QAnon: The Inconvenient Truth | Part I [videos]

This article is lengthy and in two parts. This is Part 1.

It’s taken several days to research and pull this all together. If you don’t want to know the truth about QAnon and AIM4Truth/American Intelligence Media, don’t read any further. Note that all attack comments submitted will be deleted. There is nothing to debate once you know the truth.

I DO wish to thank all the trolls and shills, however, for the incentive to write this article. You are inspirational!

The Landscape of the Alternative Media/Truther Movement

The QAnon Phenomenon, which, for a time brought the patriots and members of the independent media together, is now threatening to create a tectonic rift.

At the very least it is polarizing the Truther community and testing the mettle of those who stand for freedom and attempt to bring Light to the shadows and deliver the a sword of Truth to the warriors.

The inconvenient truth about the QAnon Phenomenon is that it’s just too good for business. Many ‘Tubers have seen their income rise significantly as they began offering their analyses of Q’s mysterious breadcrumbs which turned out to be as addictive as a narcotic. Just putting a “Q” in a video title guarantees views.

Warnings from several sources have urged us for several months to step back and refrain from getting pulled into the “qult” and stop short of “fanaticism”, but it fell on many deaf ears. The revenue stream from Q had a magnetism too often seen in society and now it appears the Truthers are finding it easy to gloss over the facts and ignore the reality, while still claiming to bring Truth—but only if it’s convenient.

Because I am about sharing Truth—no matter how inconvenient—I took the time to learn more about Q—past and present—and those who are linked to the recent drama and disinformation that is causing the Internet to smoulder with incendiary content.

If the incentive to continue the New Q narrative is not the income, then the allure of Q must be false hope or “hopium” as it’s called. The New Q continues to reinforce broad promises that “2018 will be glorious”… “the guns are safe”… and begs patriots to “trust Sessions”. We hear there are now 25,000 sealed indictments, yet few arrests.

When Q carelessly threw out the “DEFCON 1” reference in January of 2018 they sparked another controversy and their trust ratings went down. They lost the vote of confidence.

While we once agreed to disagree over this, we now know the current QAnon is not the same group as the Original QAnon. How do we know that? Because the spokesman for the Original Q came forward and told us. It was his idea to create that flavour of “red pill” that took the Internet by storm. More on that later. He stuck up for AIM4Truth because Truth is important to he and the group behind QAnon, the original. They were all about the truth, obviously, or they would not have created “QAnon” or resonated so strongly with the Truthers.

Are members of the independent media feeling so hopeless that they must have their Q fix—even though they don’t know who Q is or if what Q claims is even true? Q’s track record since the switch to a different entity isn’t great and they were not forthcoming with the fact that they are not the original QAnon, so they are imposters. Are honesty and truth only appropriate some of the time?

Are patriots willing to take their hopium fix from shills and disinfo agents? Who would be that dishonest as to deceive the patriots? Clearly they lack ethics. What’s their game? Q’s early caution, “Led as a lamb to the slaughter…” echoes in my ears, but has perhaps been forgotten by QTubers.

Questioning the Q narrative, however, is bound to get unsubscribes, nasty comments, and attract trolls like flies. From my perspective at the dashboard of this blog where I have been heavily involved for six years, I see the hot buttons when the trolls suddenly jump in and furiously attempt to derail, obfuscate or instill fear. I’m still getting trolls attacking AIM4Truth; comments I dispose of with a perfunctory click of a mouse. A mouse CAN take down a lion.

I get the trolls who swoop in with their rude jibes and also see the shills who sneaked in and thought they were flying under the radar then gradually ramp up their input in the comments, trying to steer the narrative. It’s fascinating to watch. If I don’t outright delete their comments, eventually they, too, cross the line and out themselves.


To their credit, the trolls, shills and bots always point us in the right direction. Where they attack, we should look for the truth. When they try to focus our attention “here”, we should look “there”.

When I shared a particular video that revealed who the original QAnon was and provided a sampling of their puzzles and original music from their website, the aforementioned trolls went into high gear at Starship Earth. It appeared they were heavily invested in preventing that video from being seen.

