Commentary: New world disorder
Washington (UPI) Jun 26, 2013 – The United States has spent $1 trillion on homeland defense since the world’s worst terrorist attacks 12 years ago killed almost 3,000 peolple. Yet America is now more vulnerable than it was in 2001. How is this possible? The answer is a defenseless ether – or cyberspace. And China is arguably the most aggressive nation in cyberspying. Beijing’s global vacuum cleaner has cleaned … more

Snowden ‘stuck’ at Moscow airport but Russia rejects handover
Moscow (AFP) June 26, 2013 – US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Wednesday spent a fourth day at a Moscow airport with his onward travel plans still a mystery after Russian President Vladimir Putin rejected calls for his extradition to the United States. The United States told Russia it has a “clear legal basis” to expel Snowden but anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, which helped organise his flight from Hong Kong, sa … more