pentagonBudget plan: Pentagon panics over possibly losing tech edge to Russia, China
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Mar 06, 2014 – The Pentagon is in fear of losing its edge in technology it has held onto for so long and is now factoring this important aspect into its budget. Worry over significant cuts in defense spending might wear down the US military, making its technological edge over Russia and China a fact of the past. This is partially the reason why the Pentagon is planning on cutting down on troop numbers an … more

Israel intercepts ‘Iranian weapons shipment’ to Gaza
Jerusalem (AFP) March 05, 2014 – Israel said it intercepted a ship Wednesday carrying an Iranian shipment of advanced rockets bound for Palestinian militants, claiming it proved Tehran could not be trusted in international nuclear talks. The announcement came hours after Israel said it struck two Hezbollah fighters as they tried to plant a bomb near the Syrian-Israeli frontier and just over a week after Israel reportedly bo … more

Pentagon plans little change to war budget despite Afghan exit
Washington (AFP) March 04, 2014 – The Pentagon has proposed only a slight decrease in war funding in 2015, even though most or all US troops are due to withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of the year, officials said Tuesday. “Overseas contingency operations” funds are separate from the Pentagon’s “base” budget and have been used to finance wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and counter-terrorism efforts elsewhere for more than a dec … more

N.Korea poses ‘growing’ threat to US: Pentagon
Washington (AFP) March 05, 2014 – North Korea poses a mounting threat to the United States due to its pursuit of long-range missiles and nuclear weapons, the Pentagon said Tuesday in its latest strategy document. Describing the regime in Pyongyang as “closed and authoritarian,” the Defense Department said the US military would maintain a major presence in the region and keep up investments in missile defense. The North r … more