reason with them, actually, you know, you can get to a point they think ok, it’s time to go.

Alexandra: I think, you know how they say the human DNA is like a hot commodity around the galaxy?

Simon: Yes.

Alexandra: True but even more than that is the soul of all of us. The literal soul is being hunted. And even when we talk about satanic ritual and child sacrifice those that are really good at it, those that are really high up in the order of satanic ritualism, they are literally absorbing these souls. Those that can remote view and be clairvoyant they can literally see all the souls attached to their field. It’s disgusting.

Simon: It is. It’s not human. Full stop. It’s not human. You gotta be so disconnected from Source, God whatever you want, you’re gotta be so disconnected from that, and you’ve got to be so unjoined to the Human Race that you’ve got to have a life of your own. You must be totally isolated, and in pain. Those creatures must be in pain 24/7. How can they have a normal life? How can they hold down a job? How can they do anything knowing what they do. I am smiling but I don’t want the audience to think that I’m not taking this seriously. I was at a conference the other day and I said I have not evolved fully. I know I haven’t because if a pedophile or somebody came before me and I was the judge or something, I would hang them! Now I know that’s not as a fully evolved person. I should say, this that and the other and we forgive them. But at the moment, I can’t because for me, anybody who hurts a child, maybe that is why I have reacted the way I have, because this entity hurt me in a way by tricking me. When something, somebody who is an adult hurts a child and the child looks to the adult for protection. The child looks to the adult for love. When that’s not given, then that’s a betrayal. I really really don’t like people that harm children. That’s the one thing, at this moment I can’t forgive. Now, maybe in years time, I’ll have evolved enough to do that but at the moment I can’t. I am very passionate about that because I see lots of people who are adults now but were children when they were hurt. It’s not to say that we don’t understand why a member of the family did it. I am talking about people who are not very human. I am talking about people that there’s an emptiness in their body. There is a vacuum and nothing divine in there. The physical body might be organic but what’s in there ain’t from God. I don’t have a problem in really being quite tough with those things. But there are people who can be forgiven.

Alexandra: I’ve gotta tell you Simon, I have taken a lot of heat cause there’s a couple of people I have interviewed religiously over child sacrifice. It’s a hot topic for me as well. We definitely have that in common. That in my opinion is without a doubt the worst virus ever in this reality, period. And it’s because ultimately, all of us have an inner child within us as well that we are still fighting whatever that, we are battling I should use the word, within ourselves. I think for those that either feel betrayed or have felt hurt by you in some way shape or form or felt insulted or what have you, it’s so important for us the step back and say, how did I draw this into my life? What am I doing with this information? I don’t know. I would never go see someone like you if I wasn’t ready. Honestly, ’cause you’re gonna probably deliver some stuff to me that I gotta get ready for. That’s part of our path and it’s also an initiation. Every time we go through that, we get initiated to a higher state of consciousness to begin with. But it’s not gonna happen like the blink of a light switch, you know. It’s a process we all have to go through. And then the other thing I was going to say was, ultimately all of us, meanwhile, we really need to go back to the beginning of what is our true intention, I know my intention is, I’m on fire to support all the starseeds and the guardians. I love them with all my heart and soul. And I am here to serve my divine Father and Mother, period. I don’t know how much more I can do to show the world, which is not why I am doing it, that that’s what I am here to do. Right? And I think you have done the same. There’s areas that have been created a lot more turmoil than they should, unfortunately, because of interference. Good God, I don’t know anybody in our community that doesn’t know the amount of interference that we experience. Ridiculously, Simon. Literally, if people only got a clue. And again, I’m going to stress to everybody, we had interference before this interview.

Simon: What I did tonight I moved the, for this interview, I moved the modem, the router down to the ground floor. It doesn’t stop it but it means it’s less. So that’s a heck of a thing. It was wifi and I took that off, or course. Now it has a cable. I had to run a long cable down to the ground floor so,

Alexandra: Thank you for doing this. And I do want to ask you ’cause I know that you said you were going to take some time off. I really, I commend you for the ceremony and the works that you did with CERN and all the people who have supported you. I truly feel, I just got goosebumps, I truly feel that that was another one of those turning points. It reminded me of my trip to Africa shutting down the Archon portal in the Congo. That was a huge turning point. What I also want to remind people is when you do stuff like that, there’s no question, no matter how powerful Simon is, he’s going to receive backlash. There is just no question about it, it’s just the way the Universe works. I can speak from testimony and authority that this happens.

Simon: It does. I am gonna take a break. I’m gonna take a break in August because there are issues with HAARP and the San Andreas fault for September.

Alexandra: We need to work on that then.

Simon: We do.

