Teresa Yanaros: Reflections and Perspectives

Nov 2, 2018

Teresa Yanaros of Divine Frequency goes LIVE this Friday, Nov 2, 2018, at 7:30pm CST to talk about her recent resignation from Full Disclosure Project, in an attempt to provide the community with a fresh perspective. Stay vigilant. All around us are pieces of the gigantic cosmic puzzle. Let’s attune to its Frequency


Above Majestic Reaction & A Word on the Smear Campaigns

Nov 2, 2018

Joe From The Carolinas: Teresa Yanaros Unplugged- The INTERVIEW !!


Teresa Yanaros Unplugged- The Interview !! Divine Frequency announced her resignation and reasons why she left Full Disclosure Project and Sphere Being Alliance Media. Teresa Yanaros joins us in this livestream interview, directly after her public statements made regarding these matters on her channel, Divine Frequency on YouTube, located here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr1UI… #NOSSPTM #COMMUNITY #DivineFrequency Mirroring with permission Divine Frequency’s Stream at: https://t.co/zTcMLZmBqY Yanaros Leaves Full Disclosure Project and Sphere Being Alliance Full Article – https://thedivinefrequency.com/2018/1…