Red Explosions – Secret Life of Binary Stars Revealed
Edmonton, Canada (SPX) Jan 28, 2013 – A University of Alberta professor has revealed the workings of a celestial event involving binary stars that results in an explosion so powerful it ranks close to supernovae in luminosity. Astrophysicists have long debated about what happens when binary stars, two stars that orbit one another, come together in a common envelope. When this dramatic cannibalizing event ends there are t … more

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Astronomer Creates Computer Models That Help Explain How Galaxies Formed And Evolved
New Brunswick NJ (SPX) Jan 28, 2013 – When most people think of astronomers, they envision scientists who spend time peering at stars and galaxies through telescopes on high mountain tops. Rutgers astronomer Rachel Somerville depends on those who make such observations, both from telescopes on the ground and orbiting Earth in space. But her primary tool for understanding how galaxies formed billions of years ago – and how they cont … more

The 3D fireworks of a star
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Jan 28, 2013 – In 1901 the star GK Persei gave off a powerful explosion that has not stopped growing and astonishing ever since. Now a team of Spanish and Estonian astronomers has reconstructed the journey of the emitted gas in 3D which, contrary to predictions, has hardly slowed down its speed of up to 1,000 km/s after all this time. Thanks to the images captured from the Isaac Newton Telescope and the … more

Wood on the seafloor – an oasis for deep-sea life
Bremen, Germany (SPX) Jan 28, 2013 – Trees do not grow in the deep sea, nevertheless sunken pieces of wood can develop into oases for deep-sea life – at least temporarily until the wood is fully degraded. A team of Max Planck researchers from Germany now showed how sunken wood can develop into attractive habitats for a variety of microorganisms and invertebrates. By using underwater robot technology, they confirmed their hypo … more