There were insults and disinformation via the comments, and if one also viewed the comments under the video on YouTube, (as one troll pointed out—thank you very much), there were suddenly massive numbers saying the video was a mind control ploy. The sheer volume in such a short time is probably due to bots. The number of thumbs down was astronomical, and it was clear to me they wanted to dissuade folks from watching that video. That should beg the question, “why”.

Fortunately, there were almost as many thumbs up as thumbs down and now there are far more likes than dislikes. It’s a great video, produced by the group behind the original QAnon. I went through the video frame by frame because some claimed to be afraid to watch it due to troll comments, and in Part 2 of this article I will tell readers what message they wanted to share with patriots in that video.

will tell you the trolls don’t want people watching that video because it reveals who QAnon was, right from the horse’s mouth, and who they believe might have stolen their platform—and are now entertaining the alt media. The video also contained puzzles, imagery, and clues from their website that have enthralled a select group since 2012, set to panoramic, original music. Yes, the Original Q was totally original, unique, and cannot be copied because you cannot duplicate the intellect of that group—although some have tried. You just can’t reproduce inspirational mastery.


In the following paragraphs I share my findings from researching multiple parties involved in the recent QAnon drama. I am assuming readers understand there is a war on our planet, fought largely on the Internet and in the mainstream media. It’s an information war involving multiple factions, with booby traps, trolls, bots, and subtle or blatant attacks on those who attempt to give us a clear picture of the status of that war so we can deal with reality and not fall prey to the disinformation and counter-intelligence strategies.

Soldiers on both sides are deft strategists and willing to give their lives to win. It takes skill to navigate the mine field they have deployed and many of us are gullible and don’t exercise sufficient discernment, which requires both logic and intuition.

This is not an exhaustive research project, but is sufficient, in my opinion, to paint a clear picture of what is unfolding for those who have at least some understanding of QAnon over the past few months.

While I don’t like to name names if I can avoid it, I believe it is important to speak up for the Truth and reveal the lies, so I will state it as I see it based on the evidence I found.

For those not aware, in the past week a key team in the pro-Trump camp, AIM4Truth, declared the present QAnon a “psyop”. It seems that was akin to calling Christ the devil.

Despite the fact that others had already determined in recent months that the current Q is not the same group/individual as the original Q, American Intelligence Media has been attacked mercilessly since by the enemy and their credibility questioned by “truthers” after publishing this video, and they have since added to the evidence that QAnon is not providing intel or truth.

It appears it’s acceptable to wonder and conjecture about the validity of a new Q, but offering PROOF is blasphemy.



A Brief History of QAnon

Like so many honest efforts, QAnon began with a creative approach to “red-pill” Humanity and do it anonymously. Little did they know at the outset that the QAnon Phenomenon would become an “industry”.

It didn’t matter who Q was, because their clever strategy caught on and drew in many new patriots. They loved the game with puzzles and quizzes that urged them to seek the truth about specific topics that many of we “conspiracy theorists” had been fleshing out for years but not everyone was interested in hearing or believed because it wasn’t pretty—but Q made it fun and patriots were urged to seek the truth for themselves with just a few clues or “breadcrumbs”.

The revelation that at least one member of the anonymous team had a “Q” or highest security clearance in the US Department of Energy and other bits and bytes led some to believe they were closely connected to President Trump and might be military intelligence, NSA, or related.

As I observed and stated more than once, there had never been a red-pill total engagement like that with the public before and they woke up a lot of patriots. I said that no matter what happens with QAnon, there will always be that legacy.

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, however, and the writing was on the wall. Q quickly amassed a huge following and had the Internet patriots in such a state that one of the members of the group raised the caution flag and said the initiative was at the point where it had achieved the objective and needed to stop.

They knew at some point the 4Chan/8Chan boards would be compromised and hijacked by the enemy and that is precisely what didhappen and they bowed out. Mission accomplished. Now they watch from the wings.

Who is the REAL QAnon?

QAnon, the original, comprises members of a group calling themselves Cicada 3301. Since 2012 they have been publishing puzzles on their website using cryptography, advanced mathematics, symbology, cyphers, images, linguistics, video, music—all of which drew in a few gifted people who worked together to solve them.

The Cicada society members are high IQ and specialized people trained in mathematics, linguistics, cryptography, remote viewing, and much more, and QAnon, the original, made predictions about political situations which were very accurate.

