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Trump’s Space Force is to reshape the future of human kind with a whole new paradigm of technology about to be released to the public. Is space exploration about to become a household topic and Mars the new vacation destination? A new Space Race has begun and with it the US is aiming to push forward the development of new Tech, defense programs, government systems and even consumer products. If China becomes first to win, our entire society could be in danger. But has there been a secret “Starwars” happening in space unseen from the public eye for years? And if so would President #Trump’s #SpaceForce finally make all of this public? And are there really secret space programs? All of this and more on Today’s episode of Edge of Wonder. ——————— Our own version of patreon: Help support us by donating so we can keep making great content! – Ben & Rob ———Credits——– Stock Images: Stock Video: Music: Awesome Voice provided by ‘Radio Face’: Thumbnail: By the wonderful Luba Pishchik EOW Intro by Lucy —–Sources——- Divine Cosmos: Alien Interview:………… Merch:… ——————————- Subscribe for updates:… ——————————- Watch more videos: Exposing the #DeepState Mysterious Uncovered ➜ Paranormal and Supernormal ➜ Aliens & UFO ➜ ——————————- Contact us: Instagram: Twitter: Follow Ben: Follow Rob: ======================= © All Rights Reserved. planet x corruption qanon cabal above majestic trump space army