Come now, to this banquet. Open your eyes and peer beyond the pain. Look at what is true. What is true, is you.

For you may have not ever been taught to stand on your own, yet I tell you that this did not stop you from standing, skipping, running or dancing. You’ve done it all.

This life is a feast; a luscious gathering of tastes, a whirlwind of emotions, a cacophony of sounds. This life is a precious gathering of exquisite.

It is tempting, with so many bright and shiny lights, their voices calling, posting, tweeting, filming, to keep our eyes looking backwards and focused on that rear-view mirror… so tempting!
Remember, your purpose lies ahead.

There are a few of us here now to capture and deal with those harmful ones, the ones we see so clearly now reflected in our rear-view mirrors. Support their efforts and keep looking onward.

Each moment is lush with possibility.

2019 is the year of manifestation.
What will you create?

Dream big, dear one. Whenever you can. Do not plan as much as experience each coming moment.
Utilize your imagination. See Paradise. Visualize Freedom. Feel Joy. Think on Peace. Actualize Laughter.

With the holiday season so recently finished, a reflection of what was reported may help us. Reports of relatives “telling it like it is” (both positive and negative) were mixed with “it was a quiet holiday, we mostly talked” and “we didn’t go anywhere this year, just stayed in and caught up, played games, it was nice”.

These stories of time spent with honesty and reflection were heard so often that I came to expect them. 2018 ended quietly and together, which is in sharp contrast to how it ended on the world stage (click here). It would appear that we are unified inside of our most intimate settings and family gatherings.

I have been so contemplative since last weekend. I’ve heard that there was an influx of powerful energy during that time. That may explain it.

I’ve also been woken up several times in the early morning hours, but cannot focus enough to hear what is being said… I’ll need to work on that.

I often feel a need to post, and as I do its purpose is revealed. This time, it is to say let’s not miss this part. This human part. This part that so many of us attempted to capture and decipher over the holiday with our loved ones.
Let’s pay attention.

I’m struck by the lack of eyeball to eyeball contact in social media, and how, with this trend of filming every conversation we have and then posting it, we seem to be yearning for it, seeking it, paying for it even.  There are no pretenses or fancy studios with wardrobe or make-up. We want to see each other, feel each other, know each other. We NEED to.

This is all part of our awakening as One.

Regardless of how far removed from ourselves technology seeks to take us, we yearn for home. Home is truth.

Home is where we reside. We reside in that place when we connect. We connect heart to heart, one to one, person to person, you to me.

Oneness has never been actually understood in human form. It has not been witnessed. It is you, dear one, who will define and mold it for those who come next. Oneness cannot be produced in a factory with repetitive imprints and perfection. Oneness is nuanced, it fluctuates with the tide, rises and falls with the frequencies, shouts and whispers alongside the wind. Just as you do.

Oneness erupts in our moments. It is felt and once experienced, it is known.

Science will tell us what is happening with the sun and the planet and the climate and the atmosphere, yet science uses the rear-view mirror for its data. It watches what has happened and attempts an explanation.

These things, the ones happening right now, are a consequence of our expansion, the result of our shift, the outcome of a burgeoning singularity.

Oneness happens in real time. It is un-measurable. It is boundless.

This is a gorgeous moment. Revel in it and go deep. It will not happen again.

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
We have anchored the light.
​It is done.

With appreciation for all that you are,