Linda Schurman
Editor and Publisher


April 2014


Linda SchurmanImportant Points of Reference (for astrologers):

Grand Cardinal Cross of Pluto, Mars, Uranus and Jupiter between April 13 and 24, (falling on the Invariable Plane at 13 degrees Cancer/Capricorn) and hitting the Sun/Saturn square in the chart of the U.S.A., “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees Libra square the Mercury/Pluto opposition in the chart of the USA , on its financial axis, on the 15th, Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees of Taurus on the 29th.


Worlds in Collision:

This is an era when we are reminded that our planet consists of many worlds that are extremely different in economic strength/weakness, religion, culture, political influence, and, most of all, power/powerlessness.  Ancient hatreds of races and religions for one another are underpinned by economies that are broken and land masses going dry or being flooded by seawater.  Our continued insistence on nuclear fission combined with drilling and fracking for energy has poisoned our air and water and altered our climate to the point that our leading scientists are reporting to us that we may have begun a mass extinction of life on earth.

 The “haves” have hoarded our planet’s money and are controlling its resources, moving the vast majority of the human population into the “have nots”.  Their elite insular world hardly resembles all the other worlds that are fighting to survive amidst all the turmoil in their lives that they frequently do not understand and, more frequently, are powerless to change.

When worlds collide, you have civil wars, revolutions that replace previous rulers with factions fighting with and killing each other, nations going bankrupt, and many more democratic governments deadlocked and ineffective.  The diagnosis is clear.  Our old systems and beliefs are dying.  Pluto warns us that we have two alternatives:  alter our course or face the end of our civilization.

The Cardinal Grand Cross hits the chart of the USA on it’s Sun/Saturn square escorting our nation into the very center of multiple and deadly conflicts around the world.  The eclipse hits the Western USA., and may point to drought and crop crisis in that region.  Even the old Cold War with Russia has been reactivated with the revolution in the Ukraine and their invasion of  Russia into Crimea that ostensibly voted to be annexed by Russia.   As a consequence, the U.S.  has instituted sanctions on Russia..  The Lunar Eclipse in Libra this month directly hits the horoscope of Vladimir Putin who is a “double” Libra. 

Another leader whose chart is being hit by this eclipse is Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  In astrologer Bill Meridian’s column in the April issue of Dell Horoscope, he points out that this Blood Red Lunar Eclipse occurs in connection with the Jewish Holidays.  He states: “Three of these occurrences were connected to important historical events: 1492, the final year of the Spanish Inquisition; 1948, statehood for Israel and the War of Independence; and 1967, the Six-Day War.  These were significant events in Jewish history”.  The current transit of Saturn in Scorpio also points to a probable change and upheaval in the chart of Israel.  At the very least, there is a crisis in leadership, and at the most, a war.   The nation’s population is in conflict concerning their present course.


The Middle East and their Revolutions:

The militarily controlled government of Egypt who ousted Morsey has just sentenced 528 people who are leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood, to death.  No democratic process here.  Syria’s civil war continues to brutalize its citizens and there are thousands of refugees pouring into Turkey and Lebanon with no prospects of being able to support their families or find a home.  Iraq continues to be fragmented with little government cohesion, pollution everywhere as a result of the takeover of the oil companies, and religious and civil factions fighting each other.  All these nations are taking hits in their charts this month from the Cardinal Grand Cross.


The Economy:

The powerful banking cartel has maintained control over the fluctuating market and was able to sink gold prices last month, all the time that currency crises continue.  This month, many truths will be exposed that demonstrate that the economy is not working for the vast majority of people and there will be many indicators of weakness.  If the market was reflecting the truth, it would definitely move downward, but it has not reflected the truth for a very long time.  With sanctions imposed on Russia and their movements toward taking over the Ukraine, we could see a rise in oil and gas prices.  However, there is a strong rumor that Russia is making a huge deal with China, the energy hungry giant, to sell them a whole lot of gas.  This would undercut attempts by the US and western Europe to punish Russia.  In this scenario, you are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.”  I do not think we are in for a long term return of the “Cold War” with Russia, but with Mars marching back and forth over Putin’s chart, he will not give in easily, if at all.  We are being sucked into a war we do not want.  The cuts proposed to the military budget will not likely happen.


President Obama: 

The president’s chart is taking hits from the Libra eclipse and Saturn in Scorpio.  The chart of the US is in such conflict that anyone in his position would be pulled apart at this time.  He is being challenged on all fronts; the economy, Russia and the Ukraine, the Middle East, and environmental and weather related catastrophes.  He needs to consult with people who know what they are doing and that will be difficult since the most powerful are frequently the worst people to advise him.  He does not get any relief until Jupiter goes into Leo in mid-July.


The Environment and Mother Nature: 

Earlier this year, the state of Virginia suffered a massive pollution of their aquifers from a chemical plant that cleans coal.  In Feb. there was a serious leak from a nuclear waste storage area in New Mexico.  Thirty-nine thousand tons of coal ash was released into No. Carolina’s Dan River in Feb.  Last month, massive oil spills occurred in Lake Michigan and in the Galveston Bay in Texas.

Last month’s enormous mudslide in Washington State triggered by monsoon rains and a small earthquake has cost many lives and is still being uncovered.

Here in North America, we are coming off one of the worst winters in recent history caused by what climate experts are terming “the Polar Vortex”.

This month’s astrological indicators point to an array of crises; severe storms, tectonic events,  environmental accidents, explosions, and dangerous traveling conditions.  Last month’s Mercury square Saturn was accompanied by the Malaysian flight that disappeared into the Indian Ocean.  It is still a mystery as to what caused the crash and will take a long time to find and interpret the debris.  I would avoid extensive travel this month, especially between the 1st and the 3rd and between the 14th and the 15th.


Final Thoughts:

I wish to share with all my readers that our family has just sustained a loss.  My husband’s brother, Robert Cleveland Schurman, passed away in March just one day after his 79th birthday.  Bob was a likeable, independent, energetic Aries, who bravely served his country in the Korean War, and lost his hearing in one ear in an attack.  In true Aries fashion, he built a beautiful log house on Cranberry Lake, New York with his own  hands and made a living doing just about everything; plumbing, heating, repairing, building for his friends who live among the mountains and forests of the Adirondacks.  He loved to hunt, fish, and go out on the lake in his long series of boats he owned, fixed up, sold and enjoyed.  Everybody knew him up there and their faces lit up when he would walk in the door to have breakfast in the local cafe.

Several years ago, he had a series of strokes that paralyzed him from the neck down.  Rather than have him in a Veterans Nursing Home, his son Jeffrey brought him back home to his beloved log house on the lake and cared for him day and night; liquefying his food in a mixer, feeding him, bathing him, putting him to bed, carting him around town and helping him with physical therapy so he could talk and move in a limited way.  Jeffrey Schurman is one man who restores my faith in humanity and makes me proud to know him.

Bob was my husband’s only brother and is also survived by his beloved sons, Jeff and Christopher, and his  lovely daughter, Kerry, the mother of his grandson Cody.   He suffered the tragic and untimely loss of his daughter, Barbara, in 1999 who was the mother to two of his grandchildren, Jonathan and Matthew.

I feel that now that he has passed into the next realm,  he is restored in mind and body, and now knows the infinite love and light that resides within the heart of creation itself.


Linda Schurman