Alexandra: Cause that’s in my back yard.

Simon: I know it is, that is why I am telling you. And I am putting it out there because just by putting it out there it could have an effect for positive. There are three people who have the say over the HAARP machine. I need to say that two of them want to operate the HAARP machine to create a size seven on the Richter scale before the US Presidential Election in November. The third one wants to do it after the election. We have a window of opportunity to do something about it. I’m going to work, I’ve got the teams ready in Connecting Consciousness and I shall be putting out a call soon to talk to other group leaders from other disciplines to say, is this something they would like to be involved in. Not necessarily working at the same time with me but doing it in their own way. I just basically want to make people aware of the information that I’ve received so that they individually or as groups can do what they think is right. Ultimately, we can’t affect the machine because HAARP is not a sentient machine. But what I want to do is to get to the three men and tell them that they have a responsibility to humanity. That they need to put their feet back on the Earth, on the planet and be with the human race. And not with some misguided megalomaniac crazed mass murderer. That’s a biggie for us. The idea being that martial law not across the States just in California, and then to try roll that out across the States. The three states they want to target, California, Texas and Ohio. So there are the three state that are in the firing line at the moment. I’m gonna have a holiday in August cause I want one.

Alexandra: You and me both! (both laughing)

Simon: And then, we are back on there. The thing is all of us who are here volunteered to be here. All of us. And sometimes, quite understandably, people say I have had enough of it. I want to leave the planet. I have had enough of it. And the rest of us think, oh, goodness me, everybody that goes.., I think we have been cut-off. Can you still hear me?

Alexandra: I can still hear you.

Simon: Alright, when people leave than that leaves more work for everyone else but you know what, more people step up. More people come up and are waking up every day and say, what can I do to help? What can I do? That’s the beauty of it because it’s coming from Divine Source, it’s a balancing fact. Whatever these crazy idiots do, there’s always going to be more than enough good energy to counter balance that. Until ultimately, the bad energy or dark energy says hang on, I have evolved. I don’t need to do this anymore because it’s not what I need to do. That’s when we’re gonna have the big change and I passionately believe that we will get through this and we’ll come out the other side really strong.

Alexandra: Totally agree with that.

Simon: I’ve always thought that.

Alexandra: I have never not had a knowingness about that. Since we’re kind of segueing into some general world topics. I would be remiss not asking you a few questions. Are you ok with that?

Simon: Yes, sure. Then we will call it a day.

Alexandra: Do you feel like we’ve covered everything we need to cover regarding…

Simon: Yeah, I am happy with that it’s just simply that I am aware I have been over an hour in this room and I’m being baked with microwaves. I’ll do a few questions cause that’d be really lovely. And then I would have to go downstairs and get out of this microwave oven (laughing).

Alexandra: Ok. Why don’t I put them altogether. Apparently, there’s rumor that Bill and Hillary are on an island negotiating for their lives. That she has offered her unconditional surrender and that Trump has agreed to resign in order to give it over to Paul Ryan, do you agree with all that information?

Simon: No, not all of it. Some of it is true. Some of it is very true. The way I need to answer that is to explain that the people who are not familiar with this, people who just came to the truth a week ago or a month ago or they’re so busy they don’t have time to really do want they need to do. They don’t understand the elite is not just one elite. If you think of a triangle. The very top of it is divided into many groups. The top elite want to hook the so-called divine feminine energy into the planet. That is why there is a female prime minister in Great Britain. That is why there is a female chancellor in Germany. So you’ve got Teresa May, British Prime Minister, we’ve got Angela Merkel the chancellor in Germany and they want Hillary Clinton. The idea is that this planet is feminine and it has a biorhythm that works like that. None of those three women are divine feminine, actually. But they are feminine and the elite wish to anchor their energy into the planet to try to mask it and so to hang on by subterfuge within that energy. It’s not gonna work. The best advice I have is that they still want Hillary to be the President so they can form this pyramid of three females over the most important countries in the world. America is the most important country on the planet, I have always said that and I know people don’t like it outside of the States, it’s tough. it’s true. Second most important country is Great Britain, England and the third is Germany. That’s why they are doing that. Talking about the deals that had been struck. About six weeks ago, the Rothschilds had a very very important high level meeting. They’re the executive, they produced some policies which the Bilderberger Group, they met three weeks ago, something like that. the Bilderberger Group ratified most of those, that’s what happened. The Rothschild as the executive, they make the laws. The Bilderbergers ratify or don’t.

