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April 3, 2017

Hey Fellow Guardians and Galactarians!

I woke up again to a 3rd exquisitely gorgeous day with clean skies and naturally fluffy clouds everywhere…and then I felt Their presence, meaning my Galactic Family within the clouds. This is going to continue happening as We have dismantled more and more of Team Dark’s oppressive technologies. Let’s see how they respond to this message since chemtrailing is included in this dismantling….it ought to be very telling.

The silence and peace today was also somewhat confirming with so many victories as of late by Our Support Team. Prime Creator and Company have assured us The Promise is being fulfilled and WE ARE TRULY ON OUR WAY HOME FOLKS! Step back and break patterns, stop and go into a few minutes of observation and wonder. Get out of what I am coining the “brainmail jail” and send energies through your heart. FEEL the difference on the planet as MAJOR DARK PLAYERS have been permanently removed from this game. David Rockefeller and many many others are exiting and with each of these “exoduses” we can FEEL the lightening of our world and beyond. Be in joy that so many have played an integral part in bringing all of this to an end.

And another thing…remember there are many who are not out in the forefront blasting their messages on the internet. There are MANY of us that are doing incessant work in the background to support The Ascension Mission. It is a bit like the story of the Unknown Soldier. Keep a kind, loving and appreciative place in your heart for ALL of those who are working so intensely without much thought for their own individual advantage in order to bring our Return Home as graciously and rapidly as possible.

I send Love and Gratitude to Prime Creator and The Galactic Allies hanging out in our skies. I note that they are becoming more willing to reveal themselves as more and more quagmires of control continue to fall and be uncreated. Look for them and know they are near you more than ever before.

My interview tomorrow afternoon is also VERY telling. Watch what is telepathically playing out there. See with your intuitiveness….much greater entertainment that way and far more information to pick up on!

Lastly – thanks to all of you for your dedicated patronage to GalacticConnection’s newsletter, healing products and services, and support to our precious Star Seeds…please send love and appreciation to the entire GC Team which continues to grow and expand as all of us are.

With love,