patricia-cota-roblesWhen you tangibly experience the Gift of Divine Love from On High, no person, place, condition, or thing will be able to dispute your Inner Knowing that something miraculous has taken place on this Planet, and that YOU now have a critical role to play in the Divine Plan that is now unfolding.
This is truly a New Beginning for all of us. We now have the ability to easily cocreate the lives we have always wanted to experience. The problem is that often we have no idea how to accomplish that. Fortunately, there are many illumined teachers who have been reaching up in consciousness and tapping into the information from On High that will guide us unerringly toward our goals.
Whether you have noticed it or not, with the shifts in energy, vibration, and consciousness you have experienced since the beginning of 2013, you are now able to “see with new eyes and hear with new ears.” All you have to do to prove that to yourself is to go within to the Divinity in your heart. Once you are there, focus on the unfathomable Love that is now reverberating through your Heart Flame with every breath you take.