Gold nanoparticles improve photodetector performance
Washington DC (SPX) Aug 07, 2013 – The mineral molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), which, when solid, behaves in many ways like grease, has semiconducting properties that make it a promising alternative to silicon or graphene in electronic devices. It also strongly absorbs visible light, and so it has been widely employed in light-sensing photodetectors, which are used in a wide range of technologies, such as environmental sensing … more

York Nanocentre researchers image individual atoms in a living catalytic reaction
York, UK (SPX) Jul 16, 2013 – Groundbreaking new electron microscopy technology developed at the York JEOL Nanocentre at the University of York is allowing researchers to observe and analyse single atoms, small clusters and nanoparticles in dynamic in-situ experiments for the first time. The influential work being carried out at York is opening up striking new opportunities for observing and understanding the role of a … more