Preparing To Go Home

With the on-going feelings of anxiety, angst, anticipation, and overall impatience for some sort of Event to occur, we are losing sight that the Ascension is already in progress.

The Patience Violet Ray formula is terrific for maintaining focus in the midst of chaotic energies or activity. It assists us in lowering the tendency to absorb other people’s emotions or moods while people’s shadow sides are more and more unveiled.

It supports lessening emotional reactions and triggers to others and increases resilience when we feel challenged. The Patience formula cushions us, promoting us to live in the now – really embracing life in a beautiful way as it is right now.

I feel so strongly that this is such a resonant formula for what we are experiencing that I am offering the 1 ounce essence and 5 ml oil at a specially reduced rate of $72.00.


Patience Essence 1 oz  –  usual price $44
Patience Oil 5 ml  –  usual price $44

Special Offer ~ $72

We are offering over a %15 discount when you purchase both, as taking them together enhances the Patience Formula even more!

Patience Special: 1oz Essence & 5ml Oil