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Posted: 07/14/13 11:40 AM


SH 146_#1 BIG

The solar-powered plane, Solar Impulse, recently touched down at New York’s JFK after flying the final leg of its journey across the US. The trip, a decade in the making, was itself but another step on the Solar Impulse team’s quest to fly around the world on solar power alone, and ultimately, to realize the dream of perpetual flight with no fuel.

Solar Impulse flew from San Francisco to Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, and Washington DC on its way to NYC. In each city, the team organized an event to show off their plane, proselytize, and chat with local and national politicians and celebrities. The aircraft performed admirably until the tour’s final leg, when an eight-foot tear in the fabric under the wing forced the pilot to land a few hours earlier than planned.

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