January 20, 2014


jelailaThanks for all the feedback to last week’s message about healing a frozen heart.  I have to tell ya, it does my heart good to know that these messages are helpful.

Wanted to post an update on what is occurring in the world right now but it appears that I must wait.  There was a big shift that occurred on the 15th.  Did you feel it?  I posed that question on my Facebook page; lots of replies.  Seems I was not alone in that feeling.

As I was tallking to my friend and fellow teacher, Nancy Joy Hefron, I saw the bigger picture of what was occurring.  It was a though I was seeing it on a movie screen.  The picture I saw involved many pieces.  These pieces were locations and events.  Some occurred on the former planet known as Maldek while the rest occurred during the time of Atlantis, as well as, our present timeline.  In the present, the events include the Global Currency Reset, the locations of Iraq, Egypt, as well as, vortex areas in these areas.  Is your brain overprocessed yet? LOL

The goal of this shift is to allows these events to transpire, but instead of ending up the way they did in the past, they culminate in a more positive manner.  This new positive outcome ensures that our new timeline, complete with a new financial system, is not derailed or misdirected.  So all these events from the past and present are about creating a solid lock on the new timeline and its direction.  I hope that makes  sense.

I said that I must wait to explain it all because after I saw it coming together, that picture became obscured as though a curtain has been drawn across the moving screen.  I waited all weekend to write but still the curtain did not open.  This tells me that the events have not developed enough yet so we wait.

All I can do now is to alert you and help you prepare to do your part.  It will involve template and grid work along with calibrating the vortexes.  Yes, we will all have a part in this so stay tuned…

Feel free to pass this message on…

big hugs and joyous blessings,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council