Good morning all of you awesome Galactarians!

I am wishing you a very wonderful, warm, and loving holiday season. I am missing all of you and will be sending an update out shortly.

Please know that we all appreciate your thoughts, love, and support of GalacticConnection and me throughout the years. Can you believe I will be going into the seventh year of providing alternative news, through a galactic lens. What was once a very rare and risky concept has now become the cornerstone of the alternative media set. How wonderful it is to see so many wake up and realize there’s so much more to learn, research, and investigate besides the lamestream media. I am honored to have supported this up and coming delivery of information as the norm for the future.

Sending you a wave of love and appreciation for all that you are and all that you do to make this a better world, and to enrich each others lives.

I’ve been very very very busy working in the background with The Love Lineage to assist Creator’s Children with a smooth transition into our new lives as we leave this “game.”

So for all of those who have written in or wondering where I have disappeared to, there is very good reason for it. I am alive and well and do intend to see you soon!
Again, all of us thank you for your patronage and support of our web service, products, and services. We are truly Divinely Guided with all that we do!
Lots of love,