In 2012 they had a contest on their website and recognized one individual who they said was a “master cryptographer and mathematician”. They called him”Z”. They are a very private collection of people and none of them will go public.

As a result, there is “Defango”, a self-taught cryptographer who found solving the Cicada puzzles came naturally, and who was also invited to be part of the Cicada 3301 society as their spokesman since he has a website and YouTube channel.

Ironically, he is a soft-spoken, spiritual young man but a warrior, as well, it seems, as he has been known to go after disinformation agents. At one point he had to defend his honour and call out a man by the name of Jason Goodman of the “Crowdsource the Truth” organization after a character assassination attack.

After a few months of puzzles and prophecies, in November of 2017 QAnon withdrew from the boards and stopped supplying messages, puzzles and intel, but shortly thereafter a different QAnon—as claimed by multiple parties—stepped in and continued with cryptic messages and “intel dumps”, and satisfied the cravings of the hungry followers with fresh breadcrumbs and predictions which proved to be inaccurate, as well as some photos which some declared were proof of their inside circles while others felt proved nothing.

A few YouTubers in the Trump camp who regularly presented their QAnon analyses for their growing list of subscribers got a little abrasive with folks who questioned Q’s authenticity and information. Those Truthers who ferociously defended QAnon had always seemed to focus on the brutal truths to be told to patriots, yet wouldn’t entertain the possibility that the new Q wasn’t who or what it seemed.

That’s when you know it’s gone too far. Smart, discerning people were losing their objectivity. The suggestions that Q might be a “cult”, disinformation, a distraction, and involve “fanaticism” were appearing to be more and more accurate and the term “Qtards” was born. Then the outright attacks began on folks who suggested it might be a good idea to step back and distance oneself from QAnon and get on with serious, concrete action.

The Truthers turned on each other, while Q commanded them to stick together. At no point did the New Q tell followers they weren’t the original. They did their best to emulate the original, using similar terminology, Trumpisms, and catchy phrases, but they couldn’t quite pull it off.

Last week Defango himself, part of the Cicada group, had a discussion with Thomas Paine/AIM and explained old Q/newQ, who Cicada is, and all the background.

That video, too, seems to have escaped the purview of many in the independent media, but it’s here if you really want to know the truth about who QAnon was, who created the concept, why they stopped posting, and why the board owners and 4Chan/8Chan might want the massive traffic to continue, and more. Defango holds nothing back and shared a lot of information, right to the end. He’s a very astute young man with solid experience on “the boards”. He is a key part of “the QAnon Phenomenon”.

Thomas/Douglas reveals that he has been in touch with “Z” of the Original Q while he also spoke with Defango on the phone—both of them, simultaneously, and he has vetted everyone.

Who are the Bad Actors?

Last week it seemed the time had finally come to discredit and attack Betsy Ross and Thomas Paine (real names Tyla and Douglas Gabriel) of AIM4Truth/American Intelligence Media. For years they have been interpreting the political agendas and drama as well as educating their followers in spiritual matters—their true life’s work—because they were asked to branch out into the political field to guide the awakened.

Both are highly educated authors, and their biographies are available in plain sight. Douglas is a former NSA guy and a Jesuit, which raised some flags for some, as well as a Universalist, but in the the months I have been watching and listening to their material, they have been the strongest Trump supporters there are and seem to have only the highest good for all in mind.

I saw and heard nothing that rang alarm bells. They were urging patriots to become involved and take action to thwart the efforts of the dark; to widely share the information they provided from a multitude of sources to expose the crimes and criminals in Washington, help the President drain the swamp, and to think for themselves.

The Gabriels are the spokespeople for a large group they call the “conclave” that is supporting President Trump and exposing the cabal/New World Order with fervor. It seems that many patriots have joined their virtual team, adding their expertise, information, experience and energy to create a knowledge base of data that anyone interested can use to search facts and names, support the Truth, and reveal the lies, corruption, and disinformation.

The two teamed up with Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies who were the true creators of the groupware code the NWO stole and used to create Facebook. Michael is now a formidable ally and working alongside AIM.

Last week Thomas/Douglas had a phone conversation with Jason Goodman, who claims to be a former Hollywood guy whose career fell apart as technology developed and he wanted to join the Truther Movement and expose the dark. He created, “Crowdsource the Truth” and interviews people who want to be on his radio show to educate the masses about corruption.