The big key here is China, because China has offered America the codes to Deutsche Bank, or perhaps I shouldn’t have said that, has offered them the codes to a German bank to access the gold that China has, so that America doesn’t go down the tubes. But they’ve extracted some deals for that. One of the deals is that business between the Clintons. What I would say is that Clintons, the head of the FBI was minded, that’s a very British word, I’m sorry, was minded to indict Hillary Clinton and I’ll even tell you that this document that they had was in the third drawer down this person’s desk. Every morning, this person had been opening the third drawer, taking this document out, putting it on their desk, turning and thinking what I am gonna do with this. What am I gonna do with this and then the document goes back in the drawer. It’s been like that for weeks. This is in regard to the 200 emails. But, the deal was that they couldn’t indict Hillary Clinton unless they had someone to stand in as the democratic candidate. Now Joe Biden would be the automatic candidate because he’s the deputy but Joe Biden refused. If they’d removed Hillary Clinton, it would automatically have been Trump on the slate. And no credible alternative. So that’s why she was not indicted. The good guys within the elite are now pushing for another crack at that, for another indictment and that’s resurfaced. The decision that Hillary has to make is, if she’s brave enough to say, I’m not the woman for the job, find someone else or is she going to be so frightened by her handlers that she is coerced into keeping her name on the slate. So that part I can agree with. There’s so much going on and yet if you switch on your TV, you would think that Gilligan is the most exciting thing on TV and that there is nothing else happening and don’t worry, we’ll go and have a coffee. It’s all fine. The reality is the elite are in absolute turmoil because human consciousness did not cave in. It did not give up. It is still strong and it’s growing. And we’re gonna win, I know it sounds like a war but we are gonna win because we need to educate these people. These people in the White House, in Germany, in Britain and elsewhere, they’re not, most of them are not bad. They’re just hoodwinked. They’re just tricked. They’re just doing what they think is right, and when the rug pulls they’ll learn.

Alexandra: There’s a lot of, I’d love to hear your opinion on this and then you can let me know when you need to go. They’ve already said that Obama resignation has been taped. They’ve also said that General Dunford is in full command of the Republic and that Intel has been flying around over and over again. From what I hear, I don’t know, I’m reserving judgement on the Dunford story. My question to you is at what point or do you believe that the good white knight walk-ins already arrived?

Simon: They’re already there, as you well know, Alexandra. What happened over the last five years is the evil and sometimes misguided people in very high positions, mostly in the military have been removed. Generally very quietly. Yeah, some of the bad guys removed the good guys but more bad guys had been removed and replaced, and I’m on record as saying, that the connection between the American citizenry and the vast majority of its armed forces is good and strong. And the vast majority of the armed soldiers will not turn on the citizenry. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case with the American police force. Because what’s happened is that the American Police Force generally, not totally but generally is so isolated from the average citizen that they have become, almost thrown to the dogs by their own masters. And so they are almost a law to themselves now. That’s not the case with the military which means the military is still commanded, by and large, by good men and women who are patriots to not some false ideology but to the genuine principles why America set up, for goodness sake. I have no worries. They can build as many FEMA camps as they want, they’ll have to stock FEMA camps with foreign soldiers because American soldiers won’t do it. I have the greatest confidence in the United States of America. I think they’ll be two or three days of difficulty and then, I think that the spirit that makes America great will actually show itself.

Alexandra: Thank you for that and I also want to add to that, just from some other intel that I’ve gotten directly from the source, that there is a huge, huge movement within the sheriffs. It’s very positive folks. It’s moving very rapidly across United States. And it was a key, strategic movement on the part of the light. And it’s become very successful. They’re opening their eyes and recognizing what’s going on. The cool thing about the sheriff is they have a great far better jurisdiction.

Simon: Yes. And also people like Highway Patrol will respond to them, also the State Police. One of the issues I had was with Seattle because Seattle was the only city that allowed FEMA guards to ride along with the ordinary cops. And the only way you can tell the difference is the ordinary cop has a different badge on his or her left shoulder from the FEMA cops. Seattle is where they trialed it. There is a lot of satanic stuff in Seattle.

Alexandra: There is.

Simon: If I could fly. It’s a place I’d go to with a group of people and and I’d hold some public healings, because Seattle needs to be healed.

Alexandra: it’s huge and you know what else is hooking up with that? Is there’s an immense amount of underground bases. From Vancouver down. I learned this from Kevin Annett. There is a huge satanic ritual underground section in that location.

Simon: Right. So that’s why the energies are so bad there.

Alexandra: Correct. And we did some ceremonies at ECETI, at James Gilliland’s ranch up in that general vicinity. We saw some stuff like that as well.

