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Something Good is Going to Happen: Explanations, Decipherings and Opening Portals

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By Stephen Cook – August 25, 2012

During the previous two weeks, I have been continuously receiving the ‘message’ that August 20 was a significant tipping point in everything that’s going down this year. Why, I didn’t quite know – until possibly, just now.

After I posted the story on 71,000 people being ‘awakened”, it did cross my mind that maybe August 20 was the day on which Sri Amma Bhagavan calculated that we had passed the magic figure of 70,000 enlightened beings – and which he announced, one day later, on August 21, four months out from December 21. This could be the case. I don’t know. (By the way, I have no idea how he calculated this figure so please ask him – see the link to his website below.)

But over the past few days the energies in me have been building to such an extent that I have hardly slept. I have been averaging around 3-4 hours a night, 2 on one occasion this past week. Weird, because I have always needed my sleep! And lots of it.  (Although today, after I had finally received, processed and deciphered what I am about to share below, I collapsed into a majorly deep slumber for the latter part of the afternoon. I am now ready to crash again!)

During this time of so little sleep, I’ve had all sorts of weird and wonderful things happening to my ‘system’. Moments when I feel as though waves of energy are literally pulsing through me, so strong I feel like I’m on a boat rocking at sea. Moments of dizziness. Moments where I have an almost metallic, electric taste in my mouth. Moments when the top third of my index finger on my right hand turns white, cold and buzzes (hey, ET phone home!). All this has accumulated in a continuous, but not uncomfortable energy that feels to be zapping through me.

So that sets the scene with the physical stuff…  Now to what I have to share.

And as per my one and only ‘message’ to date – on December 21 and Ascension (see link below) – this is what I have managed to cobble together from messages I’ve received from my guides – whoever they may be!; things people have sent me; a logical process of evaluation; several conversations and emails with other Lightworkers; and, some in-depth research and investigation – the latter two, completely guided with messages telling me when I was on the right path.

So as per last time, here goes…


First let me explain how all this started.

On August 20 – yep THAT date – I was sent a message from another Lightworker who was concerned at the time as they believed they had been sent a threat. (Just as an aside, the person concerned believes they have been threatened before and, together with some other Lightworkers they are in contact with – and, possibly, due (in my belief) to to their past experiences –  they felt they were being sent this message to warn them to stop what they were doing.)

It was a series of images and a map. The map is below.

They sent it to me and asked me if I knew what it meant. My instant ‘reading’ was that this was no threat – far from it. Instead it was wonderful message; a clue to what is about to happen. I just instantly ‘got’ that this was a message of hope, of love, of joy.

Yet that was all I ‘knew’ – then. And, quite possibly now.

But I will share what I have since deciphered and been ‘messaged’.

I was also told to share what I had unearthed as it may lead someone else to put further pieces to this possible conundrum and indication of what good is about to happen.


So here’s the map they were sent:


You will notice that  at the top it has YHWH. This is the Hebrew tetragrammaton for Lord or Creator – which, for some reason, Jews are forbidden to say or write (this tetragrammaton) in full, when reading the Torah; they must use the term Adonai.

The book, The Book Of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak, features just the letters YHWH and the Phoenix rising on its cover. Having read this facsinating book from cover to cover, I just ‘knew’ that that this map was trying to say that something good is going to happen.

There is also a giant letter W that appears to sit over the top of Krakow in Poland.

Krakow has had many roles in the planet’s history. It was Poland’s capital from 1038 until 1569 and the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth from 1569 to 1596 and has always been a hub of academic, cultural and artistic life since the 14th century. After the invasion of Poland by Germany at the start of World War II, Kraków was turned into the capital of Germany’s General Government. The Jewish population of the city was moved into a walled zone known as the Kraków Ghetto, from which they were sent to extermination camps such as Auschwitz and the concentration camp at Płaszów. It was also the birthplace of the previous head of the catholic Church, Pope John Paul II. See some great comments below re Krakow, too.

The line seems to travel through many areas of significance and where I am led to believe there are certain portals that are about to be opened. Let’s go through them.

So… if we start in the top left and follow the line, we find we cross over the top of or through some of the world’s other more interesting places as this line circumnavigates the planet. (And I am open to your input here if you believe I am not ‘on target’ with the locations I’ve selected, or you have further information to add).

Starting in the south west of England we appear to cross through both Bristol – the city which just a week or so ago announced it had started its own currency, and which I have now learned was the site – and we take a U through into Bath – the famed city of healing.

Update: Big slap on the wrist for me here! I cannot believe I totally missed the Holy Grail/Holy Chalice link of  Avebury-Glastonbury-Stonehenge. Thanks to readers Louby and Lin for waking me back up to this hugely important link. Can’t believe no one ‘up there’ banged me on the head with this. That’s why this is a post for everyone to share in.

