Posted on October 20, 2012

Are you ready for sexy Scorpio? After the rocky year we’ve had, who couldn’t use a little passion in their lives? Some love, some mystery…a little ha-cha-cha.
A Scorpio can turn heads when they walk into a room. Their sultry gaze can cause anyone to stutter, fumbling in appreciation of their sensual beauty. You can stare in breathless wonder and always come up short while waiting for them to break the silence. Yet, who wants to break that spell?

All mystery ends in truth. Scorpio knows this and patiently watches the road for all those coming up late. And this is what we have learned this year: we all arrive at the same place in time—sooner or later—and we all have the search for truth in common.

Scorpio is here to remind us of that journey. Time is an illusion. The truth of our lives will be revealed in its own way.

So, here we have Saturn (knowledge), Mercury (understanding), the North Node (karma), and the Sun (the self) all in Scorpio (hidden truth), all at the same time. Just a coincidence? Perhaps. Then again, we have all been waiting for a sign of shifting power in the world and this is what Scorpio is renowned for: life changes, the re-balancing of power, and omens.

Still looking for a sign of the changing times?

How’s this:

On the last Monday of the month, Venus enters peaceful Libra and then opposes a revolutionary Uranus, Mercury enters philosophical Sagittarius and then squares a mystical Neptune; all while Mars opposes a thoughtful Jupiter, and a full Moon in Taurus opposes both the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio.

In other words, everything will perfectly pull on each other, canceling out each other’s energies for a few hours, causing a deep, planetary stillness.


You could dance around a bonfire late at night, screaming at the gods for truth, and you wouldn’t get a clearer message from the stars. The full, earthy Moon is getting ready to stand against an occult Sun and a spiritual Saturn while a loving Venus balances our newly evolving unity conscious. This while a fiery Mercury checks watery Neptune and a driven Mars holds back Jupiter long enough to free our eternal mind.
On October 29th, when day turns to night and that beautiful, full Halloween Moon crests the horizon, it will cause a ripple in time. For a brief moment, you will be able to put your finger on what has been alluding you, to realize solutions to long-standing problems, and to see who you really are apart from all that you thought you were becoming. It’s a chance to decide which path to take next before you move on with the rest of the year.

How’s that for a sign? Try and take advantage of this full Moon as these celestial events are very rare.

This month we are about to find out who we truly are in the big, long now. If you aren’t ready for that, prepare for a bit of a tumble. The stars are in no mood for illusion and if you’ve been calling it in lately, you can expect your subconscious to give you a good kick in the pants.

Earlier in October, Jupiter went retrograde in Gemini turning its expansive powers inward on the mind. It gives us an opportunity to be honest with ourselves and to both prune and nurture our lives. This is quite a big event that I will be covering in detail in a future article. Before writing about it, though, I’d like to get a handle on how it’s effecting us all. I can’t think of a better time than November in Indiana. I love watching the first few snowflakes fly against the icy, barren fields as everyone around me starts to nest for the winter. That’s when my mind begins to quiet down.

We will have four months of this expansive, introspective energy. Jupiter will go direct again at the end of January.
In the meantime, on November 16th, Saturn trines Chiron revealing the deep psychic wounds in our lives and how we can go about healing them. With subtle understanding, we will know what to do in order to integrate past issues. Again, pay attention to the days leading up and away from this date for you will be given an opportunity to let go of some baggage. Who couldn’t use that?

Above all, take some time for yourself this month. It’s a good opportunity to embrace ourselves and all that we’ve been through. Try to relax and enjoy a few moments of solitude. Reflect.

My song for the month is Peter Gabriel’s, “Solsbury Hill”, to remind us that mystery is afoot and that we should be ever watchful for signs upon the path.

Peace and Empathy,


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** a brief note for my regular readers that I will be combining my two monthly astrology reports into a new, single Witch’s Guide. Starting on November 25th, I will release one comprehensive, magickal guide three days before each full moon.

Working on two guides was becoming too taxing to keep up. Also, I realized while starting my Jupiter retrograde article that I would be putting out three astrology articles next month. My other creative projects will begin to suffer.

It only makes sense to keep evolving along with everything else. I see now where these stellar reports were going all this time: Zooey’s Phunjoolin’ Witch’s Guide…or, words to that effect. That way I can release an additional astrology report on the big planetary events as they happen and still have time for other stuff.

Thanks for all the support. It’s great to hear positive feedback. I want to thank each of you that privately wrote in with kind words and encouragement.

It really helps.