Indian in the machine:  You can deny it if you desire, but it won’t change the fact that earth is getting a lot of company…. 20 million to start… this isn’t news to someone who is paying attention.

A few points:

aliens-Cloudship, if you can perceive them are thinly veiled ships from a higher frequency that we cannot see.

-Since there is ‘dark matter’… even our science has identified those frequencies that exist, but we cannot see.

-Humanity admits through science, that we can actually only see a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

-Even the mexican government have released ‘alien’ mayan artifacts and ufo files.

-Even the bible although it has been tampered with, had stories of et presence.

-There are now 1000’s of messages online from our et family.  Only those who are not paying attention, or who conspire to rule the world, will deny existance of ET family.

-Thank you for holding peace in your heart… as this opens doorways to wisdom… the mind isn’t the doorway to wisdom, the heart is the doorway to wisdom, love and power.  Thank you for connecting with our ET family and reaching out… the ‘wait and see’ approach is like ‘waiting and seeing’ if a benevolent beings will break down your door.

-If you have your nose in a religious book, how will you know what is going on around you?  The answer, you look up from the book and through full presence, is perception on many levels, even to go beyond the 5 senses.  If you are not able to achieve full presence you might not know what is going on around you, even if you do ‘look’ up…. fuller perception is to go beyond 5 senses.

-Click on the link above and learn to see the cloudships and the sky elementals in your sky right now… this is an invitation to join in the dance of life with our visitors from many planes of existance.

-The Forces of Light, who come to earth as the Heavenly Hosts, are invited by our world peace… so your peace joining in with collective peace has become an unstoppable force, and all predictions of ‘doom and gloom’ are not in the new timeline.

-This new timeline of peace will be fully achieved when humanity is able to focus more on higher teachings, than ‘doom and gloom’ of yesteryear.

high recommended reading Revelations are the Prelude to Heaven on Earth

Kathryn E. May
Part 128, by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 03/11/13

“Our Dear Ones, the time is coming close when you will learn much about the so-called UFO activity which has been systematically hidden from you for almost a hundred years now. This was not in order to prevent panic, as they say. If your leaders had simply told you the truth there would have been no panic. Disbelief, perhaps, but not panic. Many among you have suspected for a long time that it is more likely than not that there is intelligent life in the Universe beyond your shores, but the implications of visitors with high technology who might be friendly was not something the Powers That Be – the industry and religious leaders – did not want to allow new technologies which would put them out of business. It is a very old story – the 13 families who control the wealth could not do so if there was interference from Enlightened Beings who are here to help.

“Well, it will no longer be possible for them to prevent the information from coming to you. The ships, and their 20 million inhabitants, are standing at the ready to uncloak and make themselves seen. They will then retreat to show everyone that they are not here to do harm. At the same time, representatives there on the ground are preparing to introduce the evidence of the advanced civilizations who are represented by the ships and to make it public next month. There will be hearings which will present the evidence so that people can be given reassurance of many years of past contacts and help that has already been given to your planet from your Star Brothers and Sisters. This will begin to set the scene by releasing information gradually, in a calm public setting.

“You see, every detail of the events to come have been planned and discussed at length by the Galactic Councils in order to assure the most orderly and least traumatic introduction of the evidence to the people at large. The most disturbing part of the evidence will be the revelation of how selfishly the precious knowledge was guarded and used only to profit the few. These hearings are in synch with the criminal hearings which are being conducted on Sirius 1 where, as you know, the Pope and the Queen and many others are already being tried for their crimes against humanity. We are trying to release information gradually, in order not to create havoc but to allow everyone to absorb the truth little by little. This is the reason for the secrecy in the initial arrests, and the use of clones to replace the leaders who have been arrested and removed.

“We have also had to slow down this process somewhat because of serious interference from the Dark Ones who have tried to prevent all of this from unfolding. It has been a very complex waltz, bringing evidence to light without sacrificing the lives of the dear brave whistleblowers who have put their livelihood, their careers and their physical safety at risk to bring forth the evidence that was needed to carry the hearings forward. All has been carefully orchestrated to minimize the traumatic impact on society at this crucial time, as the Universe is preparing for your final Ascension into the 5th dimension. Our intention is to help all this smooth the way so that when the time comes, all the citizens of Gaia will be informed, calm, fully awake, and comfortable with the idea of stepping calmly into the levitation beam to join all their friends and neighbors from all of Gaia, and from every planet inhabited by your human relatives. What a homecoming it will be!

“There will be additional surprises and pleasures to greet you when you arrive on the ships. Your memories will return of all your previous incarnations, you will be given Vision to understand the things that were hidden from you in your 3rd and 4th dimension experiences, and you will all be given strong and healthy young bodies, healed of all infirmities, with which to continue your incarnated adventures. They will be quite different bodies when the transformation is complete, with higher intelligence, expanded and modified DNA, and the power of manifestation as it is experienced in higher dimensions: what you think you create.

“Yes, all of this will be yours, Dear Children. An end to the struggling and suffering. No more wars or poverty, no more competition or hardship. Instead, an atmosphere of Unconditional Love, a chance to fulfill the expression of your talents and skills without interference or limiting conditions. You will be able to visit whomever you wish without need for an airplane, eat whatever you wish, or not, without having to depend on a grimy grocery store, and best of all, meet and get to know your own true Twin Flame, the other half of your soul, the Light of Your Life. Together you will celebrate, rejoice, plan your good works, and your continuing path to higher dimensions.

“After your sojourn on the ships, which you will find most comfortable and educational – many are larger than your cities, filled with parks and greenery and conveniences you could not imagine – you will eventually be returned, in your 5th dimensional bodies, to the New Gaia, cleansed and restored to a Paradise that was long ago forgotten. There you will begin anew to build the kind of civilization you have dreamt of in your most hopeful moments. It will be filled with magic that will surpass Harry Potter’s world, without the Dark Forces which have turned your dreams to nightmares. We are your Creators, Dear Ones, and we have looked forward to this glorious day when we could provide you with the fabulous riches and pleasures we had waiting for you. We only needed for you to awaken and put your own energies into envisioning it with us, while you are there in your human bodies.

“You have all kRnown about this and made your contracts to be here at this time with full knowledge of the difficulties and delights you would experience. Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness, you have labored without knowing what was to come, but many of you have sensed the changes and feel the rising heartbeat of dear Gaia. Be ready for increased blasts of Love energy which will inspire and lift all of you out of your doubt and cynicism. Open your hearts to the warmth you will receive on March 27th and beyond. This is the beginning of the Great Shift, but it will all depend upon you.

“Yes, Dear Children of our Hearts, we have wanted this for you for eons, but we could not make it come true until you too asked Us to provide it. Now, set aside your nightmares and rejoice! You – with the help of the Lightworkers among you who have lifted the planetary consciousness sufficiently to make this all possible – will truly be given Heaven on Earth, as your just reward and the work of your own creative powers.

“We anticipate the days of Revelation with great Joy,

Your Mother/Father God”