Part 7: Starship Landing Pad Ready For Operation
July 22, 2013
The full moon set the stage for some powerful energy shifts the following day. We woke up famished and in search of a local diner. After driving through several main streets within the downtown area, we decided to stop and ask "isn't there a breakfast place in this town anywhere?" We were excitedly referred to the best breakfast in town, Granny's Kitchen.

It was one of those buildings that was awkwardly converted to a restaurant, obviously laid out a lot like an old Ace Hardware building.
The popcorn ceilings and cinder block walls brought about an outdated feeling of uneasiness as we waited for our meals to be delivered by the young and only waitress attending tables for the entire restaurant. You could tell this was THE eating establishment in town, where everyone knew everyone, exchanging hellos, nods, and detailed accounts of their church going day. It felt very obvious then that we didn't fit into Parsons, TN, as we energetically cleared our food and discussed the up and coming activations.
Next was a sorely needed space for our four dogs to stretch their legs. We pulled off onto a huge field that saddled one of the local churches and watched Harleigh, Soyala, Guinivere, and Galihad release their pent up energy. They ran a marathon in the tall, wet grass, colliding into one another and wiping out as they chased each other to and fro. It was all we could do to keep ourselves from laughing hysterically as a ball of fur, legs, and paws rolled across the terrain. Interestingly enough, one of the local woman stopped and asked us if we needed any help, as we were parked right by her church (at least that is what I picked up on). She too smiled and laughed while they all played tag, nipping at each others legs and paws.
By the late morning, we headed out for the property in Bath Springs, anticipating what we had missed in the deep dark black of the night 12 hours before. It was humid as usual from the incessant rainstorms and by the time we arrived, it felt like it was 120 degrees in the sun. As the sun sliced through the magnificent billowing clouds, you could feel the steam rise up from the overgrown foliage beneath our feet! Oh my god - it was like walking in a sauna! Because of this, we skipped a more thorough review of the house indoors, being reminded of the most unappetizing pungent smells within the night before.
We walked the first third of the acreage, trying to determine the property lines to the west, and meanwhile traipsing through chest high grass and weeds with jumping spiders the size of a silver dollar. The feeling was ominous, as if a multitude of light beings watched us from afar, awaiting our presence at an unknown destination. The serenading of insects chanting gave us some company as we hiked through a space of indescribable stillness. It was very peaceful I thought to myself ... getting a sense of who had walked this soil hundreds of years before. Perhaps they too were watching us, as my feet sunk into a daydream of walking with some fierce and powerful Indians.
We found an old rustic barn and shed somehow still standing, dating possibly back to the early 1900's. I could see the worn and weathered wooden pens filled with cows, goats, donkeys, and chickens long ago. The structure was reparable but needed some significant modifications. An active hornet's nest had happily made a home for itself. Wildflowers dotted the field in every direction with occasional clusters of yellows, peaches, and lavenders. To the west of us stood a stagnant, deep emerald pond with dragonflies and mosquitoes circling above. It would be interesting to see how this pond was fed. Was there a spring close by?

At the back of the property barbed wire barricaded our progress, apparently blocking off an 8 foot drop including a shallow creek with an old rusty drainage pipe. The only way we would be able to see the other two thirds of the property was to climb down and back up. But the challenge was how to get down the drop when there was little flat area for us to plant our feet. You had the running creek which stretched several yards across and uneven rocks inconveniently dotting the stream and preventing passage. So after much consideration and strategizing, we climbed down a choice jutting rock along the edge, and then basically slid down the rest of the way with the ruddy red dampened soil. As we made our way back up the other side, we found ourselves at an opening a bit wider than the width of a truck. It was apparent that no one had driven back there for some time, considering there was no bridge to unite the two pieces of property now.

Within a couple dozen paces, we began to feel that familiar sensation again. Our solar plexus was pulsating and that feeling of walking into another time dimension existed. It felt as if we had walked right into a vortex, with energies swirling all around us. We immediately performed another activation, keenly aware of the blazing heat and our not so comfortable sticky clothes. We once again laid out a Star of David with each crystal point sparkling in the sunlight. Connecting this land with all of the other activations, we created a grid with them and the center of the earth. A lot of work was done on separation at this location; such as polarities, judgments, schisms, male and female misunderstandings and more. At one point, I saw the opening to another space and time and knew that this would one day be a UFO landing base. The Galactics were very pleased that this was now fully open and ready for operation.
This ceremony was very emotional for me, as I embraced Mother Earth's Compassionate Unending Love. In addition to heartfelt tears, we found ourselves drenched in sweat, so much so that it was as if we had walked out of a sweat lodge. It wasn't just because of the heat mind you. We were actually dispelling all of the miscreations and stifled densities that had escalated in the world for so long. We could see the surrounding neighborhoods, cities, states, etc. being blanketed with Mother Earth's pink cloud of love.
Steve and I united heart to heart, sending our love through the vortex, down into the center of the earth and back to the Great Central Sun as Twin Flames, intending to represent the perfect union between the masculine and feminine on Earth.

What seemed to take hours to arrive at the back of this 22.5 acre property, only took about a half hour to return to our car. We had been popping in and out of time so much during this trip and this was no exception. Of course, there too, we were motivated to exit the sweltering heat of this humid day and the nuisance of bugs traveling up our pant legs. They had quite the feast on my behalf that day!

Once we came upon our car, the neighboring dogs had severely scratched the passenger door, desperately trying to confront our dogs. Luckily no one was hurt, nor jumped out of the was just another representation that all of us were protected as usual.
I unfortunately had an interview within an hour of our activation, so instead of a nice cool shower to cool me down, I opted for an internet connection at the local air-conditioned McDonalds. I quickly prepped for my 2:00 commitment in this hygienically clean booth with a cold drink and an electrical plug no less. I could not have been happier.

Steve burst in the door minutes before the interview, only to reveal a very young abandoned kitten meowing in his arms. It was fatigued, lethargic, undernourished, and run down.
I had gratefully brought some of my homeopathics with me, providing him a list of what to administer to the kitten as I began my interview minutes later. I wished I could have kept the poor little thing, but being on the road with 4 dogs in our small SUV was just about all we could handle. Steve managed to find him a home and informed me later that the homeopathics and instructions significantly helped the little kitty recover.

Afterwards, we checked out the surrounding neighborhoods and properties. Parsons had some really cool historical homes which I have always enjoyed admiring. After such a long escapade the night before, we opted to return to the hotel room, shower, eat, and hit the sack early. This activation had been another huge shift, both for us and the planet.
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