Simon: Interesting. Very interesting. What’s amazing here, Alexandra, is that we are getting our information from different sources but, my goodness, we’re agreed. Now that’s very positive because it’s showing that the truth comes out. When the truth comes out then Lightworkers need to say, what’s the priority? We have a list of about twenty. But, you look at it and say, it becomes obvious what needs to be done. Seattle was one of the places that always had been on my mind, for a long time. Now I know why. I didn’t know what you told me that’s news to me but it explains why I felt the way I have about it.

Alexandra: Well, you are motivating me because I am about to do an interview with someone regarding Seattle. I’m not going to say anymore because her life has been in jeopardy because of certain things that are going to come out. Anyway, last but not least, because I have a gazillion questions and we can always do another interview. But just last but not least, all of the rumors about the money flowing. They even came so far as to say that Landa Group has now received their funding. What is your opinion on that?

Simon: Right. The white hats or the white knights, don’t matter the lable really, always considered that they could trace it back to King Solomon’s gold. They money that belongs to the people. It was always a test of certain, certain people on the planet whether they could share. And I have always said that the thing for me is that I hate greed. I have got this great big piece of cake and I’m not gonna cut you a slice of cake. And one of the great changes in energy is when it was decided that the way that the banks work, the way that interest works, the way the that tax works is all fundamentally wrong. Money needs to go back to people. it needs to go back into communities, it needs to go back into projects that are really for people. It wasn’t that the money wasn’t there. The money has always been there but it was getting the agreement. It’s no good doing something at gun point because it doesn’t hook in, it doesn’t last, it doesn’t survive, it’s got to be with agreement. You’ve got to get like you said, a gazillion people to all say Yes! this is what we want to do, cause then it will happen and it will have no negative connections to it. It’s been years and years and years in the making. That’s why, as we speak, the Rothschild mine, gold mine off Indonesia has been blockaded. Their previous gold shipment was hijacked, or the payoff for it was, because if we don’t make changes then there are certain individuals who will take the law into their own hands, that’s actually not what I want. I want the consensus. There is coming a time when the money and the authority, cause money is not, it’s the energy behind money. When the money is given to the people, it is the energy saying, you have your birth right in the sense that you now are sovereign. The question for me, Alexandra is one when that’s all done, we must be sure that we don’t replace one elite group of psychopaths with another.

Alexandra: Totally.

Simon: Who will say, I’m here to save you and they’ll just appear from nowhere with no track record, and we’ll think well, who are you? So really what I want, I would like from the system, is that a moratorium of decisions is made for a short period of time, and those people across the planet who have got something to offer, whoever that might be should come forward. Think about Iceland, They wrote their constitution on Facebook. At fourteen years old you could say what you wanted. That’s what we need to do. We need to move to a much more inclusive way. Listen, I do need to go ’cause I have been here more than an hour and I have got a headache now. I need to go.

Alexandra: Bless you.

Simon: Thank you ever so much.

Alexandra: I just want everyone to please send Simon some love and gratitude

Simon: Thank you. That would be lovely.

Alexandra: So, Love & Gratitude for the work he’s done and the whistle blowing information that he’s provided this world and I love you, Simon. I’m grateful that you were able to kind of clarify a lot of the stuff that’s going on around the internet.

Simon: I am grateful you gave me the opportunity to do that. It was important to me. This was never about cutting and running. It was about saying, look this is the truth. Why wouldn’t I be telling the truth. I want you to know. Do I feel a fool or stupid? No, I don’t, I feel betrayed. I feel as a small child who trusted an entity. People might say you were stupid to trust a reptilian. But when you’re three years old, something comes to you and doesn’t hurt you, you have to trust in that. People who throw that at me, they can’t be that spiritual. I am hoping what people will say is, Thank goodness you discovered it when you did and good on you for being open and honest. That was all I was ever gonna be. Open and honest.

Alexandra: Opened our eyes to other people that might be going through the same thing.

Simon: I sure I’m not the only person that’s been manipulated like that and I’m probably not going to be the last. When the truth is said, we can all step into our power. It’s my own journey as well. I’ve evolved. I’ve learned. I’ve learned things and I hope that I am doing the right thing because I am trying to learn from it and be stronger from it.

Alexandra: Right on. That’s all we can ask for.

Simon: That and an English cup of tea.

Alexandra: I’d love to have an English cup of tea.

Simon: You guys can’t make tea. You make fantastic coffee. But your tea is rubbish.

Alexandra: (laughing out loud)

Simon: One day when we meet, you can show me how to make a correct American coffee and I will share how to make a correct English cup of tea. Is that a deal?

Alexandra: That is a total deal. We will talk soon. Let’s make sure that Fran connects us again. Thank you. I know you are feeling the heat from the Wi-Fi. Thank you again.

Simon: Cheers!


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