I recall listening to Jason Goodman many months ago when he was going ballistic, repeatedly demanding that someone tell him, “who’s spoofing the Seth Rich files?!!!” It was far too much Hollywood acting for me and I tuned out.

A few months ago one of Goodman’s videos surfaced wherein he suggested without actually saying it that former CIA officer Robert David Steele lived in a mansion and had no right to ask for financial support from the Truther community. In that video he displayed an overhead shot, probably on Google Earth, showing the home and property in question.

Last week I noted a post on Steele’s blog saying he had filed a law suit against Goodman.

The phone call with Douglas Gabriel/Thomas Paine and Goodman was obviously recorded, but we didn’t hear Goodman ask Thomas/Douglas Gabriel if he minded him recording it, which suggested it was a trap; a premeditated attack on Douglas, who later confirmed it was an illegal phone call. It was colourful, but it gave me a hefty dose of reality and a glimpse into the power of the groups battling for control—particularly in the information war.

Goodman did what he has done to several others before and blew it out of context, posted the video on his YouTube channel, tossed out childish names, and just may have shown his true colours as a disinfo agent and Internet hit man.

Defango said as much months ago but I didn’t see that video on Defango’s channel until I researched him for this article.

The Convenient Lie Spreads Like a Virus

Perhaps by design, just when AIM4Truth outed the current QAnon as a definite psyop, the independent media have something to cast doubt on the integrity of the ones supporting Trump and clarifying what’s really happening behind the scenes in Washington and elsewhere because the illegal phone conversation with Goodman and Gabriel was making the rounds on YouTube.

And then suddenly, right on Q, the three sites where the new QAnon was posting and where their breadcrumbs were documented were shut down. No more Q. It almost seemed like the White Hats were confirming AIM’s assertion that Q was a psyop and needed to be silenced—and that silence was deafening until they regrouped a few days later and dropped some freshly baked crumbs.

Q had previously suggested by way of photos of Presidential desks and pens and shots on Airforce One they were in the highest echelons of the Trump administration yet they couldn’t stop a hacking of their own “comms”.

Oddly enough, AIM4Truth also experienced a minor hack after that.

With respect to Gabriel’s prior experience in the NSA, whereas in the past we accepted that some “White Hat” agency people were working for the Light, suddenly a former NSA patriot was under suspicion because of his background. Robert David Steele is former CIA but retains his credibility. Q is thought to possibly contain NSA people, too, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

It seems to boil down to one thing: If you attack Q, you are the enemy.

Remarks from at least one QTuber suggested that while AIM seemed to bring a lot of truth, they might slip in a lie now and then and therefore could not be trusted, and it seems they found it justified to continue to monetize Q and their veritable loaves of bread like manna from Heaven.

This is ironic when it is widely understood that the current Q has surreptitiously slipped in using the guise of another entity and not admitted it; quite content to continue the charade while Truthers are wearing blinders and continue their analyses based on a shady entity usurping the identity of their predecessor.

I would say that if you are going to continue to make videos about the current Q the imposter’s crumbs, although you may usually bring the community a lot of truth, you are undoubtedly sharing disinformation, as well. Some might consider it “fake news”, or at the very least, irrelevant.

If all the above isn’t enough drama, now emails allegedly between Dr. Jerome Corsi and Q are being bandied about and analyzed for their veracity. Another distraction.

Watching all of this unfold, I have to say whereas Q was briefly a good thing, it’s now just bad news all around—but like most toxic relationships, many just don’t have intestinal fortitude or strength of mind to say goodbye before more damage is done.

Tune in to Part II for the rest of the story on the Original Q, Cicada 3301, Defango, and the evidence suggesting that not only is the current QAnon not the original, but that they are not patriot insiders at the side of President Trump and that their “prophecies” are not accurate.

You will also learn why the trolls, shills and bots tried so hard to prevent people from watching the video Cicada 3301 made for AIM and what it contained. Defango refers to the Cicada 3301 video as “the Emergence video” while AIM called it “Q Leak Plugged” if you want to get the jump on that post.

From my perspective, the Truth is far more interesting than the untruths, and the behaviour exhibited by various Internet personalities and trolls is the colour commentary for this (R)evolution.  ~ BP