It then heads south through what appears to be Saint Nazaire in France.

Archaeologists believe that Saint-Nazaire is built upon the remnants of Corbilo, an Armorican Gaulish city populated by the Namnetes tribe. Archeology suggests that the area has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic period, as evidenced by the presence of monuments like the tumulus of Dissignac and the dolmen located in the centre of the present-day city, and ancient bronzes found in the vicinity.According to the late-6th-century writer Gregory of Tours, the Roman Church sheltered the remains of the martyr Nazarius in a local basilica.

Remember also that Jesus’s wife Mary Magdalene went to France with her daughter, Sarah. As Jesus said on An Hour With an Angel on January 16, 2012: “Yes. My wife and Sarah, James, my brother Joseph, and a retinue of disciples who would attend to the family went to France. Andrew as well. The life was very simple, and very quiet. The Magdalena in many ways retreated. But Sarah did not, for she moved amongst the people, and she embraced them. And they embraced her as well. And she is the one who carried the lineage.”

Update: Reader Margaret writes: “The path of the line through France looks like it goes through the area of Carnac where there is an alignment of megalithic stones that has been mentioned in Ancient Aliens”.

The line then heads over the Vatican and on through southern Greece to the most famous and important portal of them all, the Pyramids at Giza outside Cairo in Egypt before heading north to that other significant portal, Jerusalem.

As it heads west, the line crosses over two more countries where I am told important portals exist – Iraq and Afghanistan (which is why there are still wars underway in both countries- apparently it’s not just oil).

Then the line heads straight across China and onto Japan where it seems to change direction again at the city of Miyako, which was destroyed by the Tsnuami following the massive earthquake in Japan on March 11 last year. You may remember this incredible footage taken as the tsunami hit the town. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12769741. If the rumours that this event was either caused or ‘enhanced’ by the cabal, then maybe it was because an important energy portal sits here.

The line then heads through Hawaii – where there are many portals to both the planet’s past and its future.

It then heads to Peru.Where the closest place I can see that it changes direction at is the Protected Forest of San Matias and San Carlos. We probably all know who St Matthew is. But we may not know as much of Saint Charles who was born Charles Borromeo. He was one of only four people mentioned at the beginning of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, citing them as responsible for the Council of Trent, which gave way to the modern day catechism. .

In 1576, when Milan suffered an epidemic of the bubonic plague, Borromeo led efforts to accommodate the sick and bury the dead. He avoided no danger and spared no expense. He visited all the parishes where the contagion raged, distributing money, providing accommodation for the sick, and punishing those, especially the clergy, who were remiss in discharging their duties. Owing to his influence over Pius IV, he facilitated the final deliberations of the Council of Trent. He took a large share in the creation of the Tridentine Catechism (Catechismus Romanus).

As many of us know, Peru is home to several historic portals. Maybe this saintly forest is one, too.

And from there the line appears to simply cross the northern part of Brazil and out into the Atlantic.

Opening Portals:

So what do I believe this map has been sent to convey to us?

Just as my first ‘reading’ indicated – that this was a wonderful, positive message – I have now had ‘confirmation’ from above and below that this map shows us a series of portals which will be opened within the next three weeks. (Reader Dale has also suggested that these are crystal vortexes).

In fact, all this may happen within a short period immediately preceding and following the 9/9/12 portal. There is also a link to Sept 11, or as the Americans say 9/11. There is huge significance in this. It is also the 11th year after the lie that was the destruction of the World Trade Centers was proffered to the world.

Eire Port at Gaia Portal also revealed the following in her post of 23 August 2012 entitled “Collaboration of Gaia Light Groups at All Time High,” when she wrote:

“Summary in process. Collaboration of Gaia Light groups is at a height never attained upon the planet until this now moment. Individual Hue-mans are receiving their collective assignments at this time, as they operate from a place of joy and inner passion for their 3D surface level missions.

“Illusions about the intellect power are dissolved for these Light Ones as they operate not from such illusory foundations. Light collaboration now comes freely to all of these, and even so-called non-awakened ones are hearing and heeding the call of a Higher Light source.

“There is nothing remaining to prepare. There is nothing remaining to install. All paradigms align with the Higher Paradigm where all are traveling their Light path. No turning back. Be in Peace on this journey.”

I have also since been ‘told’ that there is much portal opening work about to commence for many of us.

And just as my own messages and decipherings have told me, something good is indeed going to happen…and its BIG!

My previous message: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/07/definitions-visions-and-meanings/
Sri Amma Bhagavan’s site   http://www.worldonenesscommunity.com/).
ÉirePort at Gaia Portal: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-3h